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Sociology Essay on Race and Ethnicity

The problem of race and ethnicity is very disputable and controversial. However, one can research these subjects from the points of view of biology and sociology respectively. It is easy to study the topic on race whereas people are divided into several races according to their physiology and appearance. Color of skin, type of hair, bone structure, eye color, etc. are the primary physical characteristics that help us differ one race from another. Ethnicity is another subject. This problem is observed from the side of sociology. There are not any biological characteristics in ethnicity. Ethnicity is defined with such elements as culture, religion, language, etc. If we study race and ethnicity in sociology, we should apply other methods. The public understanding of the term ‘race’ is generally associated with ‘racism’. Thus, we should study the topic deeper.

Ethnicity is the phenomenon that unites people of the same cultural traits who share the same historical ancestry. For example, one can name German or French ancestry. The common history, culture and language connects the people who live in the particular country. On the other hand, ethnicity does not always touch upon language and religion. For instance, there are Swiss who do not speak German and do not believe in God although they belong to the same German ethnicity associated with Christianity. Continue reading

Sample Analytical Essay on Advertising

Business cannot exist without advertising whereas customers should learn about your goods and services. If you do not inform them about your offer, you will sell nothing. What is advertising? Advertising is one of the most popular methods of non-personal marketing communication. There are many techniques of marketing that can help small firms and big international corporations sell their products effectively. The problem of advertising has always been relevant. Companies spend millions on advertising because their want to increase their profit.

If you think that advertising is a brand new phenomenon, you are wrong. In ancient Egypt, people made ads on papyrus more than 5000 years ago. In simple words, every entrepreneur who produces and sells something, should attract public attention to his goods and services. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine our world without advertising. Ads are everywhere. The Internet, television, radio and press advertise numerous products to us. If you visit any website, you will see banners devoted to the production of the particular company. Without doubt, the development of advertising will never finish. We will definitely live with this phenomenon forever. Why? Because business and marketing are interconnected subjects that cannot exist without each other. When there is an entrepreneur, there is a marketer who advertises his production. Continue reading

How to Write a Book Using a Ghostwriter

If you want to write a book but you do not have enough time or skills for the research, you can hire a ghostwriter. This person is ready to fulfil this work for money. Many celebrities and politicians want to make autobiographies or other books that describe their personality from all sides. In fact, they are too busy to collect materials, analyze and edit them. The best way out is to ask a ghostwriter to prepare everything for you. Is it difficult to write a book using a ghostwriter? It is absolutely not.

The writing tips below will teach you how to organize this process reasonably: Continue reading

How to Write a Great Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is a common but very important assignment that helps students to express their thoughts in the constructive way. The main idea of a synthesis essay is to digest much information and produce a general idea about it focusing on the major categories, ideas and points. This skill is useful in every field of human life. You learn to take the most notable information from the text or a group of texts and abstract them in your own words. Learn how to write a good synthesis essay following these guidelines. Continue reading

How to Write a Good Critical Analysis Paper

Educational process is characterized with the constant need for self-improvement. Students must read books and scientific articles that make their knowledge deeper. However, it is not enough just to read articles. Young people need to understand these texts and absorb useful information from them. Teachers check student’s understanding with the help of a critical analysis paper. A student has to read an article and analyze it critically in the written form. This assignment is quite difficult and requires comprehensive and logical approach.

See how to prepare a great critical analysis paper yourself: Continue reading

Research Essay on GMOs

The problem of GMOs has become very popular nowadays. If you turn on the TV or open any page in the Internet, you will come across the information devoted to the harm of genetically modified organisms. Why are people concerned about this issue? Are GMOs dangerous to our life and health? Are there any positive sides of GMOs? These questions are quite relevant. More and more food products are genetically modified and people worry about the impact of this modification on their health. What is a genetically modified organism? It is any organism whose genotype was changed by the methods and techniques of genetic engineering. Such experiments are mostly conducted for scientific and agricultural purposes. Genetic modification differs from the natural or artificial mutagenesis. Genetic material is transported from one organism to another applying the technology of recombinant DNA. If DNA is transported to the target organism from another species, the target organism is called a transgenic one. Continue reading

Short Argumentative Essay on Deforestation

Deforestation is a formal term that means removal of vast territories of forests from our planet’s surface. Deforestation is one of the most urgent problems of our time. Alongside with pollution and extinction of biological species, deforestation occupies the leading position in the list of the most dangerous environmental issues. Everybody knows that trees are vital for us.

Due to the process of photosynthesis trees produce oxygen that maintains life on Earth. In fact, forest is the major source of wood that is used in different fields of human life. Thus, forest helps people make money on logging. Unluckily, people cannot set their priorities reasonably. When there is choice between healthy environment and money, they choose money. Therefore, people destroy forests in order to gain profit. I am going to observe the disadvantages of deforestation and focus on the harmful effect of this process. Continue reading

Critical Analysis Essay on King Lear

King Lear is one of the most famous tragedies of William Shakespeare. The tragedy was written between 1605 and 1606 and was first published in 1608. King Lear was not a fully fictional character whereas William Shakespeare borrowed it from the medieval legends and chronicles. Like any other literary work of Shakespeare, King Lear is a deep tragedy that touches upon many social problems. Many critics and psychologists have tried to analyze this work attentively because every character is complex and interesting for study. King Lear has been on stage for more than 400 years and its popularity has not declined. The most prominent actors dream to play King Lear in order to reveal this complex character to the audience. Moreover, there are many screen versions of the tragedy. This fact demonstrates that the works of William Shakespeare are immortal. Continue reading

Novel Review Writing Tips

High school and college students are often asked to read books at their free time. Then, they are expected to complete book reviews, advertising the book to the audience. It is quite easy to review a short story book. However, students have to read something more solid.

Therefore, young people should learn how to write novel reviews if they choose to read this genre of literature. Continue reading

Environmental Essay on Coral Bleaching

Coral bleaching has become an urgent topic among the experts who are involved in the analysis of various environmental issues. Many people do not understand the problem of coral bleaching. Corals are quite unique organisms that live according to their own style. Some corals are colorful. Others are white. Why do people care about the color of corals? The answer is easy. When corals become pale, they are luckier to die. Consequently, we lose vast areas of coral reefs that make our planet beautiful. What is more, corals are the parts of huge ecosystems. Millions of microorganisms, plants and fish live among corals. These reefs are the home to such organisms. When corals die, millions of water organisms disappear too. Thus, the problem of coral bleaching is very considerable. Its effects are harmful for biological diversity and global economy. The best solution is to stop coral bleaching defeating the cause of this process. Continue reading