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Essay: Relation between Stress and Physical Illness

A healthy outside starts from the inside. In my opinion, this quotation is right whereas our health is a complex category. When one is healthy, it means that he is psychologically and physically healthy. If you are ill, you will never enjoy your life. The burden of your disease will always weigh upon your mind. Even if you are wealthy and successful, your money will not make you happy unless you become healthy. Thus, one can say that human psychological well-being depends on his physical health. I believe that this hypothesis is out-of-date. The actual truth is a bit different. Our physical health is often determined by the psychological wellbeing. Our entire body is controlled by brains and nerves. Therefore, the key factor is human psychics. If your brain is damaged, you will never be healthy. When you have problems with nerves, the specific functions of your body will be disturbed. Continue reading

Essay: Pros and Cons of Hypnosis Therapy

Hypnotherapy is one of the types of therapy that is characterized with the use of hypnosis for the treatment of numerous psychological disorders.

Hypnosis therapy is supposed to be out-of-date practice and its effectiveness is disputed nowadays. Very few people know about the mechanism of hypnotherapy. Some say that it is impossible to hypnotize a human being. They treat hypnotherapists as cheaters. In fact, the technology of hypnosis therapy is quite simple. When a professional hypnotherapist knows his job well, he is able to achieve the expected results. This expert makes his patient relax and leads him into a trance-like state. When a patient’s mind is in the subconscious condition, it is easier to control it. The importance of the subconscious sectors of human mind is quite solid inasmuch as the roots of the majority of the psychological problems hide there. When a patient is in his trance-like state, a hypnotherapist influences his mind and introduces various changes into his lifestyle and behavior. Thus, a patient is able to give up smoking for instance, whereas his new way of life does not treat smoking as a regular habit. Without question, modern physicists and psychologists treat hypnosis therapy with suspicion because they doubt its practical value and effectiveness. Continue reading

Tips: How to Write an Essay of 750 Words

When teachers ask students to prepare essays of the definite size, it can be a problem. Some topics are too narrow to be described in 800 words. Other topics are too broad and it is difficult to insert the most newsworthy and quaint points into the limited number of words. Why are such assignments considerable? They help students organize their time and improve their mind. Everyone should be able to present the same topic in a narrow and broad variant. It is one of the most important features of an intelligent and open-minded person. Sometimes students have to prepare an essay of 750 words. It is not a short paper; therefore, students require additional piece of advice to cope with it. Continue reading

Essay: Dating Violence and Abuse Statistics

According to the statistics, more than 1.5 million teenagers suffer from dating abuse every year.

About 10% of young people are hit and slapped on purpose by their partners regularly. These shocking figures demonstrate a sad picture of our current society. Dating violence touches upon nearly every couple. Young people are going to live with this psychological trauma further. The problem of dating abuse is very debatable and vague inasmuch as very few people know at least something about it. What is dating violence? It is a kind of physical and psychological abuse that occurs between the members of a couple. This problem touches upon husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends and single-sex couples. Most often, this type of abuse is practiced by the dominant member of a family or couple. The subordinate members play as victims of violent actions and behavior. Continue reading

Essay: The Tokugawa Shogunate in Japanese History

The Tokugawa shogunate or the Edo bakufu was the last Japanese samurai government characterized with the authoritarian model of politics. The shogunate was headed by the shoguns who belonged to the Tokugawa family. The center of the country was in Edo (the old name of Tokyo). The Edo bakufu existed for more than two centuries (1603-1867); therefore, its influence on the history of Japan was enormous. When we look at the entire history of samurai, we will notice that the Tokugawa shogunate was the most powerful and effective government due to its logical and well-organized internal structure.

How did the shogunate occur? It is possible to say that the first shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu captured the power in Japan after the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. He possessed quite a serious army and could keep other samurais under his control. Hereupon, Tokugawa Ieyasu obtained the title of shogun from the Emperor and became an informal leader of the whole country. When he gained his title, he founded his shogunate in Edo and became the head of all samurais of Japan. Continue reading

Tips: How to Write a Good Academic Report

Sometimes teachers ask students to prepare a report about a specific topic. When something of this kind happens, students are confused whereas they do not know the difference between a report and an essay. Below you will find simple writing guidelines that can improve your knowledge about academic report writing. Continue reading

Reflective Essay on Nursing

A nurse is one of the most important experts in the field of healthcare. Nurses are no less notable than physicists whereas they look after the patient’s physical and psychological health applying complex methods of care. I have read a trimming and factual article of a famous German physicist, Mr. Mann, who wrote about the role of nursing in medicine. He pointed out at the fact that a nurse fulfills more duties. Their job is more difficult and demanding, inasmuch as they sacrifice their nerves and time to improve the recovery of every patient. Secondly, he emphasized that this occupation is underestimated, because people think that nurses do nothing at a hospital. Finally, he enumerated a few principles that influence the performance of nurses. I will share my impressions about the article below. Continue reading

Informative Speech on Social Media

Good morning to everyone.

Today I would like to inform you about the role of social media in our life. Very few people understand that they are the co-creators of social media involuntarily. When you place your comment under a post in Facebook, you become a developer of social media. When you write a new post in your blog, you broaden the content of the Internet. When you play an online video game, you a part of social media too. In brief, every action in the Internet influences the current condition of social media. What is social media? Let us observe this problem in detail. Continue reading

Expository Essay on Music

Music is one of the most popular forms of classical arts. It is one of the brightest means of self-expression with the help of sounds. Music has always existed in our society. Although the choice of musical instruments was poor in ancient time, music still played the key role in entertainment, war and religious rituals. One could hear music at the marketplace, battlefield, temple or just in the street. In whatever way musical instruments and genres changed, the popularity of music was the same. What is more, according to the results of numerous investigations, the popularity of music has increased recently. Modern music is business. Thus, the variety of genres and musical instruments is enormous. Without doubt, the problem of music is quite noteworthy and considerable and for sure it requires your special attention. Continue reading

Book Report on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein is a novel written by the English author Mary Shelley in 1818. It is remarkable that Mary Shelley wrote her novel at the age of twenty. At that time, it was a great feat for a young woman to write a successful book. I want to emphasize that she published Frankenstein mentioning her name only in 1831. The first edition of the book was anonymous. It is curious that we are able to read such a splendid and affecting novel due to the happy coincidence.

Lord Byron, Mary Shelley and her husband decided to have a competition and clarify who was able to write the most trimming horror story. The young woman won this competition fairly. Mary Shelley was looking for inspiration travelling about Europe. She visited many old castles and listened to numerous mysterious stories of the locals. Finally, she decided to write a horror story about the weird scientific experiments referring to the creation of the artificial form of life. Frankenstein is supposed to be the foremost science fiction book inasmuch the author describes an unorthodox and controversial scientific experiment. Furthermore, the novel refers to horror stories, Gothic novel and Romanticism if we pay attention to its atmosphere and general mood. Continue reading