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How to Write a Great Literature Review

Every research paper and most lengthy academic papers, like dissertations or thesis papers, requires a well-analyzed and rich literature review section to show the reader that the student has performed a thorough evaluation of the research that has already been published on the essay’s topic. This step is essential to avoid duplicating what has been done before and to identify new areas for fruitful research.

It should be clear that it is not enough just to find a list of the sources used for the analysis of the problem. But for students who are not sure whether they know how to write a good literature review correctly, it can be helpful to take advantage of the professional literature review writing tips below: Continue reading

5 Steps to Impressive Case Study Writing

Working on a case study is more difficult than writing an essay. Creating a standard paper, you have a standard routine to follow and the ability to use your fantasy to increase the final volume, without making extra research. Case study limits you to solving a particular problem and there should be no place for ambiguity when it comes to the solution. Here are some tips on writing a case study which might help you cope with this task at the demanded level.

Step 1. Choose the most up-to-date and relevant case study.

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