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Good Hook for Gun Control Essay

Gun control is an explicit and controversial issue for analysis. When a college student is asked to complete an informative and persuasive essay about gun control, he should bear in mind that he can use the Internet to his advantage. You can read these simple academic guidelines to prepare your essay successfully.

Explain the Meaning of Gun Control

It is important to provide the reader with the necessary information on the meaning of gun control. Gun control is the practice based on the limitation of the sale and possession of firearms. You can say that many countries practice the policy of gun control for different purposes. Mention that the USA differs from the rest of the world because people are permitted to purchase and possess firearms for self-protection.

Attract the Reader’s Attention with the Help of Definite Facts

Naturally, you ought to prepare an interesting essay. You can draw the reader’s attention with the aid of statistics and the correct facts about the danger of rifles, revolvers, and pistols. It is smart to write about the particular cases of violence and terrorism in gun free zones, at the educational institutions or work. Say that people could have saved their lives if they had the opportunity to possess the weapon. On the other hand, you can write about the case when a psychologically ill person kills dozens of people because she is not responsible for her actions. You can emphasize the importance and necessity of gun control for the well-being of the surrounding people.

Write a Few Arguments Supporting the Policy

You should observe the strong and the weak sides of gun control. At first, you can focus on the advantages of this system. Say that sometimes it is smart to limit the sale and possession of firearms. Many mentally ill people manage to purchase a rifle and cause harm to their neighbors and random citizens. They cannot control their emotions and actions; therefore, they can wound or even murder an innocent person. Secondly, the possession of firearms requires responsibility and maturity. Some people do not know how to use their revolvers and submachine guns, and they can cause harm to someone’s health by mistake. Naturally, when one buys a rifle, he should know how to use it. He should possess the license, which states that he has finished the specialized courses devoted to the owners of firearms.

Write a Few Arguments Against

Although the majority of countries embody the policy of gun control, you can say that you prefer to possess firearms, because it is safe for your life. Provide the reader with the definite information about the rates of violent crimes in the countries, which support gun control and compare them to the USA. You will see that the rates of violent crimes are lower in the USA because people can use their rifles for self-protection. A criminal knows that every citizen possesses a revolver or rifle and he will not risk his own life for easy money.

Conclude Your Essay

You ought to summarize your essay professionally. You can write your conclusion, or you can leave some space for a suggestion to the reader. In such controversial issues, it is better to complete your gun control essay with the help of the open ending. It is reasonable to write that firearms can reduce the crime rates intensively, but guns should be in the right hands to avoid accidents.