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American Exceptionalism Essay

American Exceptionalism is a theory according to which the United States occupy a special position among the developed industrial nations. All subsystems of American society – such as constitution, politics, economics, law, social system, religion nature and the cross-societal system of values ​​(ideology) – could be therefore explained by US-specific factors that would result from the particular history of the country.

The late settlement by European immigrants, whose political, economic, and religious self-liberation from colonialism (American Revolution), which gives it a status of a pioneering nation in the modern, secular democracy, with the slavery and its subsequent abolition related to the socio-historical developments and the fact that on the United States mainland there has been no war since the Civil War. Continue reading

Free Essay on PS4

Well, it’s been enough time for those who bought the console to enjoy the nextgen games. Of course, it is still too early to draw any conclusions about capability of PS4, but there are already some impressions.

The first thing is a feeling of pure joy when you are unboxing PS4, I cannot describe it with any words.

It is just something you have to experience yourself. Just think about it: new generation consoles mean a whole new era in the gaming industry. Today we are waiting for a global change and remarkable progress in games.

PS4 exactly is the favorite in the race of new consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U). Here we got more powerful hardware and the console itself looks better, the power supply unit has quite reasonable dimensions, and the joystick is just out of competition, and the spirit of Sony (saying that excellent games are their primary priority) is encouraging. Continue reading

Essay on Pros and Cons of Winning Lottery

A great deal of people still like the lottery. For example, some are hoping for a solid gain, thereby attempting to resolve their financial difficulties, while others simply want to test their luck. Somebody just wants to have fun, and someone takes lottery quite seriously. Some believe that the only hope for good luck is all they need to win and be rewarded, others are using various systems allegedly helping them to win, in a couple of words that is mathematical approaches and studying previous runs statistics. However, the probability of a jackpot, of course, is minimal, although it is sometimes really possible to win a lot of money and for this it is not necessarily to put huge efforts. Actually what are pros and cons of winning lottery? Continue reading

Essay on We Should Ban TV for a Week

You’ve probably already how much time you lose watching TV, the time you should dedicate to more useful activity.

If you do not believe it is true, just try to ban TV for a weak.

The first you feel will be some sort of emptiness. Deep, whole, unloaded nothing. Unplug you TV set for an evening, and you will know what I am talking about.

With TV life seems to be filled with various types of activity. You turn it on and you see, you feel, you share, worry, get scared – all kinds of emotions you can only imagine. But if we look closer at these emotions, will understand that no matter how true they were, they were some kind of surrogate, they were not ours. Continue reading

Essay on Should We Know Our Future

In this essay I want to talk about whether we should know our future. About how can we know what will happen tomorrow, in 10 or 20 years. And what today we can do the future was the way we want it to.

Nobody can know for sure what will happen.

If someone tells you that he knows it for sure – he’s a liar! Or an idiot, which is not much better.

So I do not know what will happen tomorrow with. And nobody knows, even if he is to claim the opposite.

But it does not matter what we know or do not know what will happen to us in a year. Or what will happen to our country, the global financial system, with the U.S. or the world in 10, 20, or 30 years. It is important that we do so that we could protect ourselves, our loved ones from different scenarios of what will happen. Continue reading

Custom Term Paper Writing: How It Works

When the student does not have the idea about the appropriate manner of writing a term paper, or when he does not have time or opportunity to cope with the assignment by the deadline, online writing services will be quite at hand. The process of buying a quality custom term paper is very easy; one can observe it in the brief steps below: Continue reading

How to Order a Custom Research Paper

A research paper is a specific and complicated assignment which involves student’s creativity, critical thinking and patience. Naturally, there are moments when students are not able to complete their research papers themselves because of the lack of time and knowledge; but still the paper has to be handed in on time and young people look for the reasonable ways out buying the well-organized papers at the online writing services.

If the student has decided to purchase a professional custom research paper in the Internet, he should remember about such steps: Continue reading

Essay on Cable TV and Children

Everyday there is a massive flow of various information that children are subjected to. This information flow gives the children knowledge, entertain them and most directly affect their behavior. In many cases, those sound and visual images that appear in the media, have a pronounced promotional nature – they encourage the viewer or listener to become the consumer of a product or services. Some information products (films, computer games, music) are themselves commodities available on the market on demand. School-age children are the most active consumers of these products, so the vast majority of commercials is addressed specifically to children of school age. Parents have to exert much effort to at least partially control this information flow and to keep the situation under control.

TV is the most powerful mass media: it is one of the main parts of lives of millions of children. Cable TV has almost become a child sidekick, who entertains them daily and provides various information. Continue reading

Short Essay on Calligraphy

The calligraphy is, etymologically, the art of forming the characters of writing. This word comes from the Greek base κάλλος Kallos, “beautiful” and γραφεĩν, graph, “to write.” Almost all the civilizations practicing writing developed the art of calligraphy. However, some of them have elevated the art to a special status based on specific historical and philosophical contexts. This can lead to a questioning of the very use of the word “calligraphy” when applied to non-Greco-Roman cultures. For example, the concept of “beauty” does not appear in the Japanese word that is translated in the West as “calligraphy,” the Japanese word 书道 (Shodo) means “the way of writing” and the concept of “path” refers more to a Buddhist universe than a purely aesthetic

Also the place of the art in Asia was very different from its place in the West, since learning the art of calligraphy was the basis of classical training of a painter in Asia, where the civilizations do not separate letter and drawing, word and image, body and mind, the material and the spiritual. In many Eastern civilizations calligraphy is one of the occult sciences, a part of theology where thinking, brush, stroke, and philosophical thought are inseparable). Continue reading

Essay on Ecological Hazards of Agriculture

Agriculture and nature have powerful effects on each other. For centuries, agriculture contributes to the creation and maintenance of a large number of semi-natural habitats. They constituted an important part of the landscape in the world with the richest wildlife resources. Agriculture also supports various rural communities, which are not only fundamental resource of the international culture, but also play a vital role in protecting the health of the environment.

Importance of farming goes far beyond simple food production. Throughout the food production chain processes occur that may impact environment and, therefore, directly or indirectly, human health and development. For example, the widespread use of pesticides and fertilizers, the use of improper methods of drainage and irrigation, high level of mechanization or unsuitable land use can lead to environmental degradation. But the rejection of the agricultural activities also jeopardize the ecological heritage, resulting in the loss of semi-natural habitats, biodiversity and associated landscapes. Likewise, the impact of agricultural production on human health directly (occupational health of farmers) or indirectly (the health of consumers through food) is increasingly recognized as an integrated part of a broader assessment of the ecological hazards of agriculture. Continue reading