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Good Hook for a Racism Essay

What do you know about the historical roots of racism? How can we solve this problem once for all? Obviously, racism is a very relevant problem all over the globe. Racism is a negative attitude towards a person or group of individuals whose color of skin or ethnicity differs from yours. This topic is very controversial and thought-provoking. No wonder, students are asked to write a persuasive essay about racism at school, college, and university. They are expected to share their opinion on this issue. Moreover, they should think about the solution of this shameful problem.

Below you will find a few tricks, which will help you invent a good hook for a racism essay:

Provide the Reader with the Example of a Real-Life Situation

When you want to hook the reader at once, you ought to begin your essay with the real-life case, which demonstrates the consequences of racism to the victim of racists. You can find an article from a newspaper and write a summary of an accident, connected with racism. Also, you can rely on statistics and write the average annual number of the cases related to racism at school or workplace. It will help you describe the problem in the broadest social context. Finally, you can mention the countries, which are ‘famous’ for the most frequent cases of ethical abuse and racism.

Invent a Sound Thesis Statement and Introduce the Topic Well

It is of vital importance to brainstorm the best thesis statement, which will help you attract the reader’s attention. Moreover, it should reflect the relevance and importance of the chosen topic. When you write about racism, you can say, “100 million people suffer from racism in the world. 40 million children among them.” This statement will surely hook your reader, and he will try to find out the cause of racism and its consequences for a target.

Observe the Cause

Firstly, write about the roots of racism. Watch this issue from the side of history. Mention of slavery and colonialism. Pay attention to the examples of racism all over the world.

Write about the Effect

It is important to describe the evils of racism if you want to persuade the reader in the seriousness of this problem. Write about physical, psychological, sexual and financial abuse to observe this issue from all possible sides. Racism is not just neglect and ill-treatment. The target is to treat in a negative way on the official and domestic levels. Her rights and freedoms are limited. Write about the conflicts with other social groups who belong to another ethnicity. Say that the police are not always able to help a victim in the case of attack.

Write about the Description of Racism in Popular Culture

If you want to make your essay interesting, you can mention about racism in the context of modern culture. You can write that the problem of racism described in the individual movies, cartoons, TV shows, etc. The audience will read your essay eagerly if they find the connection between your paper and their favorite movie.

Invent a Few Effective Solutions to This Problem

You can impress the reader if you manage to brainstorm several useful and practical methods, which will help people defeat the issue of racism. Do not be radical and fierce in your methods. Try to invent a sophisticated and smart way, which will illustrate your sharp mind and creativity.