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Essay: Relation between Stress and Physical Illness

A healthy outside starts from the inside. In my opinion, this quotation is right whereas our health is a complex category. When one is healthy, it means that he is psychologically and physically healthy. If you are ill, you will never enjoy your life. The burden of your disease will always weigh upon your mind. Even if you are wealthy and successful, your money will not make you happy unless you become healthy. Thus, one can say that human psychological well-being depends on his physical health. I believe that this hypothesis is out-of-date. The actual truth is a bit different. Our physical health is often determined by the psychological wellbeing. Our entire body is controlled by brains and nerves. Therefore, the key factor is human psychics. If your brain is damaged, you will never be healthy. When you have problems with nerves, the specific functions of your body will be disturbed.

Modern people live in strained and dynamic time. They are always hurrying somewhere being afraid of losing a single second. Nearly everyone has his daily schedule full of duties, tasks and meetings. There is hardly a second for taking a rest. Unquestionably, this tempo of life is extremely exhausting and stressful. In addition, people have become irritated and angry. Apparently, a human being is a social creature who can exist in the society of the same creatures. People communicate and exchange information with one another. Sometimes, people quarrel about something and various conflicts occur. Without doubt, a conflict provokes stress. Hereupon, we can say that modern people live in constant stress. Stress is a negative reaction of our organism to the external irritant. Some people say that stress is useful for our organism inasmuch as it keeps us in a tone. In fact, stress is a negative reaction that invokes negatives processes in our body. It causes numerous disorders and reduces our overall mood.

When someone takes stress close to heart, it will cause harm to his physical health. The most widespread problem related to stress is a complex of cardiovascular diseases. Both men and women suffer from high blood pressure and heart attacks. According to the official statistics, stress increases the rates of heart attacks among people. Years ago, women were supposed to be less vulnerable to stress. However, the latest investigations have broken this theory. Since women work as much as men do, their physical and psychological health has become weaker. What is more, women are even more vulnerable to the negative consequences of stress. About 90% of the women living in the developed countries report high mental stress. The number of men of the same environment is lower and is equal to 70%. Thus, the cases of heart attacks among women have become more frequent recently. Then, people report high blood pressure and diabetes. The high-stress people are often hopeless and irritated. They are always in a hurry though they still cannot fulfil their duties on time.

Another important disorder that occurs because of stress is obesity or anorexia nervosa. It is interesting that stress disturbs the proper work or our digestion system. Some high-stress people reduce the quality of consumed food. If they suffer from chronic stress, it can cause the extreme loss of weight. The final stage of this disorder is anorexia nervosa. A human being loses so much weight that her life is endangered. Such people die very rapidly whereas the digestion system cannot provide the body with the required vitamins and microelements. Another reaction of the organism towards stress is completely the opposite. Many high-stress women and men begin to consume more food than they need. They want to cope with stress with the help of eating. The result of this eating disorder is obesity. People who suffer from overweight are at the constant risk of heart attack, diabetes, etc.

It is possible to say that stress can also cause harm to our health through its indirect influence. For instance, many people try to reduce stress with the help of alcohol or cigarettes. As a result, such organs as liver and lungs are damaged by these substances.

Ultimately, stress is one of the main factors that can cause physical illnesses nowadays. Our rapid tempo of life and dynamic lifestyle make us nervous, irritated and angry. This constant irritation and dissatisfaction cause cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, obesity, anorexia nervosa, alcoholism and substance abuse and various mental problems like dementia.