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How to Write a Great Literature Review

Every research paper and serious academic papers, like dissertations or thesis papers, require a well-analyzed and rich literature review paper in order to show to the professor that a student has already done much work for the research of the topic. It is obvious that it is not enough just to find a list of the sources used for the analysis of the problem, so students who are not sure whether they know how to write a good literature review correctly can take advantage of the professional literature review writing tips below:

  1. Analyze the Problem and Collect Data: It is obvious that before writing a literature review one should devote enough time to the analysis of the chosen topic. So, a student will need to set up the key questions which he wants to answer and the problems which require solutions. Only after the student has understood the scope of the research and the image of the problem he has to analyze, he can try to start collecting sources for its analysis. Moreover, if one knows the direct questions and point of the problem, it will be easier for him to find the appropriate literature.
  2. Make Sure the Source Is of High Quality: When you are looking for the reliable books, you will need to pay attention to the author, the publishing house and informative value of the book. If the author is a well-known scholar, you can trust this book and include it into the list of the review.
  3. Write an Introduction: Writing an introduction to the literature review, present the purpose of the research and the thesis statement to inform the professor about the aim of the research and the questions which you are going to investigate. After that explain what books and periodicals you require to answer to all the set questions. Support your words with the direct examples demonstrating that the sources are really helpful to reach the desired goal.
  4. Compare the Sources: Writing the body of the literature review, divide the paper into the logical sections dividing the literature sources into the categories. It is important to demonstrate your awareness about the quality and content of the books and periodicals, so try to compare the sources with one another. Write the positive and the negative sides of every source and write what the source is good for. If there are controversial ideas of different authors to a certain question, mention it.
  5. Conclude the Paper: In conclusion write about the most useful sources which can solve all the questions, which you have set at the very beginning. After that write about the sources, which offer only the alternative extra information and improve the research with the interesting facts.

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