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A Man is Known by the Company He Keeps Essay

I meet more and more rich and successful people who truly believe that like attracts like at the level of thoughts, words, and action.
Have you ever wondered how your environment affects your life? There is a saying “A man is known by the company he keeps.” Look at your surroundings and think.

As a child, my father told me stories, he said that the world of men is he as a layer cake: has the lowest layer is a layer of the homeless people, they are comfortable where they are, they have their common interests, their topics of conversation, their difficulties, their tasks. There is a layer of poor people, who, in turn, have their common interests, their topics of conversation, and their difficulties and problems. There is a layer of workers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, investors, and oligarchs. Many layers, and in each of them has its own taste, different from that above and below. In fact, everyone has problems, everyone has a dream, and everyone has a purpose. The only difference in the order of a layer – higher or lower depending on ideas, desires, and goal of its population.

The only thing that scared me at the time and still bothers is can we go from one layer of cake to go to another? I imagine this picture and understands what it takes strength to climb to a higher level, then even higher and reach the top.

I asked my father: “Can a man change the layer cake and live in another? Is it possible?” I remembered forever his response, he said: “It all depends on your choice, the strength of your choice…”

I chose the way to the top, the way to wealth, in my understanding – to Integrity.

The question of influence, how we can change what and who is around us? To what extent we are creators and victims of our environment? And I realized that it is difficult to deny that we succumb to the influence of those who are near, we succumb to the influence of winter and summer, day and night shifts the phase of the moon, we absorb and dependent on those around. But, unlike natural phenomena that are difficult to change, we can deliberately change our environment, we can consciously choose another, and we can consciously choose under whose influence to be: a whiner or an optimist, an enthusiast or some lazy person.

It is very important to understand that we do not have to be prisoners of a situation. We do not have to accept the rules of the game, which we do not like and that we always have a choice.

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