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Dissertation Proposal Writing Timeline for Students Inclined to Procrastination

There are two types of students: those who find out that writing a dissertation is a nightmare in the middle of the process and those who know for sure it will be a nigh

Dissertation Proposal Writing Tips

tmare and get ready to it in advance. The first task you get in this process is to write a dissertation proposal, and if you do it right, what happens next won’t catch you off guard.

How to Stop Procrastinate and Write a Dissertation Proposal

Every superhero has the antagonist, the enemy whom he or she is fighting against. We don’t know what your superpower is, but we are well aware of who is your major enemy, and it is Procrastination. It comes out of nowhere right when you’ve just decided to be the most productive student ever, it makes you read someone’s endless posts on Facebook, choose filters for your Instagram or just watch another episode of your favorite series. In short — it makes you postponing everything for doing nothing. The only way to deal with it at least at some level is to write a timeline and follow it. Continue reading

College Application Essay Sample

Dear Mr. X,

I am writing to you to express my gratitude and admiration for your help. I am inexpressibly fascinated by your sponsorship of my ward and want to thank you for your assistance in such a difficult period in the life of our country. It is even more important because you are currently living in the UK and, nonetheless, you remained faithful and devoted to the basic principles, beliefs, and traditions of our beloved Motherland. I am impressed by your asceticism and readiness to help the land of your origin and your ex-compatriots, regardless the great distance that lies between us.

I am also happy that you have managed to achieve such a great success in the United Kingdom and gained an important and influential social position that helps you to lead such a modest lifestyle. I firmly believe that our Ghanaian traditions have played an extremely important role in your rise and progress in the UK. I hope you agree that our traditional values based on principles of devotedness to our history, our past, and our culture. Apparently, you sustain your spiritual connection to the land of your ancestors and have never been lost in the modern world full of new technologies and inventions that change the human life completely. Continue reading

‘The World is Flat’ Book Report

If Friedman’s book and the concepts he introduces taken as an axiom, it seems like global vocational competition is going to be getting tougher and tougher with every subsequent graduation. Friedman uses the economic argument that business production is going where wages and resources are cheaper. (Friedman, 2006) However, this is dependent on skill levels (education) and transportation (getting goods, once produced, to markets). He presents history as if it began in his lifetime and the presentation is in an ethnocentric manner as if all things western are universal.

He allocates much less space to the digital divide or the uneven spread of globalization, even within countries. Friedman writes of globalization 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 in software shorthand to educate his audience on the different eras of globalization. Here he positions Globalization 1.0 being the launch of exploration for the new worlds; Globalization 2.0 being the expansion of the multinational enterprise; and finally, today is the era of Globalization 3.0. (Friedman, 2006) But does this analysis trace the beginnings of globalization? Continue reading

Reference Policies

The abundance and wide variety of reference policies presented on the World Wide Web are excitingly numerous. This matter of facts, though, does not simplify the understanding of reference principles.

There is a need to analyze them more thoroughly.

Let us now take a closer look at some types of reference policy statements on specific aspects of reference service. First of all, most sources define the reference policy as a set of rules and procedures that describe the services and resources offered by the Library (or educational institution), the extent to which they are provided and to whom and by whom such services are delivered.

When performing the research assignment, one may come across, for example, such types of reference policies:

Continue reading

7 Ways to Improve Speech Writing Skills

An overwhelming number of people list public speaking as their biggest fear, and one of the world’s most common nightmares is to dream about having to give a speech unprepared. In the United States, more than 27 million people list public speaking as their biggest fear, rivaling such perpetual sources of fear as spiders and death. What is it about public speaking that causes sSpeech Writing Skillso much anxiety? Surely, part of the problem is the fear that comes from having to perform in front of a judgmental audience, but another part of the fear derives from uncertainty over how to prepare for a public speaking engagement.

The good news is that public speaking anxiety can be significantly reduced with a bit of preparation work.

You’ve probably noticed that many of the best speakers deliver speeches that are written out on a TelePrompTer for them. Politicians, for example, routinely use the services of professional speechwriters to ensure that they say exactly what they need to say. While most of us can’t afford to have our own paid speechwriter on staff, we can use the benefits of speechwriting tips and tricks to help prepare ourselves for a speech and to make our next public speaking experience much easier. Continue reading

Basic Guide for Writing a Research Proposal for a PhD Application

When you begin the long journey toward a PhD, you must decide on the pat that your research is going to take. After all, a doctorate is a long and expensive journey to undertake, and starting out without a clear goal is problematic at best and catastrophic at worst. But in laying out your research proposal, it can be helpful to understand some of the basic steps involved in developing the kind of research proposal that will make your target school stand up and take notice. Our basic guide to writing a research proposal will help you to get the process started so you can begin your journey toward your doctoral degree.

Of course, before we begin it’s important to remember that every university has its own PhD proposal guidelines, so be sure to check with the institution you are applying to in order to ensure that you are meeting their specific requirements. Continue reading

Preliminary Steps for Writing a Personal Mission Statement

Who are you as a person? What are your goals in life? Being able to articulate something about yourself is an important way to create focus in your life and to set up a path to push forward into the future.

Creating a personal mission statement is one way to help guide yourself toward bigger and better things in life. In the business world, most major corporations and a number of small businesses use mission statements to crystalize their values and communicate their goals. As an individual, you, too, can develop a mission statement that you can use to help make decisions and provide a guiding focus as you move forward into your future. A personal mission statement differs a bit from a corporate mission statement, but in both cases, it allows you to crystallize what is important to you. Continue reading

10 Typical Mistakes in Dissertation Writing

The process of writing a dissertation is a long and complicated one. Indeed, the dissertation has so many parts that it can become quite easy to make mistakes that can cause irreparable damage to your progress through your doctoral degree. The good news is that it is relatively easy to avoid the worst dissertation mistakes as long as you can recognize the most common errors in order to avoid them. Continue reading

Report on Perception and Attention

It is well-known that processes of both perception and attention differ soundly depending on individual abilities of every person. Moreover, these methods have a significant impact on learning ability. Therefore, for every group of people there exists an optimal way to aid the attention and perceptive processes of each member. In the current paper, I want to analyze the role of my abilities and experiences within a Learning Team consisting of four members.

As for our team contains several individuals, the process of creating an appropriate learning environment must address a perception of auditory stimuli and related experiences for every member. To identify my threshold and comfort levels for acoustic stimuli, I analyzed my experiences in appropriate situations. To receive the most accurate information, I conducted both the dichotic listening and the “cocktail party” phenomenon examining. The results of these surveys allowed me to get somewhat precise data on the subject. Continue reading

A Literary Analysis of ‘Sex Without Love’ by Sharon Olds

Sharon Olds starts this poem with a rhetorical question, which can be foreshadowed by the following questions. Imagine two curious, eager and vivacious lovers, passionately kissing, touching, and playing with one another in a wonderland of seduction.

What kind of couple did you imagine? Is the couple married, dating, or did they just meet for some casual sex? According to Sharon Olds, as evidenced by her poem entitled “Sex Without Love” (1942), sex without love is an abomination. Olds uses many literary techniques in order to further the symbolism and imagery in her poem, such as simile, metaphor, diction, and connotation and to a lesser extent, alliteration (consonance and assonance). Olds, in her poem, poses a intriguing age-old question and offers a subjective and stimulating response, in which the act of sex is supposed to be accompanied with the feeling of love. Olds communicates her values mainly with vivid and ironic imagery by introducing traditionally beautiful settings before adding an unattractive twist. Continue reading