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Essay on Moral Values in Daily Life

What distinguishes us from animals? Maybe the fact that our behavior is regulated not only by the natural instincts? Let us try to understand what role moral values play in our life.

Virtually from the very beginning, every one of us is taught to tell the difference between the good and the bad. It is only natural that the good is what helps us survive. A good relationship with a fellow creature, assisting weak, mutual aid — all that is beneficial not only for an individual but a species as a whole. I think that this is where we have the cradle of moral values.

However, you may object that similar manifestation observed in higher animals. For example, in the event of emergency horses herd together protecting female and young animals. Adult, healthy species protect them possibly risking their lives. Does it mean that horses also have some moral values? Continue reading

Leadership Essay on Mahatma Gandhi

What is leadership? Leadership is the ability to encourage and lead people who believe in you. A leader is a person who stays on the head of the particular group of individuals and makes important decisions for them. What is more, he is responsible for his people, whereas they provide him with the right to represent their collective opinion. The primary duty of every leader is to unite his group and help them reach their goal. As you see, it is complicated to be a good leader, and there are very few examples of the outstanding leaders, whose experience one wants to follow.

Mahatma Gandhi is one of the brightest examples of real leaders who managed to save the entire nation and show a new way of development to millions of people. Continue reading

Essay on Experiencing Culture Shock

There are almost two hundred countries on the planet and more than five thousand ethnicities. Until reasonably recently, most of them developed virtually independently from each other. Many different cultures are meaning that within the one not too big planet.

The extent of the difference is that significant that finding himself in the alien cultural environment; a person experiences a real shock manifested in feeling an emotional or sometimes a physical malaise. A well-known anthropologist Kalervo Oberg named this state a cultural clash.

There is quite a simple explanation for this phenomenon. We, humans, are social species, and any society holds its own, particular set of markers allowing its members to tell a friend from a foe. The set includes the way of greeting, usual gestures, speech tempo, mimics, etc. If you are happened to find yourself in the environment with the unknown or unusual set of markers the anxiety will grip you without asking your permission. Although the fear can go unnoticed, should the persons you met there treat you kindly, it certainly exists. Continue reading

Essay: My Best Educational Experience

The pace modern lifestyle dictates us, makes us continuously receive and process a large amount of information. Throughout almost all its life a modern man is in the course of learning something, or teaching somebody – sometimes he is a teacher, but most often he is a student. That is because the education today became an essential ingredient of daily life, which, in turn, led to the development of such a phenomenon as the educational experience.

The notion of the educational experience usually means the experience concerning the process of giving or receiving knowledge and skills as well as a social interaction during the process.

Each of us has such an experience of their own. It includes an emotional sphere — our attitude toward the educational process, towards our teachers; a personal set of the stereotypes: the math is easy or foreign languages are hard to learn; as well as the techniques acquired during the education — the way we assimilate the knowledge, etc. Continue reading

Sample Analytical Essay on Advertising

Business cannot exist without advertising whereas customers should learn about your goods and services. If you do not inform them about your offer, you will sell nothing. What is advertising? Advertising is one of the most popular methods of non-personal marketing communication. Many techniques of marketing can help small firms and big international corporations sell their products effectively. The problem of advertising has always been relevant. Companies spend millions on advertising because their want to increase their profit. Continue reading

How to Write a Book Using a Ghostwriter

If you want to write a book but you do not have enough time or skills for the research, you can hire a ghostwriter. This person is ready to fulfill this work for money. Many celebrities and politicians want to make autobiographies or other books that describe their personality from all sides. In fact, they are too busy to collect materials, analyze and edit them. The best way out is to ask a ghostwriter to prepare everything for you. Is it difficult to write a book using a ghostwriter? It is not.

The writing tips below will teach you how to organize this process reasonably: Continue reading

How to Write a Great Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is a common but critical assignment that helps students to express their thoughts constructively. The main idea of a synthesis essay is to digest much information and produce a general idea of it focusing on the major categories, ideas, and points. This skill is useful in every field of human life. You learn to take the most important information from the text or a group of books and abstract them in your words. Find out how to write an excellent synthesis essay following these guidelines. Continue reading

How to Write a Good Critical Analysis Paper

The educational process characterized by the constant need for self-improvement. Students must read books and scientific articles that make their knowledge deeper. However, it is not enough just to read articles. Young people need to understand these texts and absorb useful information from them. Teachers check student’s understanding with the help of a critical analysis paper. A student has to read an article and analyze it critically in the written form. This assignment is quite challenging and requires comprehensive and logical approach.

See how to prepare an excellent critical analysis paper yourself: Continue reading

Research Essay on GMOs

The problem of GMOs has become very popular nowadays. If you turn on the TV or open any page on the Internet, you will come across the information devoted to the harm of genetically modified organisms. Why are people concerned about this issue? Are GMOs dangerous to our life and health? Are there any positive sides of genetically modified organisms? These questions are quite relevant. More and more food products genetically engineered, and people worry about the impact of this modification on their health. What is a genetically modified organism? It is any organism whose genotype changed by the methods and techniques of genetic engineering. Such experiments conducted for scientific and agricultural purposes. Genetic modification differs from the natural or artificial mutagenesis. Genetic material is transported from one organism to another applying the technology of recombinant DNA. If DNA carried to the target organism from another species, the target body is called a transgenic one. Continue reading

Short Argumentative Essay on Deforestation

Deforestation is a formal term that means removal of vast territories of forests from our planet’s surface. Deforestation is one of the most urgent problems of our time. Alongside with pollution and extinction of biological species, deforestation occupies the leading position in the list of the most dangerous environmental issues. Everybody knows that trees are vital to us.

Due to the process of photosynthesis trees produce oxygen that maintains life on Earth. In fact, a forest is the primary source of wood used in different fields of human life. Thus, wood helps people make money on logging. Unluckily, people cannot set their priorities reasonably. When there is a choice between healthy environment and money, they choose money. Therefore, people destroy forests to gain profit. I am going to observe the disadvantages of deforestation and focus on the harmful effect of this process. Continue reading