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Persuasive Speech on Global Warming

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Have you noticed that the average temperature on Earth is increasing gradually? Fifteen of the sixteen warmest years have been detected since 2000. About 200 000 people die from the negative impact of global warming annually. It will not be a mistake to say that global warming is one of the most relevant problems of our time. It affects people, animals and plants. In addition, it causes harm to our economy inasmuch as the level of water increases flooding the supplies of fresh water, fields and crops. Enormous coastal areas will be flooded as well and millions of people will lose their home. This tragic scenario waits us if we do not take care about the solution of this noteworthy problem.

I have been always interested in environmental issues and devoted much time to the analysis of this topic. I have studied many works of numerous authors who researched global warming and its cause.

Today, I am going to focus on the explanation of the dangers of global warming, its cause and effect. Moreover, I want to share my personal opinion about the solution of this pertinent problem.

Global warming causes numerous problems. To begin with, it is associated with climate change. When the average temperature becomes higher, it affects numerous processes. Most often, the problem touches upon water. In some places, the quantity of water reduces making them dry and hot.

Doubtless, such territories suffer from enormous temperatures that destroy crops causing hunger in this area. Fresh water becomes the real treasure whereas the wells receive less underground water and fewer people have the access towards it. In other places, the amount of water is oppositely excessive. Such areas suffer from floods and lower temperatures caused by humidity. The problem of fresh water remains the same inasmuch as the wells are flooded with the dirty rainwater, which is inappropriate for drinking. What is more, fields and valleys are flooded as well. People no longer can grow their regular crops being obliged to raise different cultures. In both cases, agriculture is the main victim of global warming. Unquestionably, this is the main factor that causes hunger.

Another important element of global warming is the change of the weather patterns. When you have got used to living in moderate conditions, you can forget about it. Your peaceful and calm areas will experience tornadoes, thunderstorms and other unpredictable and unusual natural phenomena that could not have occurred before.

You should be ready to learn about the melting of glaciers that release enormous quantities of freshwater. Thus, the released water floods the vast areas, which are situated below the sea level. Such countries as the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK, Poland, etc. will lose a huge percent of their territory. Millions of people who live on the shores will be deprived of their home.

Thousands of species of animals and plants will disappear being unable of getting used to the new natural environment. Ecosystems will be ruined, which will cause harm to our everyday life. There is a risk of epidemics of numerous diseases transmitted by mosquitos and other insects the number of which will constantly increase.

Global warming is caused by many factors. However, you ought to remember about the most notable ones. People use private transport excessively though they do not understand that petroleum is one the main factors that cause the increase of temperature. Secondly, it is pollution. Transport, industry and other elements pollute the atmosphere with the greenhouse gases that heat the atmosphere. Finally, it is deforestation. Trees are able to make special microclimate regulating temperature around them. When forests are cut down, they do not accumulate moisture and stop protecting the ground from the direct sunlight.

If we want to solve the problem of global warming, we should change our worldview and lifestyle now! We should use public transport, plant trees, recycle wastes and stop littering. Such simple actions can preserve our life from extinction.

It is very easy to speak about the pessimistic ending of life on Earth. It is much more complicated to start new life and do something to prevent this negative scenario. If you do not care of your own future, think about your children. They deserve the better life on this planet!