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Good Hook for Global Warming Essay

Global warming is one of the most disputed and relevant topics for discussion. Students have to think about this issue attentively and brainstorm a few practical solutions to it. Obviously, it ‘s hard to complete an informative and exciting global warming essay; therefore, you can take advantage of these writing tips, which can help you construct a high-quality assignment.

Global Warming EssayWrite a Few Facts about Global Warming.

It is of vital importance to make the reader interested in your essay; therefore, you ought to attract his attention with the help of several crucial facts about the consequences of global warming. Write about the increase of the average annual temperature in the definite place and its result on the natural environment. Say that very soon Manhattan will disappear under water because our planet’s glaciers melt rapidly. Finally, write about the probable extinction of polar bears and penguins if the temperature does not stop its intensive increase.

Write about the Causes.

Your duty is to inform the reader about the causes, dangers, and consequences of global warming. You should think about different factors, which can cause this problem. Apparently, you can distinguish many natural and anthropogenic factors. Physical factors are related to volcanic eruptions, greenhouse effect, fires, etc. Anthropogenic factors are represented by the results of the human activity. You can mention industry, transportation emissions, deforestation and releases of various substances and gases, which cause the greenhouse effect and global warming. Try to build a logical chain of factors to persuade the reader to your point of view. Write in the clearest and the most understandable way. Say a few words about every cause of global warming and support your words with the precise examples.

Write about the Effects.

Depicting the effects of global warming in detail is sensible. Bear in mind that you ought to write your paper most understandable. When you write about the impact of global warming, use the specific situation from the real life. You can write about such problems as the increase of the average temperature, deserting, increase the sea level, extinction of biological species, hunger, etc. It is smart to focus on the most critical and grave results of global warming. Say that deforestation and increase of the average temperature cause deserting and extinction of animals and plants. Moreover, it causes harm to agriculture. Some kinds of crops cannot grow in the particular places any longer because of the heat and the lack of moisture. Consequently, it causes hunger. The increase in the sea level can flood large territories located on the seashores and the banks of rivers and lakes. People lose land for dwelling, agriculture, industry, etc. As a result, they lose billions of dollars, because the climatic changes damage their economy.

Write about the Solution of this Issue.

Although it is important to know about the cause and effect of global warming, you ought to know about the settlement of this problem. You can pay attention to the solution of the challenges posed by the anthropogenic influence. For example, say that it is smart to use various filters, which can help people reduce the amount of industrial and transportation emissions. Then, people must not cut down so many trees and especially rainforests. Finally, people should ecologically safe sources of energy. When you burn such fuels as oil, gas or coal, an enormous amount of heat is released.