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Lifetime Goals Essay Sample

A lifetime goal is the major aim of one’s life. Naturally, one has to set his lifetime goal at the earliest age. Then, he will do his best to reach it. Do you have your own lifetime goal? Some people want to found their own business. Others want to build a successful career in an international corporation. Someone wants to find his true love and create his own family. Another one dreams of becoming a sportsman. Finally, one wants to purchase his own yacht in order to start his round the world journey. Doubtless, lifetime goals depend on preferences. Everyone has his own lifetime goal, which can speak about his character, hobbies and values. I will concentrate on the basic analysis of several categories of lifetime goals.

The most common type of a lifetime goal is connected with career. Nearly 50% of people dream about highly paid occupation and their own business. Obviously, it is smart to found your own firm and make money producing goods and services you like.

Unfortunately, very few people manage to embody this dream, because they are not able to run their business professionally. On the other hand, it is possible to gain good education and build your successful career in a big corporation. Some people manage to attain the leading positions in solid companies and get respect and status. Continue reading

How to Write an Abstract for a Capstone Project

When a student wants to finish his graduate school successfully, he will need to prepare a capstone project. This complicated assignment summarizes the student’s knowledge and achievements, which he has obtained at his educational institution. Every capstone project paper has its own complicated structure. These guidelines will help you cope with a successful abstract for a capstone project.

We offer some basic writing tips: Continue reading

Essay: What Happened to the Mayan Civilization?

The Mayan Empire occupied vast territories from the south of Mexico to the north of Honduras. It consisted of numerous city-states, which created a single powerful empire. The last recorded information about Maya culture dates back to 800 A.D. At that time, this ancient empire was on its peak. It had mighty army, well-developed economy and rich culture. They created their famous calendars, which astonish us with their accuracy even today. Suddenly, the Mayan civilization stopped existing without any noticeable reasons. No one knows about the actual fate of Mayas and it is probably the most controversial and mysterious question of all times.

Many anthropologists have different points of view about the fate of Mayas. They name at least five factors, which could cause the collapse of this civilization. Some experts say that Mayas could disappear because of the severe natural disaster. This theory is very weak, because there were no serious earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, which could ruin the whole empire. Furthermore, this disaster had to destroy all neighbors of Mayas, but it did not. Some scholars suggested the idea of a serious local epidemic disease, but the possibility of this factor is very low. Continue reading

Applied Anthropology Essay Example

What is applied anthropology? Everyone knows that anthropology is the science, which studies humans from all sides. This study has its own theory and methodology. Applied anthropology is the application of the theory for the solution of various anthropological problems on practice. Obviously, there are many issues related with humans and their cultures. These problems require effective solutions and profound analysis. It does not worth mentioning that applied anthropology is the key for the detailed understanding of humanity.

Applied anthropology is a varied study and one can distinguish at least four subcategories of this science. One can name physical anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology and archeology. These subareas study humans from all possible angles.

Physical anthropology touches upon physical organization and development of our body. Naturally, this discipline applies comparative methods to observe the constitution of the human body from the point of view of history. Doubtless, people had smaller brains, different posture and appearance millions years ago. Physical anthropology tries to describe the main changes of the human organism in the run of time. Archeology is a very effective subarea of anthropology, because it provides scholars with the material evidence and items. These objects can help them understand ancient people and their culture better. Sociocultural anthropology studies different nations from the point of view of ethnology, sociology and culture. Scholars study traditions, customs, clothes, dishes, folklore and other important elements of every ethnos. Continue reading

Steps in Writing an Academic Project

An academic project is a project of your solid research. If you want to prepare a successful Master’s thesis or a PhD dissertation, you ought to complete a well-structured and original project of your paper.

You are able to look through these writing tips in order to understand how to write an academic project correctly: Continue reading

Sample Reaction Paper about Global Warming

Global warming is considered to be the most important and relevant problem nowadays.

When you turn on your TV, you will surely come across the recent news about climate change. Global warming is associated with the increase of the average temperature around the globe. These changes influence the wildlife, weather and our everyday life. Obviously, there are many factors, which cause this problem and I will try to observe a few of them in detail.

Global warming is a controversial issue, because many scientists argue about the cause of this problem.

Some experts say that global warming is a natural process. There have always been periods of the gradual reduction and increase of the average temperatures on the planet. Other experts claim that global warming is mostly caused by the anthropogenic activity. This thought has sense, because people have changed their planet into a big factory or plant. Nearly every city and small town has its industrious district. These areas contain factories and plants, which pollute the natural environment and release harmful substances and gases, which heat the atmosphere. We can name carbon dioxide and methane among these gases. When one speaks about global warming, he thinks about the greenhouse effect. Continue reading

Essay: Should Immigration Laws Be Reformed?

Immigration is a delicate matter all over the world. The difference between the developed and third world countries is constantly growing. No wonder, people decide to leave their home and move to developed countries. They hope to start a new life and support their living efficiently. Developed countries are supposed to be the best places to reveal your potential. If you are a poor smart person, you can move to a rich country and apply your knowledge and talents on practice. Of course, you cannot move to the country, which has strict immigration laws. Therefore, a smart person has to waste her potential at home. So, should immigration laws be reformed? This issue has its pros and cons.

Doubtless, many people who live in developed countries do not want to see immigrants in their cities and villages. They have improved their country with the help of hard work and radical policy. Naturally, they treat immigrants negatively, because they run from their home countries and increase population and unemployment rates. This argument is quite solid, because unemployment is the most serious thing in every country. Everyone wants to find a good job and he will not agree to share his workplace with an immigrant. Continue reading

Where to Get Annotated Bibliography Writers?

Every student who wants to prepare a successful academic research paper should complete a well-analyzed annotated bibliography. This section is supposed to contain all sources used for investigation.

Naturally, this assignment is very difficult. An average student will have troubles with annotated bibliography writing. No wonder, students decide to find someone to write their papers for money. The best place to find an expert is the Internet. If you want to find the best writer, you can use these simple instructions. Continue reading

How to Find a Good Book Review Helper

A book review is a common assignment at high school and college. Students have to read a book and analyze it in detail. Doubtless, students need to spend much time on a book review, because they have to read the entire text, understand it and analyze it critically. Sometimes, students are overloaded with their academic assignments and they are not able to cope with their papers by the deadline. In this case, they decide to hire a helper who will prepare a successful book review for them. If you want to employ a professional book review helper, follow these tips: Continue reading

Good Hook for Euthanasia Essay

Euthanasia is a very delicate topic for essay writing. On the one hand, euthanasia is a negative action, because a suicide is not a way out. On the other hand, assisted suicide is the only option for the patient who suffers from enormous pain. As you see, euthanasia is a good topic for argumentative and persuasive essay writing. If you want to prepare a successful essay about euthanasia, you can take advantage of the guidelines below: Continue reading