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Good Hook for Global Warming Essay

Global warming is one of the most controversial but important topics in pop culture today. To understand it, students are often asked to think about this issue attentively and brainstorm a few practical solutions that can help to overcome the ill effects of climate change. Obviously, it’s hard to complete an informative and exciting global warming essay without saying something that has already been said many times before; however, you can take advantage of these writing tips to help you construct a high-quality assignment. Once you’ve finished your essay, you can develop a great hook to lead the reader into your paper.

Hook for Global Warming EssayList a Few Facts about Global Warming.

The hook is the most important element of the essay. It is of vital importance to make the reader interested in your essay; therefore, you ought to attract the reader’s attention with the help of several crucial facts about the consequences of global warming. Write about the increase of the average annual temperature in a specific place and its result on the natural environment. Or you might say that very soon Manhattan will disappear under water because our planet’s glaciers melt rapidly. Finally, you might want to write about the probable extinction of polar bears and penguins if the temperature does not stop its intense increase. In short, one effective strategy to creating a great hook is to select a dramatic and compelling fact that will make the audience sit up and take notice.

Consider, for example the difference between a generic statement—”Global warming will have many negative effects” – and a specific one: “Today, there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than at any time in the past 450,000 years, and this dramatic increase in carbon dioxide took only 100 years to achieve.” One is much more interesting than the other.

Write about the Causes.

Once you’ve chosen your hook, your duty is to inform the reader about the causes, dangers, and consequences of global warming. You should think about different factors that can cause this problem. While most scientists know that that global warming is caused mostly by human activity, you can still distinguish many natural and anthropogenic factors. Physical factors are related to volcanic eruptions, the greenhouse effect, fires, etc. Anthropogenic factors are represented by the results of human activity. You might mention industry, transportation emissions, deforestation and releases of various substances and gases that cause the greenhouse effect and global warming. Try to build a logical chain of factors to persuade the reader of your point of view. Write in the clearest and the most understandable way; remember: inflated language is not effective. Keep your prose simple and direct and avoid big words when they add nothing to the sentence. Say a few words about every major cause of global warming and support your words with specific and documented examples.

Write about the Effects.

Depicting the effects of global warming in detail is important when explaining the consequences of climate change. Bear in mind that you ought to write your paper in a way most understandable to your specific audience. When you write about the impact of global warming, use particular example situations from real life. You can write about such problems as the increase in the average temperature, desertification, increases in sea level, extinction of biological species, hunger, etc. It is smart to focus on the most critical and grave results of global warming. Remind your readers that deforestation and an increase in the average temperature cause desertification and extinction of animals and plants. Moreover, it causes harm to agriculture. Some kinds of crops cannot grow in particular places any longer because of the heat and the lack of moisture. Consequently, it causes hunger or disrupts economies as land and transportation routes must change to accommodate the new reality. The increase in sea levels can flood large territories located on the seashores and the banks of rivers and lakes. People lose land for dwellings, agriculture, industry, etc. As a result, they lose billions of dollars, because climate changes damage their economy. As you write about issues like these, it is imperative that you document your discussion with specific facts from credible sources. Data, specifically numerical data, are often the most convincing way to make a case, and you’ll want your audience to see that you have a command of the numbers involved.

Write about the Solution of this Issue.

Although it is important to know about the causes and effects of global warming, you ought to know about potential solutions to this problem as well. In your paper, you can give attention to the solutions to the challenges posed by the anthropogenic influence. For example, you might write about how it is smart to use various filters which can help people reduce the amount of industrial and transportation emissions. You might also say that people must not cut down so many trees, especially in rainforests. Finally, people should use ecologically safe sources of energy. When you burn such fuels as oil, gas or coal, an enormous amount of heat is released.