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How to Write a Successful Case Study

A case study is a common assignment for high school and college students. It resembles a research of a definite narrow problem in a big and vast problem but with its own methodology and way of writing. There are different types of case studies but every type has some basic elements which should be introduced in every paper of this kind. If a case study is a big problem, one can take advantage of the sensible case study writing guidelines below which can make the writing process easier and more effective.

  1. Create the Outline for the Case Study. In order to organize the writing process professionally one will need to construct a good outline and plan every step of the research. It is important to create a detailed outline and introduce every chapter and question required for the research there. Moreover, a good plan will show your organizational abilities to the teacher.
  2. Prepare a Catchy Title. If you want to attract reader’s attention at once, you should think about a sound title, which can make the teacher read the paper further. It is useful to make a brief but catchy title which carries the ideas and the purpose of the research in itself. Then, prepare a short introduction explaining the purpose of the whole investigation and prove that it is urgent and valuable for human knowledge.
  3. Research the Problem in Detail. In order to investigate the topic suggested for the case study one will need to devote much time to collecting of the useful data. One should look through the reliable up-to-date sources which can reveal the problematic points of the problem and broaden your knowledge on the topic. Work hard to define the cause problem of the case. It is important to know the reason of the case, so look for the information which can be helpful in the solution of this question. Then, study the effect and the consequences of the problem analyzing the facts which you manage to find. In order to make the image of the case as clear as possible give enough background information about the case site and the problem.
  4. Try to Solve the Problem. The aim of a case study is not just the presentation of the problem but the introduction of the ways and methods of its solution. Introduce as much methods and techniques as possible to show your professional skills and background knowledge to impress the teacher. If you manage to find a good solution, the paper will probably be marked as the successful one.
  5. Summarize the Case study. In the end one should prepare a smart conclusion and share the difficulties of the writing process with the readers. Furthermore, one should focus on the importance and value of the research and the success of the group, which participated in the research.