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Sample Essay about Instagram

Nowadays, nearly everyone has heard about Instagram. Moreover, millions of people are active users of this service and its popularity is growing rapidly. But what is Instagram? In simple words, it is a service that exists in the Internet and helps users exchange their photos and videos in the most intensive and transparent way. One can take a photo, process it with the help of filters and post it for general access. In addition, it is possible to tag photos in order to provide other users with the additional information about the chosen picture. Users can leave their comments and share their point of view about the selected photo or video.

As you see, Instagram is a very simple service. Probably, it is the major reason of its success and popularity. It is interesting that Instagram is a brand new service that originated in 2010. During a short period of time Instagram has attracted more than 300 million of active users. This service is free but its owners make much money, because Instagram is an excellent place for advertising and promotion of goods and services. Continue reading

Basic Art History Dissertation Writing Tips

Art history is a very specific and delicate discipline. On the one hand, students are not limited in topics and approaches towards research. On the other hand, this variety of issues can astonish an inexperienced student who does not know how to organize his dissertation on art history properly. It is possible to get to know about the most reasonable approach towards art history dissertation writing if you take advantage of these writing guidelines. Continue reading

Short Essay: Is Geography Destiny?

There are many factors that influence the development of human civilization.

Geography and its climatic patterns are probably the most important ones. Climate and location of a country influences lifestyle and progress of the definite nation. People who live in the northern parts of our planet have complicated life, because of unfavorable climatic patterns. They have always suffered from cold and shortage of green food. No wonder, all Nordic European countries and ethnic groups in Siberia or North Canada got used to consumption of meat and fish, because they did not have opportunities to growth vegetables and fruit. Continue reading

How to Choose a Personal Statement Helper

A personal statement is an essential part of a CV where an applicant tries to attract employer’s attention to his personality. Moreover, a personal statement is the most essential paper written by an applicant who want to study at the chosen school or college. Undoubtedly, very few people know how to write a good personal statement; therefore, they decide to hire an expert who will help them complete this document correctly.

If you want to find a good personal statement helper, you will have to devote enough time to this process.

Firstly, it is wise to look for a helper in the Internet. You will be able to find dozens of professional helpers there. Of course, you should be very careful and selective if you want to devote your assignment to the worthiest expert. You will need to look through a great number of websites of various services that offer their assistance for money. It is of vital importance to learn how to detect a good helper that can improve your chances for the better. Pay attention to the quality of websites, evaluate their content and read testimonials written by clients. When they leave positive feedback, you can believe that the chosen service is a good one. Continue reading

Global Warming Essay Writing Guide

Sometimes high school and college students need to prepare a good essay about global warming. Young people have to express their point of view about this problem and demonstrate their writing skills in the best light. This topic is quite broad and you will require professional writing guidelines if you want to learn how to write an essay on global warming effectively. Continue reading

How to Write an Autobiographical Essay for Scholarship

Smart students who expect to receive scholarship for education at college, Business School or university have to prepare an autobiographical essay. This paper can help them persuade the committee in their maturity, professionalism and sobriety of mind. We can help you design a good autobiographical essay for scholarship if you look through our well-structured and understandable writing tips. Continue reading

Short Essay: The Dignity of Labor

The dignity of labor is a very relevant and thought-provoking issue. People work to earn money and support their living. Moreover, the results of their work contribute to the development and improvement of human civilization. Many people forget that labor itself is already dignity. When one works hard to support his family, he should be respected.

There is a common idea that people work only because they need money. They do not think about the usefulness of their work for their self-improvement and for humanity in the whole. People have made an artificial division of labor defining superior and inferior professions. Superior professions provide employees with higher salaries, shorter working hours and better conditions of work. Inferior profession is characterized with manual labor. When one works with hands, he is supposed to earn little and his results of work are often disrespected. It is possible to say that carpenters, masons, sweepers and servants are neglected. Continue reading

How to Write a Case Study for Business Class

Every student who receives education at Business School should analyze the suggested issues with the help of case study method. This method of research is the most useful, because it enables young people to investigate narrow problems from all sides. You are welcome to improve your knowledge about case study writing if you read our basic writing guidelines.

Follow them right now: Continue reading

Tips on Writing a Research Paper on Abortion

Sometimes students need to write a research paper about abortion when they study at college. Obviously, it is not easy to compose a good research paper if you do not know about the basic rules of writing. You are able to get to know how to write a research paper on abortion if you read our original and well-organized academic writing tips.

They are: Continue reading

A Bad Workman Quarrels with His Tools Essay

“A bad workman quarrels with his tools” is a good proverb that characterizes human professionalism from all sides. It is obvious that people are divided into those who have talent and skills and those who do not have talent to do something. A skillful and talented workman is able to do his work professionally. He is able to cope with his duties properly and his clients are satisfied with the results of his work. When one works hard and trains his skills constantly, he becomes an expert in his craft. He is able to cope with solid amounts of work in short terms. Continue reading