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Ecological Imbalance Essay

With the development of modern industry and technology all over the world, the issue of ecological imbalance is the most urgent one. This problem has reached a scale at which it is practically impossible to resolve. Much of what has been destroyed, unfortunately we will not be able to recover.

Ecological imbalance between the natural factors and human activities is socio-ecological crisis. This means that the balance between the environment and society is broken. This situation can lead to the destruction of humanity.

The extent of the ecological imbalance may be different. Pollution is the smallest damage that was done to the environment. In this case, the nature itself can cope with the problem. After some time, it will restore the balance, providing there won’t be the harm factor.

The second degree is ecological imbalance. Here biosphere loses its ability to repair itself. In order for balance to bounce back, you need human intervention. Continue reading

Essay on Experience of Adventure Activity

Once I accidentally bought a traveling journal. In this magazine I found an article about Thailand. I was very interested in it. Especially because there on the islands, there are colonies of swifts, whose nests are edible. How could I miss such a chance!

I carefully prepared for the trip. Read all that could find on the Internet, gathering information. As a member of the International Society of Friends of birds, I contacted the birds lovers in Bangkok and Phuket.

I must say that before the trip I was a 30-day fasting. Prolonged fasting is an effective means for preventing paroxysms of Parkinson’s disease.

In Thailand, I saw a unique place to get out of it. Fruit, sea, sun… Continue reading

Experimental Psychology Essay

Experimental psychology is the field of psychology based on the scientific method. It is the study of directly observable behaviors. Experimental psychologists use various methods: descriptive (such as systematic observations, observations of correlations, relationships between variables, ex-post-facto studies, etc.) or the pure experimental method.

Use free sample essays on experimental psychology to know that in the XVIIIth century, some psychologists, including Germans, began to study the psychophysical relationship between physical stimuli and the sensation felt by the subject. This work allowed the introduction of measurement in psychology, and were responsible for the Weber-Fechner law on discrimination between two stimulus.

Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) was a pioneer of the experimental psychology. He sought to demonstrate the relationship between psychic phenomena and organic substrates, particularly in the brain and nervous system. He wrote in his Elements of biological psychology (Grundzüge der physiologischen Psychology, 1874), a detailed description of the nervous system, its nature, its structure and functioning. Continue reading

Essay on Human Cloning is Wrong

Cloning is one of the most controversial areas of modern science. Supporters of the research in this area suggests new possibilities for medicine, opponents believe cloning dangerous and immoral.

So why do the opponents believe that human cloning is wrong?

If the process of cell division, resulting from cloning (including for therapeutic purposes), does not stop at the 14 days limit, and the embryo is placed in the woman’s uterus, the embryo becomes a fetus and in later on the child. Thus, in certain circumstances, the “therapeutic” cloning could turn into “reproductive.” Some experts are already trying to use cloning biotechnology, for example, for the treatment of infertility childless families by cloning the infertile parents. About it was in particular much said by the infamous Italian professor Severino Antinori, an American professor Panos Zavos and others. Continue reading

Essay on Abortion and Morality

Abortion, contraception and sterilization are all modern form of medical intervention in human reproductive function. In the XX century, they became widespread and occurs on a background of fundamental changes in its moral evaluation and legal status. The civilized world – primarily the states of Europe, USA, Russia – tried to get rid of the tradition in which they existed almost fifteen centuries. We are talking about the tradition of moral and religious convictions and legal prohibition of abortion. It is known, for example, that abortion was punishable by death in all European countries for several centuries. Over the past forty years as a result of long discussions and deliberations the legislative ban on abortion was canceled or there was its weakening in one degree or another. At the same time, there are still states that are not affected by the legalization of abortion. This is a country with a strong Catholic influence (e.g., Portugal). Continue reading

Article Review Essay Sample

Article background
The article name is “Learning and Schooling” and Jesse Shearin specifically wrote it in May 1995. The core objective of the article was to shed light on the controversial issue of learning and schooling. The author tackled this topic in a quite informative and professional manner. He disintegrated the two terminologies and drew accurate examples in order to differentiate them. The article content revolves around the issue of differentiating what learning and schooling are from concrete examples.

Article review
Many people confuse the terms schooling and learning. To bring out the difference, different experts have sought several ways of explaining these two terminologies. From these studies, it emerged that most people differentiate between these two terminologies. Schooling may refer to a formal structure that usually serves a clear purpose. Different educational institutions that are situated all over the country may represent it. The institutions usually have regulations and rules that students are required to follow respectively. In schooling systems established curriculums acts as the guiding principle for all students. This implies that students are required to follow the provided procedures as directed by the curriculum. Continue reading

American Exceptionalism Essay

American Exceptionalism is a theory according to which the United States occupy a special position among the developed industrial nations. All subsystems of American society – such as constitution, politics, economics, law, social system, religion nature and the cross-societal system of values ​​(ideology) – could be therefore explained by US-specific factors that would result from the particular history of the country.

The late settlement by European immigrants, whose political, economic, and religious self-liberation from colonialism (American Revolution), which gives it a status of a pioneering nation in the modern, secular democracy, with the slavery and its subsequent abolition related to the socio-historical developments and the fact that on the United States mainland there has been no war since the Civil War. Continue reading

Free Essay on PS4

Well, it’s been enough time for those who bought the console to enjoy the nextgen games. Of course, it is still too early to draw any conclusions about capability of PS4, but there are already some impressions.

The first thing is a feeling of pure joy when you are unboxing PS4, I cannot describe it with any words.

It is just something you have to experience yourself. Just think about it: new generation consoles mean a whole new era in the gaming industry. Today we are waiting for a global change and remarkable progress in games.

PS4 exactly is the favorite in the race of new consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U). Here we got more powerful hardware and the console itself looks better, the power supply unit has quite reasonable dimensions, and the joystick is just out of competition, and the spirit of Sony (saying that excellent games are their primary priority) is encouraging. Continue reading

Essay on Pros and Cons of Winning Lottery

A great deal of people still like the lottery. For example, some are hoping for a solid gain, thereby attempting to resolve their financial difficulties, while others simply want to test their luck. Somebody just wants to have fun, and someone takes lottery quite seriously. Some believe that the only hope for good luck is all they need to win and be rewarded, others are using various systems allegedly helping them to win, in a couple of words that is mathematical approaches and studying previous runs statistics. However, the probability of a jackpot, of course, is minimal, although it is sometimes really possible to win a lot of money and for this it is not necessarily to put huge efforts. Actually what are pros and cons of winning lottery? Continue reading

Essay on We Should Ban TV for a Week

You’ve probably already how much time you lose watching TV, the time you should dedicate to more useful activity.

If you do not believe it is true, just try to ban TV for a weak.

The first you feel will be some sort of emptiness. Deep, whole, unloaded nothing. Unplug you TV set for an evening, and you will know what I am talking about.

With TV life seems to be filled with various types of activity. You turn it on and you see, you feel, you share, worry, get scared – all kinds of emotions you can only imagine. But if we look closer at these emotions, will understand that no matter how true they were, they were some kind of surrogate, they were not ours. Continue reading