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HR Change Management Plan Approach Outline

Every corporation from time to time experiences the need for change management. Sometimes changes are required in the company’s overall strategy, in other situations there is a necessity to change some approaches, marketing plans, advertising, human resource, etc.

In this outline I am going to describe a general sample approach for change management in Human Resource. I am not going to use any specific company, just the overall information, on how do I see effective management for human resource change in the company.

In order to effectively perform the plan for changing company’s human resource, the necessity to perform certain insider research is obvious.

The process should consist of investigating three following areas:

  • Executive Summary
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Human Resource Policies and Practices

For each of indicated areas it is important to complete four steps:

  1. Identify and collect relevant information and data
  2. Analyze what has been collected during the first step
  3. Identify the deadline dates for the goals that you pose
  4. Indicate the challenges that may be perceived during completing the change management plan.

So, let us start our outline for Human Resource Change Management Plan. It is significant to provide the analysis of the Executive Summary of Business Plan that the company has for the future development. The first step of analysis, as we have sated above, calls for collection of the relevant information and data for our plan.

In our case it is going to be significant to spot out everything that could concern the current human resource. For example it is important to find what kind of HR was originally necessary for effective functioning to the company. Then we need to analyze, in terms of current situation whether the amount of people and their functions have been assigned properly for every employee. Then think of what could have been improved concerning this data.

For this purpose it is certainly necessary to give yourself certain amount of time. Depending on whether the corporation is small or large, you might need from three days, till couple weeks. Let us assume, that we deal with the middle sized company, employing, for example around forty people. For completing the analysis on identification whether the functions have been assigned properly and the amount of workers has been identified correctly together with the suggestions for improvement you will need about ten working days. Therefore your virtual deadline for this process is going to be February 27, 2006.

Certainly some challenges may arise while going through the process of research described above. The work that an analyst will need to complete requires excellent creative skills as well as ability to be able to look outside the box. It is often rather difficult to think of something new, when there is a working system in front of you.

The next area that requires insider research is the Organizational Analysis. While carrying out the plan for human resource change management it is important to compare the results of the above described procedure, to the results of organizational analysis which we will receive in the end of researching this area.

During the first step of the process an investigator will need to collect the information and data about what is really going on in the company. It needs to tell what functions are performed by which employee, whether the situation that takes place in the company is satisfactory and what the ways to improve the situation are. It is important to investigate the internal articles and people data reports.
A researcher must indicate who performs their functions well and can be valuable to the firm in the future. He also needs to find who is performing poorly and is pulling the company down. This research will also require, depending on the size of a company, from five days to several weeks.

Referring to our assumed company and presuming that the same team of people is working on the process, after completing the first research, the deadline for Organizational analysis will be March 13th, 2006.

The challenges of this process are quite similar to the ones of the previous one. The researchers need to posses the ability to professionally evaluate the real picture of the company’s situation. It is significant to be able to separate personal sympathies toward people and the results of their actual performance.

After the results of two previous researches have been carried out and compared, the management usually will have a clear picture of the exact changes that need to be carried out in Human Resource. The final step before execution of Human resource change, concerns the area of Human Resource Policies and Practices.

All the relevant to the area information needs to be analyzed before execution of any actions toward firing or hiring any people. It is important to make sure that no one is fired unfairly, or some place was made for a position, that is not necessary and will not bring significant good to the company. For our assumptive company this process should not take more then five working days, and therefore should be completed by March 17th, 2006. There should not be any significant challenges that might prevent successful carrying out of the process.

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