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Language Concept Development Essay

Language development is one of the most important parts of educational process. Language development depends on many factors. Early language development, instructional language development and their interaction are the most important of them.

During my research I’ll try to determine connection between these aspects and find out the reasons of successful learning. To train children’s memory parents should learn short poems, sing songs with their children, name objects and introduce new words. One-to-one conversations with children, where correct pronunciation and grammar is used, can become a very powerful tool of language development. It’s not necessary to correct the child all the time. Sometimes it’s enough to emphasize the necessary word. Conversations should be interesting for children. During them it’s necessary to help the child to build complete sentences, ask questions and answer them. Reading simple stories and discussing them with children is also very important. Encourage writing activities can also have a very good result for the development of language skills.

Parents should be aware of the fact that they should be active participants of the studying process of their child even when he or she goes to school. There are a lot of facts that discourage the further language development of pupils. Parents, who don’t pay attention to their own pronunciation and grammar, discourage children to follow grammatical or phonetic rules. Parents, who are passive or indifferent to their child’s good marks and school success, will never develop good learning skills in their child. Good breeding that includes good table manners, respect to grown ups, style of speaking is necessary for current language development.

To avoid problems, parents must work with their children all the time. If mother or father asks questions, it will help their children to use language for different purposes. Role-play conversations are also good as a method for the language development. For example, ask you child to explain the same thing to a baby and an adult. It’s necessary to encourage children to persuade someone thus developing their language and communication skills.

The most important period in the language development is college or high school’s time when the student gets academic knowledge and so the methods of studying here are very important. The good language development can be achieved with the help of support of teachers, encouraging atmosphere in the classroom and rational workload. Studying process must be centered not on good marks but on excellent knowledge.

The language development is a holistic phenomenon that comes through a number of stages. If the method is chosen correctly, the student demonstrates deep understanding of the material. This student perfectly operates information and knows how early experiences can encourage further language development. It comes as no surprise that the student is able to analyze the causes of the language development and to compare ways of this phenomenon. Understanding of how early language environment affects subsequent language development is developed on this stage.

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