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Opinion Essay Sample on Neuroplasticity

The ability to think clearly is the result of the biochemical processes that occur in the brain cells. To ensure that these processes do not fail, a lot of things are required — from a sufficient amount of energy to a negligible dose of some element, without which the brain can not do.

Many times a day we talk and think about ourselves, but we rarely ask questions that are hidden behind an obvious and seemingly understandable “I.” What does determine how we think, what do we feel, how we perceive ourselves and what we are capable of? Are our possibilities are predetermined by nature? At the epicenter of this conflict is the brain that controls our entire life. This is one of the most complex systems in the universe: it is able to learn, grow and think about itself. Continue reading

How to Write an Essay on Zero-Waste Approach for the Ecology Class

If you calculate how much garbage a person produces during one year, the data obtained is unlikely to be comforting. By approximate calculations — not less than 880 pounds. If you think about these 880 pounds, you will understand that not all of those are more or less clean waste. , clothes, plastic bags, aluminum parts thrown into the bin are rather easily recycled and can get a new life as a recyclable material. Continue reading

Sample: The Importance of Moral Values Essay

Due to the globalization process, the emergence of an integrated world social system, the destruction of the “old” system, the absence of a “new” morality can strongly influence the moral values ​​of an individual. The value structure of a society is extremely complex, and its elements have different effects on the dynamics of the development of society — they either consolidate social processes or revolutionize them.

Morality in public life is one of the ways and means of adapting individuals to living in the particular society, combining the freedom of the individual with social necessity, as well as responsibility. The set of moral values resolves the contradiction between personal and social needs. Historically, morality is primary in the process of human socialization. It enters the individual’s inner world, and for its functioning, man’s power over himself is enough. The essence of morality is that people realize the necessity of the specific behavior, which corresponds to a certain social behavioral type, while they rely on personal beliefs and public opinion (Brownlee et al.). Continue reading

Well-Thought-Out Guidelines on Writing a Capstone Project

Typically the capstone project involves the technical analysis of a suggested engineering/financial/legal, etc. solution covering the particular problematic issue studies during the whole semester or even a year. It also often includes an economic part that shows the effect of introducing innovations, proposed by the student. Here you can find timely and useful tips on how to write your capstone project on time without compromising on its quality. Enjoy! Continue reading

8 APA Traps You Often Forget About

You may think you know everything about the APA formatting style, and you can use it freely even without consulting Purdue Own website or other similar sources. Surely, you remember the major rules, but we would hardly believe that there is even a single student capable of recalling all the rules and requirements, with all those parenthesis, commas, capital letters, italic fonts, etc. We have gathered some mostly forgotten rules which might become rather helpful for you to refresh your formatting memory. Some of them might seem obvious to you, but we are sure some will come in handy. We have divided our guide into 2 sections with for traps for in-text citation and 4 for a reference list. Continue reading

How to Write an Unbiased Essay on Animal Rights

Questions of animal rights are by no means idle — serious philosophers and jurists are interested in them. Actually, even the very formulation of the question of the rights of our smaller brothers allows us to formulate it more broadly: have we managed to solve all the problems related to human rights, since we consider it necessary to deal with the rights of animals? We have prepared some concepts starting from ancient times to the recent years, which will help you to write an unbiased, well-thought-out essay. Continue reading

How to Cover the Minimum Wage Issue in Your Papers

The debates on whether a minimum wage is beneficial or not are hot nowadays. Major financial and economic magazines, like The Economist, The Financial Times provide readers with information regarding the issue, the arguments of both sides, the prognoses and statistics. Due to this, there is a big chance you will soon receive an assignment from your professor, demanding to write on this issue and maybe, even, to choose sides. We definitely can choose a side for you, but we can give you some ideas on the latest trends concerning this issue and some concepts you might use to justify your reasoning. Remember the most important rule — when writing about the economics you should avoid adding emotional outbursts on the issue. Continue reading

How to Write about Gun Control in 2018

After the shooting at the school in the city of Parkland, thousands of Florida residents occupied the streets, demanding to increase the control over firearms. As a result of shooting at a secondary school in the city of Parkland in southern Florida on February 14 at least 17 people were killed. Since 2013, organizations investigating the facts of violence, during which firearms were used, recorded 283 shooting cases in the US schools. These facts open a lively discussion, and the country is again divided into two camps. For students it means one more thing — more essays on violence, more essays on gun control. We have gathered some up-to-date expert ideas which might help you deal with these assignments in both sensitive and efficient manner. Continue reading

7 + Free Online Databases for Your Academic Research

It is essential to find credible sources to back up your research, and as years pass it becomes harder and harder to do. It might sound surprising, as finally, the Internet is full of information of any kind, and supposedly, you just have to spend some time, and you will have a handful of treasures.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the academic texts, it is not so bright anymore. Here are some reliable databases you can use to conduct research faster and impress your professor with credible sources. Continue reading

Steps in Writing an Action Research Paper

If you are wondering what an action research is, and how to write it, most probably you major in Sociology or Psychology, because this term has evolved from social studies rather recently (in the first half of XX century). First of all, don’t get too nervous, because finally it will be the same research you are used to, just with some peculiarities. Secondly, despite the fact that there are not enough tips on writing an action research paper online, with this article and some extra materials and samples available you will have a rather clear picture. Third, if you want to start composing right away, you can use the brief version of our manual and later come back for more details if necessary. Continue reading