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Essay on Are We Really Free

People tend to be free. They see freedom as a goal in itself, freedom as a boon. Freedom, as a lifestyle. We’ve all been through this, trying to reach freedom. But in my entire life I have not seen a free man. As paradoxical as it may seem at first glance.

Let’s look at an ordinary human way of life.

First child, being the fruit of the womb, the umbilical cord is connected with his mother and cannot be free. It receives from the mother oxygen, nutrients, and depends entirely on her. When the umbilical cord is cut, the person again is not free, because it starts to be dependent on obstetricians, then the mother as a nurse. What freedom are we talking about here? I want to get unwrapped but instead I’m being wrapped. Everything is determined not by a child but by his environment. Continue reading

Essay on Abolishing the Electoral College

During its two centuries, the electoral system history was subjected to repeated attacks, aiming at abolishing the Electoral College. However, there have been consistent supporters of the Electoral College, which convincingly, though less vociferously argued the need to maintain the system.

Those who oppose the preservation of the electoral system in favor of approval of the direct election of the president, putting forward the following four arguments:

  • opportunity to elect a president, who gained a minority of voters;
  • the risk of so-called “infidels” of electors;
  • possible negative effects of the Electoral College on voters turnout in the general election;
  • failure to adequately reflect the will of the people.

Continue reading

Essay on Cable TV and Children

Everyday there is a massive flow of various information that children are subjected to. This information flow gives the children knowledge, entertain them and most directly affect their behavior. In many cases, those sound and visual images that appear in the media, have a pronounced promotional nature – they encourage the viewer or listener to become the consumer of a product or services. Some information products (films, computer games, music) are themselves commodities available on the market on demand. School-age children are the most active consumers of these products, so the vast majority of commercials is addressed specifically to children of school age. Parents have to exert much effort to at least partially control this information flow and to keep the situation under control.

TV is the most powerful mass media: it is one of the main parts of lives of millions of children. Cable TV has almost become a child sidekick, who entertains them daily and provides various information. Continue reading

Short Essay on Calligraphy

The calligraphy is, etymologically, the art of forming the characters of writing. This word comes from the Greek base κάλλος Kallos, “beautiful” and γραφεĩν, graph, “to write.” Almost all the civilizations practicing writing developed the art of calligraphy. However, some of them have elevated the art to a special status based on specific historical and philosophical contexts. This can lead to a questioning of the very use of the word “calligraphy” when applied to non-Greco-Roman cultures. For example, the concept of “beauty” does not appear in the Japanese word that is translated in the West as “calligraphy,” the Japanese word 书道 (Shodo) means “the way of writing” and the concept of “path” refers more to a Buddhist universe than a purely aesthetic

Also the place of the art in Asia was very different from its place in the West, since learning the art of calligraphy was the basis of classical training of a painter in Asia, where the civilizations do not separate letter and drawing, word and image, body and mind, the material and the spiritual. In many Eastern civilizations calligraphy is one of the occult sciences, a part of theology where thinking, brush, stroke, and philosophical thought are inseparable). Continue reading

Essay on Ecological Hazards of Agriculture

Agriculture and nature have powerful effects on each other. For centuries, agriculture contributes to the creation and maintenance of a large number of semi-natural habitats. They constituted an important part of the landscape in the world with the richest wildlife resources. Agriculture also supports various rural communities, which are not only fundamental resource of the international culture, but also play a vital role in protecting the health of the environment.

Importance of farming goes far beyond simple food production. Throughout the food production chain processes occur that may impact environment and, therefore, directly or indirectly, human health and development. For example, the widespread use of pesticides and fertilizers, the use of improper methods of drainage and irrigation, high level of mechanization or unsuitable land use can lead to environmental degradation. But the rejection of the agricultural activities also jeopardize the ecological heritage, resulting in the loss of semi-natural habitats, biodiversity and associated landscapes. Likewise, the impact of agricultural production on human health directly (occupational health of farmers) or indirectly (the health of consumers through food) is increasingly recognized as an integrated part of a broader assessment of the ecological hazards of agriculture. Continue reading

Free Essay on Fahrenheit 451

Perhaps the best of the major Bradbury works, novel “Fahrenheit 451″ draws anti-utopian society of the future, and in fact – “our reality, a reductio ad absurdum.” Bradbury invented a state where reading and storing books is prohibited by law. For the sake of political correctness and overall calmness, the level of spiritual and intellectual inquiries of the citizens is artificially undervalued. But there are rebels and fugitives.

This is one of the rare science fiction by Bradbury, nevertheless very exciting, touching and yet very lively and dynamic. A relatively simple story is full of allusions, including biblical texts and complex symbolism.

In 1934, Bradbury lived in Los Angeles and watched at least 12 films a week. Before every film a newsreel material was broadcast, and one them deeply shocked him. It was when before his eyes flashed grainy black and white footage of the Nazis throwing books into the flaming fires, and these scenes have left a scorched mark in his subconscious. Ray sat bathed with light projectors, flames reflected in his round glasses, and tears rolled down his face. Continue reading

Essay on Economy vs Environment

Economy and environment are increasingly intertwined at the local, regional, national and global levels forming a complex set of causes and effects. The ecological situation in the world that can be described as a state of ecological crisis, along with the intensification of global socio-economic and political problems requiring stopping dangerous trends and changing the course of modern civilization. One of the main contradictions is a clash between economic growth and the need to limit its environmental capacity. The resolution of this complex problem requires a combination of political will and international efforts to change the paradigm of the economy, which is the transition from the economic system of civilization to the ecological-economic system. Continue reading

Essay on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven is the most famous, the most charming and the most mysterious in its unearthly music poem.

Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Raven after the death of his wife, full of longing and waiting for death, and inconsolable despair. It has become a reflection of then Edgar Allan Poe, his life, death, suffering, and his poetry, mystical and elegant.

Mystical poetry of Edgar Allan Poe has unearthly nature as any poetic genius. A lot of research devoted to his poetry, but the most interesting things about him are said by poets, who know where the poesy comes from: Balmont, Gumilev, Akhmatova, poets who have had a craving for the supernatural and transcending the ordinary. Continue reading

Essay on Balancing Family and Work

One evening, after returning home from work, I quietly went to my son’s room to hug and kiss him goodnight. But he was not asleep.”Dad! Today is Wednesday!” – Told me my twelve-years-old son. “Today was our evening, Dad! And you forgot!”

In the maelstrom of meetings, to-do lists and deadlines, I forgot about the most important ministry that God has entrusted to me: my family. When was the last time when I had a date with my wife? Many weeks ago! And I knew that everything must change – and immediately. I should have properly balancing my family and work. I should focus my attention on my family. I want them to see that I appreciate them no less than my work and ministry.

We are determined to achieve our goals. And somehow in the midst of the bustle of work, we forget that our boy is waiting for us at home. He’s waiting to throw a ball together. Or it may be a teenage girl, who desperately needs to talk to you about boys. Or wife, who misses all the attention that she got during the dating. Why does it happen? How does this happen? How not to allow this to happen to you? Continue reading

Essay on Napoleon Bonaparte and French Revolution

The Great War illuminated the genius of Napoleon Bonaparte. As in the previous century, France was represented as a serious threat to the other European countries, which made them unite in the struggle against France. At this time the war progressed differently. French revolution had many supporters, but they were not part of the government and did not control the armed forces of their countries. And yet, going to war alone, forcibly isolated, as if struck by a plague, France not only beat back the united forces of the enemy, which was about to crush it, but after the revolution it was a serious military threat to the rest of Europe and eventually became the ruler of most of its part. The key to explain such growth might be found in the combination of favorable conditions and stimulating factors in France at the time.

These factors and conditions have been created with the revolutionary spirit of the national armies of France. This spirit has made ​​ pedantic drill impossible; it gave a will and desire to develop the skills and initiative in the individual. As a result, a new flexible tactics was developed. Continue reading