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College Application Essay Sample

Dear Mr. X,

I am writing to you to express my gratitude and admiration for your help. I am inexpressibly fascinated by your sponsorship of my ward and want to thank you for your assistance in such a difficult period in the life of our country. It is even more important because you are currently living in the UK and, nonetheless, you remained faithful and devoted to the basic principles, beliefs, and traditions of our beloved Motherland. I am impressed by your asceticism and readiness to help the land of your origin and your ex-compatriots, regardless the great distance that lies between us.

I am also happy that you have managed to achieve such a great success in the United Kingdom and gained an important and influential social position that helps you to lead such a modest lifestyle. I firmly believe that our Ghanaian traditions have played an extremely important role in your rise and progress in the UK. I hope you agree that our traditional values based on principles of devotedness to our history, our past, and our culture. Apparently, you sustain your spiritual connection to the land of your ancestors and have never been lost in the modern world full of new technologies and inventions that change the human life completely.

Regardless, all this modernity you still keep our traditions that are very important because we are all Ghanaians, all African people who should remember about their past, history, and culture and should not be misguided by modern technologies and recent achievements that seem to be useless for our life and post-life existence.

At the same time, I distinctly realize how difficult it was for you not to give up because you are probably in a kind of isolation from your native community, from the land of your ancestors. And as far as I know, you miss a lot about the communication with your ex-compatriots. On the other hand, I believe that such people as you are vitally important for the further survival and progress of whole Ghanaian community.

This is why I think that it is extremely important to provide young Ghanaians with higher education in order to provide our Motherland with new generation of educated people that could open new horizons for our country and its people and what is more important the new generation of Ghanaians could protect our traditions, beliefs, and culture and prevent the westernization of our nation and our people.

In such a way, I believe that we have to get educated but unfortunately, we do not have enough opportunities here in Ghana, and this is why I, in person, think that I have to continue my education in the UK. I hope that you could help me in my efforts though I do not ask you for sponsorship I rather ask you about help to get acquainted to a new country and new people, while I could work as a holidaymaker and, on the one hand, I could earn money for my education and live in the UK, on the other hand, I could promote our culture and traditions in the new country.

So, I hope that you will keep going close relations with your Motherland and your people,

Sincerely yours