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Shakespeare Essay on Love

William Shakespeare is known to be the greatest playwright and poet in Great Britain. Moreover, he belongs to the most outstanding authors in the world. Everyone has heard the name of William Shakespeare.

This name is familiar even to the poorly educated people. Even if you have never read anything by Shakespeare, you know about Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and other prominent and famous characters created by this author. Why is Shakespeare so famous and influential? I dare say that he is a universal poet and playwright. His simple but sophisticated tragedies and sonnets are understandable everywhere.

Englishmen, Germans, Russians, Chinese, etc. understand and like Shakespeare and his works. This author touched upon many problems but his favorite subject was love. You will find the topic of love in plays, tragedies, comedies, sonnets – everywhere. Shakespeare describes love in different contexts and provides the reader with the comprehensive and multidimensional image of this feeling. Continue reading

Good Hook for “To Kill a Mockingbird” Essay

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee is one of the most outstanding and well-known American novels of all time. This book touches upon numerous social issues that determine the principles of modern civilization. You will find information about the Great Depression, family issues, criminal justice, racism, social inequality, etc. This novel is read in every school in the majority of countries. Thus, students have to prepare essays about it. Undoubtedly, many students find this assignment challenging and difficult. If you want to complete your successful To Kill a Mockingbird essay effectively, you can take advantage of these guidelines. They will provide you with a good hook to start your essay professionally. Continue reading

Good Hook for Essay about Love

Love is a simple and difficult topic at the same time. On the one hand, everyone knows what love is. On the other hand, it is hard to find the best definition to this term. When students need to prepare an essay about love, they are at a loss whereas they do not know what to write. This topic is quite broad and vague. It is notable to focus on several categories and subtopics that can help students reveal the topic on love from all sides. Thus, young people need a good hook to organize their love essay skillfully.

Below you can find a few writing tips that can hook the reader and grab his attention to your essay: Continue reading

Historical Essay on the English Constitution

Constitution is the most important document that determines the principles of life in a country.

Constitution is weightier than laws and various acts. Nearly every country has its own written constitution that defines the norms of social and political life in the transparent way. It demonstrates the norms of the relations between an individual and the state. Some constitutions are logical and fair.

Others cannot boast of such features. Nevertheless, nearly every state has this document in the written form. The United Kingdom is the exception. This powerful and influential country has never had its own written constitution that would exist in the single volume. The UK applies its authentic approach towards its political activity. The entire political life of the country is regulated by the set of laws, documents, statutes and treaties that touch upon every field of human life. One can say that the constitution of the UK is a chaotic and illogical complex of random documents. No wonder, it has always attracted attention of the researchers in the field of political studies. They wonder how it is possible to build such a prosperous country without a concise and well-organized constitution. What is the English constitution? Let us observe this issue profoundly. Continue reading

Chemistry Essay on Acid Rain

The growing effect of industrialization causes harm to the natural environment. The biggest environmental problem is pollution. Plants, factories, power stations, transport, domestic appliances, etc. release various harmful substances and elements that pollute the atmosphere, water and soil. Very often, one can observe the synthesis of different types of pollution.

Acid rain is one of them. This problem is becoming more and more dangerous and widespread. More and more places suffer from acid rains and their impact. Industrial countries lose much money to cope with the consequences of acid rains and the reduction of their quantity. Everyone has heard about acid rains but very few people know about their origin and nature. They do not understand why acid rains are dangerous and how they can be prevented. An average person knows that acid rains are harmful for animals, people and infrastructure but they cannot explain this phenomenon from the scientific point of view. Continue reading

Biology Essay on Reproduction

Life cannot exist without reproduction. This biological process is the fundamental one because every organism exists due to it. Every plant, bacteria, insect, animal and human being is the result of reproduction. Without this process, our planet would be empty. It would contain minerals, rocks and atmosphere but it would not differ from any other lifeless planet. Earth is unique and engrossing whereas it contains life. Why is the issue on reproduction so weighty for biologists? Actually, it is impossible to understand the evolution of this process. How did organisms ‘learn’ to reproduce? Why do some organisms reproduce faster and others slower? What is the primary role of reproduction for human beings? The problem of reproduction is very deep and enlightening inasmuch as there are many kinds of reproduction. Different organisms reproduce in the different way. Thus, this subject is still absorbing and thought provoking for every scientist. They conduct numerous experiments to understand this fundamental feature of the living organisms. Continue reading

Persuasive Essay on Public Transportation

Public transportation is one of the greatest inventions aimed at the improvement of the quality of life of an average citizen. Trains, buses, trams, trolleybuses and subway are supposed to be the most popular types of public transport. When one cannot afford a car but needs to get to any part of the city, he is able to use public transport for this purpose. There has been a stereotype that public transport is for the poor inasmuch as they do not have money to purchase their own automobiles. However, this stereotype is wrong whereas modern trains and buses are very convenient and fast. Sometimes, it is easier to get to the peculiar spot in the city by bus than by car. Thus, rich and famous people use public transport too.

Sad to say but in many countries public transport has not become enough popular yet. People continue treating it like second-rate service for the poor. I want to present my own arguments that will persuade people to change their private car for a bus. Continue reading

Argumentative Essay on Artificial Intelligence

People have dreamt about the creation of artificial intelligence at least for a century.

With the long run of time and rapid development of technologies and machines, people have understood that they are able to make robots and computers that can think and act like human beings. There are many science fiction movies devoted to the problem of artificial intelligence. The topic of smart and loving robots and machines was very popular in the 20th century. However, people treated this issue skeptically.

A smart robot sounded like fantasy to an average person. The 21st century is the crucial moment in the development of artificial intelligence inasmuch as we can see it around us. This topic no longer looks like something unnatural or impossible. People are ready to live with the intelligent machines side by side. The subject of artificial intelligence is quite debatable and newsworthy. Some scientists and engineers supports the rapid and intensive improvement of intelligent computers whereas they make human life easier. On the contrary, many experts protest against smart machines in order to avoid the complete automation of everything. It is impossible to take only one side in this conflict because both sides have their sensible and persuasive arguments and counterarguments. I will focus on the positive side of the current development of artificial intelligence taking into account the weightiest counterarguments of the opponents of my point of view. Continue reading

Short Essay on Political Instability

It is very difficult to find a country that does not have any political problems. Some countries have tense international relations. Other countries have serious domestic issues. A democratic society is characterized with the fair political system. Most often, the parliament consists of two leading political parties that compete with each other for dozens of years. Sometimes, this rivalry is so complicated that the entire political situation becomes unstable. Citizens begin striking and protesting against the current power. The most reasonable decision for the leading force is to resign. When the force refuses to give up, the threat of crisis, revolution or any other political instability occurs. What are the main reasons of political instability? How is it possible to solve this problem peacefully?

Why does political instability occur? It is possible to enumerate many factors that cause political instability. To begin with, it is poor quality of life and poor life satisfaction. When the quality of life is low, people are dissatisfied with their government. They begin protesting against their politicians. Most often, the government is responsible for the poor economy of the state. Unskillful and corrupted politicians are not interested in the economic growth of their country. They steal money from the budget for their private needs. Undoubtedly, common people cannot tolerate this policy; therefore, they demand radical decisions and solutions. As might be expected, a corrupted government will never resign itself. Such unfair presidents and ministers retire under the pressure of the street. When people strike, the government does not have another way out but just to resign. Of course, there have been many cases of crushed rebellions with hundreds of innocent victims. If the government wants to stay in power, it can utilize the worst methods. Many strikes are crushed by the police and thousands of protesters are imprisoned. Many protesters can be killed or injured. The price of democracy is high. Continue reading

Philosophy Essay on Mind and Body

The problem of interaction of mind and body has always bothered people. The source of the problem is very simple. People want to know whether their body can exist without mind and vice versa. Many philosophers paid attention to this issue. Dozens of theories and hypotheses appeared in the past. However, we do not have the definite answer to this question. What is the actual nature of interaction of mind and body? Why is it important? In my opinion, this problem is still relevant inasmuch as scientists have not found any proves that demonstrate the existence of soul – the source of mind. Can soul exist without body? What is the nature of mind-body dualism? Continue reading