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Weight Management and Muscle Building Research Paper

Popularity of 12-Week Weight Reduction and Muscle Building Programs
Today, people are conscious of their health especially due to the rise in lifestyle diseases. There are so many illnesses associated with body fat. People now want experts to help them transform their bodies from fat to well-groomed bodies, which have good shapes, no fat and one has muscles. Not everyone who claims to be a health expert in body transformation is good at it. Failing to use the exercises properly may not give the required results. The twelve week program is marketed by many as the best in helping people gain muscles and lose fat, but this is primarily an advertisement gimmick. This essay offers a report to show how hard it is for someone to lose weight and gain muscles at the same time, and hence prove that a 12 week program for a client does not attain the goals required.

Why It Is Hard To Lose Fat and Build Muscle Simultaneously
To lose weight, one needs to eat less, healthy, and workout while to build muscles, one need to eat more, healthy and workout. This is one of the reasons why it is hard to lose weight and gain weight at the same time (Fife, 2005). The body could attain both if it was possible for the body to use the excess energy required to build protein muscles from the stored fat. In this way, fat would be converted to the required energy. Unfortunately, the body at this catabolic state does not take muscle building as a priority, and hence it reduces the rate of muscle building. The two processes have opposed demands on the body. It is essential to note that metabolism, which is a process by which food taken is converted into energy for use by the body in various processes, regulates body processes. This means that even muscle construction and loss of weight (burning fats) depends on metabolism.

The role of metabolism and hormones in weight loss and muscle building
There are two types of metabolic processes that take place. The processes include catabolism and anabolism. These processes regulate the act of burning fats and building muscles. For muscle building, the metabolic process involved is anabolism (Tipton & Wolfe, 2001). It involves taking small molecules and binding them together to make a larger molecule for storage. This happens when one has taken foods which have more energy than required so that some of the energy is stored. On the other hand, catabolism is destructive metabolism, where carbohydrates and fats are broken down into smaller particles to produce energy for use by the body. The two forms of metabolism cannot take place at the same time, and hence it is quite hard for anyone to build muscle and loose fat at the same time. This has nothing to do with workouts, but has everything to do with metabolic processes.

A good body builder or a body building expert must be aware about the roles hormones play in metabolism. It is necessary to allow natural hormones help in building the muscles and loosing fats rather than taking exogenesis thyroid hormones (Hormone drugs) which interfere with the healthy growth and development of the body and that could be disastrous (Tipton & Ferrando, 2008). Each gland in the endocrine system produces a hormone which helps in the body building starting with the thyroxin in the thyroid gland (Klok, Jakobsdottir, & Drent, 2007). Thyroxin is very important because it regulates the production of hormones which regulate the metabolism. This means that thyroxin is directly involved in catabolic and anabolic processes and hence in muscle construction and fat destruction.

When working out such as by lifting weights, the body produces growth hormones and in men the level of testosterone rises. These two are anabolic hormones and they are very useful in building muscles (West & Phillips, 2010). At this time, one should eat healthy goods which do not increase the fats in the body but which give the body energy which can go towards muscle building (Zelman, 2013). When someone then relaxes, the body moves to catabolic state and at this time the priority is not to build muscles but to burn to do constructive metabolism. The more muscle one has, the more energy used during exercise in burning fats in the body.

What One Can Do To Attain Fat Loss and Muscle Building
Nutritional timing can help athletes and other bodybuilders to attain muscle build and lose fat, but it is important to note that it cannot happen at the same rate. The idea is to take advantage of the hormones of the body on daily circadian rhythm. This can be achieved by splitting the time needed for the body change and then applying the two extremes of overfeeding and underfeeding with both being followed by exercises and training for fat loss. Fat loss exercises are cardio and high intensity training, while those exercises for muscle building include weight lifting. Most of the time, one will take low carbohydrates and the exercise help in burning more calories. When this session is over, one should take time to rest and at this time one should eat lots of food to help in protein synthesis and take advantage of the anabolic hormones induced by weight training. The ratio of time allocated for the two processes is 1:2 in which workouts take a day and resting takes two days for a uniform development. Timing for weight lifting and feeding should be done properly and should mostly be done in the afternoon to allow the body to burn calories the whole day. This is because at this time of the day is when people take low carbohydrates and low calories. Secondly, one needs to ensure a difference of at least six hours before bedtime since resting starts when one goes to bed. This simple program of alternating the heavy feeding and low feeding can effectively help one gain muscles and loose weight. As has been indicated earlier, it is important for one to choose the right diets and take advantage of the hormones to effectively attain the right performance.

The discussion has shown that both processes cannot happen at the same time due to the fact that the metabolic processes involved are opposing.

However, it is not hard to lose weight and start building muscles (not simultaneously) within a short time provided one understands the body processes and the roles played by hormones in the process. Lastly, it is notable that in both processes, losing weight and building muscles, one must take a healthy diet and combine with exercise so that the management of the processes is successful.