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Conflict Perspective in Gender Inequality Essay

A human being is a social creature. We live among other people and we work and entertain together. One cannot survive without the slightest contacts with the human society. Obviously, everyone is the unique personality who has her own interests and preferences. Very often we have to defend our point of view and dignity. No wonder, a human being is a conflictual creature. There are conflicts everywhere. One can mention corporate, domestic and other types of conflicts. It is always hard to define the cause of a conflict and its main accuser. When one lives in the society characterized with gender inequality, it is hard to observe the roots of conflicts objectively.

Everybody knows that gender inequality is a relevant problem of our society. When we speak about various European countries, we should say that the woman was a subordinate element of the human society. There were numerous cases of forced marriages and executions, because a woman resembled a witch. The dominant position of men was not disputed, because they were physically stronger and more influential. Moreover, centuries ago, it was difficult to survive without the protection of a man; therefore, the problem of gender inequality was normal. With the run of time, women received their rights and became an integral part of the human society. In spite of the fact that men and women are formally equal, the truth is completely different. There are still stereotypes that women should be in the kitchen and bring up their children. Many men do not pay attention to the intellect and inner world of a woman. Consequently, female opinion is often neglected.

A domestic and corporate conflict is a common issue in the societies characterized with gender inequality. When a woman is a common housewife who does not earn money, she has little influence on her husband. When there are conflicts, he will always be a winner. He is a supplier; therefore, he is always right. Unfortunately, the woman’s point of view does not have the proper value.

Gender inequality is often associated with the domestic violence. When a woman is neglected and oppressed, her husband is able to behave in the way he wants. No wonder, many women suffer from physical and sexual abuse and no one can protect them. Gender inequality touches upon all elements of the human society. When a women wants to call the police, because her husband causes harm to her, she will not be protected. An average policeman will not pay attention to the problem of this kind, because he will think that the woman is a priori the cause of the conflict. Furthermore, there are cases when policemen and judges take a husband’s side, because he has the right to “teach” his wife. Of course, such bawdy attitude of the police does not exist in the developed countries. Unfortunately, this problem is regular in the rest of the world. When we speak about the conflicts in some Muslim countries, the situation is even more tragic there. Very often, women do not have the right to argue with their husbands, because he is always right. When there is a domestic conflict, no one knows about it, because the woman is afraid of telling anyone about it.

On the other hand, gender inequality can cause the opposite effect. Women are considered to be physically weaker and well-bred. No one believes that a tiny young woman can cause a conflict. There are cases, when a woman causes a conflict, but the man is considered to be guilty. As a result, women are arrested rarely though they can be rude and violent in the same way.

In conclusion, gender inequality prevents to evaluate the cause of a conflict objectively. In many cases, one should work hard to define the actual root of the problem.