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How to Write an Essay on Zero-Waste Approach for the Ecology Class

If you calculate how much garbage a person produces during one year, the data obtained is unlikely to be comforting. By approximate calculations — not less than 880 pounds. If you think about these 880 pounds, you will understand that not all of those are more or less clean waste. , clothes, plastic bags, aluminum parts thrown into the bin are rather easily recycled and can get a new life as a recyclable material.

Writing an Essay on EcologyIdea #1. Zero-Waste Approach is Philosophy

“Zero Waste” is not just a term, but a whole ecological philosophy that aims to reconsider the problem of resource consumption in such a way that it is reduced to the possible minimum. Down with the landfill, with the incineration and incineration of waste, with the garbage containers, with the dependence on plastics and disposable containers!

Idea #2. The Zero-Waste Approach Has Its Strategy

The zero-waste approach strategy can be described through these 5 words starting with an R.

  • refuse – refuse to use disposable things,
  • reduce – reduce consumption,
  • reuse – reuse everything that can be reused,
  • recycle – recycle what you have and buy the recycled products,
  • rot – turn waste into compost.

Idea #3. People Should Be Aware of the Entire Cycle

If you look at the problem of pollution in a global sense, it is not difficult to realize that sorting out the garbage at the usual level of consumption is, after all, not too difficult. When you hand things over, you must represent its cyclical nature. Granules are obtained from the recycled plastic bottle, from which, in its turn, benches, urns, plastic boards are made.

Idea #4. It Is Psychologically Difficult for People to Follow It

While technically the zero-waste approach is not entirely impossible to follow, morally it is very hard to reduce the influence of the consumerism. As to change the attitude to the problem of tempting and absolutely thoughtless Consumerism — this task is almost unreal for today. Advertising, the speed of life, the propagation of passions, the accessibility and the multivariate nature of seductive pleasures — all this gives rise to an infinite desire to take, buy, have, store, store, build, change, chase. Just to be in a trend, to be in the flow, to be on top.

Idea #5. Small Steps Is What Makes It Work

Each person can try to introduce at least some of the principles of the zero-waste approach into their individual lives and, therefore, through daily awareness of their ecological footprint, at least to a small extent, help the planet breathe more freely. As the saying goes, “one should never neglect small values, because through them we come to great ones.”

Here is the list of actions you can offer as the list of first steps to a zero-waste approach in your life:

  • Drink water from a tap or jug instead of bottled water filtered;
  • Stop using plastic wrapping gifts: instead of it, you can use paper, cardboard boxes, bags, and other natural materials;
  • Buy ready-made products in the required quantity — precisely as much as you can eat — to keep the surplus.
  • Think about your purchases. Buy only what you really need. Before going to the store make a shopping list — this will help you not to buy more than you need.
  • Give preference to weighted, not packaged goods. Buy goods in a large, economical package.
  • Take to the store a canvas or synthetic shopping bag or plastic bags you bought earlier — this way you will reduce the amount of garbage, and you will not need to spend money on new packages.
  • Instead of aerosol air fresheners pick up natural aromatic sticks, oils and candles for the house.

The rational consumption is the basis of a careful attitude to the planet. And this help, which the ecological situation screams for, is in everyone’s capacity.

Writing on the zero-waste approach try not to idealize it and elaborate on drawbacks and pitfalls waiting for those who want to follow it strictly. Give examples and also mention the popular bloggers and eco-activists, their path, successes and troubles. Try to add some personal touch but don’t forget that you are writing an academic paper. Good luck!