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Sociology Essay on Deviance

To answer the questions posed it’s necessary to explain each theory separately and compare it with one another. That’s why the primary goal of my essay is to speak about such theories of deviance as social control theory, human ecology, differential association, and anomie approach.

At first, it’s necessary to speak about social control theory. Social control theory (also known as social bonding theory) according to its definition is a theory based on methods and techniques used to regulate human behavior to lead it to conformity and compliance of the rules of society [2].

Thus, social control theory identifies human behavior corresponding to the social norms. This approach in contrast to other ones is interested not in what makes people commit crimes, but what makes people refuse from committing a crime. Continue reading

Starbucks Case Analysis

The Starbucks Corporation is one of the most successful companies in America. Founded in 1971 as a small Seattle-based coffee bean retailing store, it has grown into a multinational business that has one of the most recognized brands in the world.

When the company had conquered the US market, the growth needs to be made Starbucks’ management consider a strategic alternative to going abroad, which is always a great challenge. The international nature of the company’s business made the ambitions of conquering the world market entirely realistic, but no success is possible without a well-planned and well-performed management of operations.

The aggressive expansion that characterized Starbucks’ business development strategy was fortunate enough concerning gaining market shares in the United States and abroad. Going international is a real challenge for any company, especially about cultural differences and overload of expenses connected with growth and development. Continue reading

Environmental Audit of Flyaway Foods

Flyaway Foods (In-Flight Catering) Limited is a company, which produces food air companies. It works with several prominent air companies in several countries. Flyaway Foods also deals with used and returned food trays from previous flights. We will study the opportunities for environmental audit in this company, its perspectives concerning the environmental protection and most important issues for environmental auditing. To get a better idea of the work of the company, we will enumerate the processes performed during the food production. These procedures include preliminary operations, such as sorting, cleaning, and grading; peeling, cutting, freezing or chilling; more complex services, such as milling, refining, preparation for preservation; complicated techniques, used to produce ready for eating products, such as cheese, biscuits, beer, bread. These processes are performed by the most of the companies, working in the food industry, and in Flyaway Foods they are also implemented. Possibilities for environmental audit can be found in many stages of food preparation. Continue reading

Role of School in Ethical and Moral Education

American school plays enormously great role in the future of each of the school children. Its academic impact is really high and influential for the future performance of the student. However, the question should be asked whether the schools are doing everything they can to contribute to the bright future of their students and the prosperity of the entire society?

Obviously, the answer is no. School is the first society that a child faces. Moreover, it is the society where the child spends a substantial part of his or her life. More important, it is the society (community) where child learns. Shouldn’t then the child be taught more about life along with academic disciplines?

School plays a great role in forming the model of future social behavior. In fact, it is the place where children learn how to communicate and get along with numerous of different people. So it would be fair to note that the child just has to apply some ethical and moral values in the everyday life because of that communication. Continue reading

Research Paper on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


The rapid progress of robotics and artificial intelligence, with computer power doubling every 18 months according to Moore’s Law, has given rise to many far-reaching scenarios about machine intelligence evolution. Scientists are much concerned about the possibility that robots will outstrip humans on many points and the possible legal, ethical and social implications of this development. Given the relatively low level of robot models at this point, regulation on these issues remains scarce. Thus, humanity and separate nations yet have to decide whether they are ready to implement safety regulations for robotics similar to those in the automotive industry and afford intelligent robots with the same rights as sentient beings.

The Power of Robots

Ray Kurzweil in his 2005 book Singularity is Near creates a comprehensive picture of the foreseen dramatic shift in the development of humanity triggered by the proliferation and strengthening of artificial intelligence. Speaking of the exponential growth of computer power in the past decades that enabled computer chess to defeat Gari Kasparov five years after he won against the computer in 1992, Kurzweil introduces the notion of singularity. He defines it as “a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep that human life will be irreversibly transformed” (Kurzweil 2005:7). Continue reading

Language Concept Development Essay

Language development is one of the most important parts of educational process. Language development depends on many factors. Early language development, instructional language development and their interaction are the most important of them.

During my research I’ll try to determine connection between these aspects and find out the reasons of successful learning. To train children’s memory parents should learn short poems, sing songs with their children, name objects and introduce new words. One-to-one conversations with children, where correct pronunciation and grammar is used, can become a very powerful tool of language development. It’s not necessary to correct the child all the time. Sometimes it’s enough to emphasize the necessary word. Conversations should be interesting for children. During them it’s necessary to help the child to build complete sentences, ask questions and answer them. Reading simple stories and discussing them with children is also very important. Encourage writing activities can also have a very good result for the development of language skills. Continue reading

Research Paper on Leonardo da Vinci


The personality and work of Leonardo da Vinci remain an intriguing subject for the later generations fascinated with the work of the great painter. His importance to posterity is not limited to his striking work since he is also widely known for his scientific ideas and theory of art.

Leonardo’s insights into art and science remain in his writings, in particular manuscripts and notebooks that survived to this day. This paper will reveal personal exploration and appreciation of Leonardo’s thought embodied in his written work.

The paper will try to summarize Leonardo’s ideas about painting and other subjects exploring the notebooks of the grand master. It will also render the author’s reaction to the notes and their impact on later generations of scholars and painters, as well as their significance in the life of the grand master.


Leonardo da Vinci did not only rely on intuition in his painting; instead, he used a wealth of scholarly ideas to underpin his artistic creation. These ideas found ways into his notebooks that contain hints on various topics including architecture, mechanics, painting, and human anatomy. Continue reading

Essay on Michelangelo Buonarroti


Michelangelo Buonarroti – one of the most famous names in the history of arts. The name of this man became a synonym to the word “masterpiece”. His life was an amazing story of achievements that are even more amazing taking into account the ages he would live in.

However, one should not forget that in the time he lived the art and beauty were also highly dependant on patronage. Michelangelo was not an exception. His life and work were caught between two main powers: Medici dynasty that ruled Florence at that time and the pope’s power. It was only his incredible talent that allowed him to create all his magnificent works and not to be destroyed by either of powers in the very beginning of his life as an artist.

Birth and Youth

“Today March 6, 1475, a child of the male sex has been born to me and I have named him Michelangelo. He was born on Monday between 4 and 5 in the morning, at Caprese, where I am the Podesta.” (Bonner, 2001)

This note was made by his father on the day of his birth. Despite the fact that Michelangelo was actually born in a small village, he, as well as his father, always considered himself as the son of Florence. Continue reading

Socrates Truth “Man Does Not Know All”

Socrates in certainly one the most famous philosophers and his theories and quotes are known even nowadays. He is best known for the words: “Know thyself”. In Greek culture the most highly valued virtue was – arête, this word means “being the best one can be” or “getting close to the highest human potential”. As the necessary element for reaching this potential Socrates named knowledge. He also stated that no knowledge at all was more important than knowledge of oneself. Socrates was not actually a radical skeptic. To the notion of arête Socrates added his own definition – “virtue of knowledge”. He explained it very simply, if a person knows a lot about good or even only good things, then he will do only good. If somebody does something wrong, then he is not aware of what the good is. “This, for Socrates, justifies tearing down people’s moral positions, for if they have the wrong ideas about virtue, morality, love, or any other ethical idea, they can’t be trusted to do the right thing” (3). The main ideas of Socrates touched the matters of truth and wisdom.

The family of Socrates was rather poor, his was born around 470 bce. His father was a stonemason and his mother was a midwife. From the early years he paid a lot of attention to classics and learning the issues of wisdom. He spent a lot of time at the local markets where he was looking at things which he was not really going to buy and liked being called a “gadfly” – one who was constantly challenging and inspiring men to think: Continue reading

SWOT Analysis Paper: Exxon Oil

Oil and gas production goes through four distinct phases that may take several decades to complete.

The exploration phase entails the search for a commercially exploitable hydrocarbon reservoir. This phase demands thorough research into the geology of the region, usually through the use of seismic surveys that give geologists a “picture” of the rock formations below the seabed.

Second, this phase requires exploration drilling from special vessels designed to remain stationary in virtually all kinds of weather. Most of the exploration drilling done in the North Sea, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s, has been done by semisubmersible vessels. To simplify a bit, these ships consist of a drilling rig mounted on two submarines that can be lowered far enough below the surface to escape the wave action of the sea. Some semisubmersibles have now been thoroughly winterized to allow for year-round drilling above the Arctic Circle on the Norwegian shelf. Continue reading