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Role of School in Ethical and Moral Education

American school plays enormously great role in the future of each of the school children. Its academic impact is really high and influential for the future performance of the student. However, the question should be asked whether the schools are doing everything they can to contribute to the bright future of their students and the prosperity of the entire society?

Obviously, the answer is no. School is the first society that a child faces. Moreover, it is the society where the child spends a substantial part of his or her life. More important, it is the society (community) where child learns. Shouldn’t then the child be taught more about life along with academic disciplines?

School plays a great role in forming the model of future social behavior. In fact, it is the place where children learn how to communicate and get along with numerous of different people. So it would be fair to note that the child just has to apply some ethical and moral values in the everyday life because of that communication.

As the result, school is the place where child learns not only academic but communicational skills as well and its up to teachers to make sure that those skills are correct. If the child gets the basis of his or her future life at school then that basis should include ideas about what is ethical and more and what is not. If the school won’t provide at least the basics of those knowledge then where the child should learn about it? Moreover, this approach would allow to provide children from families with unhealthy moral situation within their families with good moral values. It will also help them to overcome moral conflicts when they happen.

Teaching moral and ethics at school can also become a key to overcoming problems connected with sexual abuse, teen-age violence, parricide and other problem that can be found in kids.

So, it is obvious, that the school should dedicate time to ethical and moral side of the education in order to make sure that children would learn right values instead of picking wrong role models from the streets and violence on the screens of the TVs.

Besides, one way or another parents rely on the role of the school education to the great extend, so it is up to schools to make sure that parents’ expectation are just. If the schooling system in America is to remain one of the best and the most efficient in the world then it should include teaching of moral values and social skills since only by those means the child can be sure to get the best basis for the future study, work and social life contributing to the welfare of the entire nation.