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How to Write a Book Using a Ghostwriter

If you want to write a book but you do not have enough time or skills for the research, you can hire a ghostwriter. This person is ready to fulfill this work for money. Many celebrities and politicians want to make autobiographies or other books that describe their personality from all sides. In fact, they are too busy to collect materials, analyze and edit them. The best way out is to ask a ghostwriter to prepare everything for you. Is it difficult to write a book using a ghostwriter? It is not.

The writing tips below will teach you how to organize this process reasonably: Continue reading

How to Write a Great Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is a common but critical assignment that helps students to express their thoughts constructively. The main idea of a synthesis essay is to digest much information and produce a general idea of it focusing on the major categories, ideas, and points. This skill is useful in every field of human life. You learn to take the most important information from the text or a group of books and abstract them in your words. Find out how to write an excellent synthesis essay following these guidelines. Continue reading

How to Write a Good Critical Analysis Paper

The educational process characterized by the constant need for self-improvement. Students must read books and scientific articles that make their knowledge deeper. However, it is not enough just to read articles. Young people need to understand these texts and absorb useful information from them. Teachers check student’s understanding with the help of a critical analysis paper. A student has to read an article and analyze it critically in the written form. This assignment is quite challenging and requires comprehensive and logical approach.

See how to prepare an excellent critical analysis paper yourself: Continue reading

Novel Review Writing Tips

High school and college students are often asked to read books at their free time. Then, they are expected to complete book reviews, advertising the book to the audience. It is quite easy to review a short story book. However, students have to read something more solid.

Therefore, young people should learn how to write novel reviews if they choose to read this genre of literature. Continue reading

Good Hook for “To Kill a Mockingbird” Essay

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is one of the most outstanding and well-known American novels of all time. This book touches upon numerous social issues that determine the principles of modern civilization. You will find information about the Great Depression, family problems, criminal justice, racism, social inequality, etc. Students read this novel in every school in the majority of countries. Thus, students have to prepare essays about it. Undoubtedly, many students find this assignment challenging and arduous. If you want to complete your lucky To Kill a Mockingbird essay effectively, you can take advantage of these guidelines. They will provide you with a good hook to start your essay professionally. Continue reading

Good Hook for Essay about Love

Love is a straightforward and challenging topic at the same time. On the one hand, everyone knows what love is. On the contrary, it is hard to find the best definition to this term. When students need to prepare an essay about love, they are at a loss whereas they do not know what to write. This topic is quite broad and vague. It is notable to focus on several categories and subtopics that can help students reveal the text on love from all sides. Thus, young people need a right hook to organize their love essay skillfully.

Below you can find a few writing tips that can hook the reader and grab his attention to your composition: Continue reading

Tips: How to Write an Essay of 750 Words

When teachers ask students to prepare essays of the definite size, it can be a problem. Some topics are too narrow to be described in 800 words. Other topics are too broad and it is difficult to insert the most newsworthy and quaint points into the limited number of words. Why are such assignments considerable? They help students organize their time and improve their mind. Everyone should be able to present the same topic in a narrow and broad variant. It is one of the most important features of an intelligent and open-minded person. Sometimes students have to prepare an essay of 750 words. It is not a short paper; therefore, students require additional piece of advice to cope with it. Continue reading

Tips: How to Write a Good Academic Report

Sometimes teachers ask students to prepare a report about a specific topic. When something of this kind happens, students are confused whereas they do not know the difference between a report and an essay. Below you will find simple writing guidelines that can improve your knowledge about academic report writing. Continue reading

Good Hook for Romeo and Juliet Essay

Romeo and Juliet is a famous tragedy written by William Shakespeare. This tragedy is supposed to be one of his most well-known works. Every intelligent person in the world knows about the plot of Romeo and Juliet, because this book is read at school. Naturally, students are asked to write essays about Romeo and Juliet in order to demonstrate their understanding of this tragedy. Obviously, it is difficult to compose a successful essay, which will impress the reader; therefore, you can use these instructions, which can make your work easier. Continue reading

Good Hook for a Racism Essay

What do you know about the roots of racism? How can we solve this problem once for all? Obviously, racism is a very relevant problem all over the world. Racism is a negative attitude towards a person of group of people whose color of skin or ethnicity differs from yours. This topic is very controversial and thought-provoking. No wonder, students are asked to write an essay about racism at school, college and university. They are expected to share their opinion about this issue. Moreover, they should think about the solution of this shameful problem.

Below you will find a few tricks, which will help you invent a good hook for a racism essay: Continue reading