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Essay: Are Actors and Professional Athletes Paid Too Much?

Professional sport and film industry are considered to be one of the most profitable activities and nearly everyone dreams to become a famous athlete or a movie star and receive much money for it. These careers are surrounded by numerous legends and myths related with the easiness of the work and the lack of any knowledge and skills. Nearly everyone thinks that it is easy to be an actor and play his role in the film or to be an athlete and run all day long and do nothing special connected with the ordinary or common professions.

Evidently, many people speak about the unfaithfulness of the human society and criticise actors and athletes because of their payment, which is often equal to hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. A famous movie star can receive several millions of dollars for a single film as well as a football player has a one hundred million contract with a certain club.

Like every problem, the question about the salary of actors and athletes has its supporters and opponents, but let us dwell on the positive sides of the high payment. It does not worth mentioning that actors and athletes work hard to achieve success in their profession; they have to keep to the standards in everything: shape, weight, fashion, etc. They spend more than 12 hours working on the role in the movie or training in the gym. The most reasonable explanation of the high payment is that these people present not only themselves but the whole country on the international arena in sports and art, so they should be supported and praised as they create the image of their country.

On the other hand, millions of dollars for a soccer match seems to be unfair towards the professions which are supposed to be even more difficult and important. For example, a teacher, a policeman, a healthcare provider fulfil much more important duties saving lives and risking their own lives for the sake of the human society and receive extremely little money. Observing the question from this point of view actors and athletes should not receive so much and the government should regulate these sums not to overestimate these professions and their value for the society. is one of professional writing services where you can buy a custom essay online!