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Essay: Is There a Possible World War 3

Is there a possible World War 3? Such question can be increasingly heard from radio speakers and be read on the pages of political magazines. Such assumptions relate primarily to the war in Syria and the Ukrainian tense political situation in which experts see a possible cause for conflict of interests of other countries that may lead to a new world war.

Since March 2011, unrest in Syria have not cease and managed to develop into a fierce religious war and, according to some, has already claimed the lives of about 93 thousand people. If recently the war in Syria might seem an internal conflict, now the Ukrainian crisis can be drawn into a bloody fight between major world powers. Now there are more and more of assumption that the Russian invasion in Ukraine could be the beginning of World War III, which nuclear weapons may be used. Continue reading

American Dream Documentary Essay

Negotiation Analysis of the Documentation “American Dream”
The film “American Dream” is a documentary which provides information about a failed negotiation between a company and its workers. The negotiation process between Hormel Company, a meat packing factory in Austin, Minnesota and the Local Union (P-9) failed as a result of failure to reach an agreement by the two parties. Arguably, the workers through their Local Union-P-9 failed to attain their goals in the negotiations table due to a series of mistakes on their part.

Firstly, the workers, through the Local Union failed in the negotiation table because of poor BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement). Their BTNA was poor since the Local Union did not accurately consider the best alternatives for the workers in case of a failed agreement at the negotiation table. Arguably, their BTNA adopted by P-9 was to motivate the workers to go on strike. They presented their grievances against the company but failed to consider the alternatives possessed by Hormel Company. Continue reading

Tips: How to Write an Essay from Scratch

Every high school, college and university student is sure to be asked to prepare a professional essay at least once a week. The assignment is not quite difficult, but the student is supposed to know everything about the structure of the paper and the approach towards writing, so the tips below would be quite useful for the successful composition of a quality essay from scratch. Continue reading

Annotated Bibliography on Fine and Performing Arts

Page, Scott E. Diversity and Complexity. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2011. Internet resource.
Scott approaches fine and performance arts from comparative perspective, which enables him to document on the 1400 CE art practices at a precise and authoritative manner. His first chapter is an insight of the diversity and complexity of the renaissance art prior to the medieval age. The author seeks to decipher abundant knowledge to the readers as he asserts the contributions of renowned artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Giorgione, and Bondonne. Further, Scott Page aligns his work to a clear platform when he evaluates the subject of measuring the intensity of diversity between fine and performance arts of the past. The author narrates on the process by which the early artists evolved their artworks, and the diversities born to such practices. On the third account, Page indicates on the existence of constraints within the art field and the variations shown by the systems used. Therefore, Page Scott succeeds to implement the course of fine and performance to the modern scholars. Continue reading

Essay: A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, as well as Theseus, the duke of the Athens is preparing their marriage that is expected to last for four days (1.1.2-10). He, therefore, orders one of his servants, Philostrate, to find the necessary requirements that will be required in gracing the occasion. After Philostrate leaves, Egeus, an Athenian aristocrat steps into the duke’s court, with his daughter Hernia, and two young men, Demetrius and Lysander. Egeus brings a complaint to the duke because, according to him, he wants his daughter to get married to Demetrius. However, Hernia is in love with Lysander. This leads to the father-daughter disagreement that could make Hernia face a consequence to the law if she does not comply.

To the duke, this is a form of disobedience to one’s parents; thus she advices her to follow her father’s decisions, of which she is adamant. As a result, the two lovers, Hernia and Lysander formulate a plan to run out of the village during the night to travel to Lysander’s aunt place, so as to get married (1.1 134) To ensure the safety of their plan, they decide to tell Helena, an ex-lover of Demetrius of their availed plan. However, Demetrius follows the duo into the forest, with Helena by their side secretly. Continue reading

Realism in American Literature Essay

As you may know, realism in Europe began to take shape as early as the 1830s, and the second half of the XIX century naturalism delineated. In the U.S. this period was marked, respectively, by the intensive development and flourishing of romantic art. Prerequisites for realism in American literature developed only in 1860 due to the Civil War between North and South. The war destroyed well-established social order, not only the notorious slave way of the South but also the oldest democracies of the North. They were replaced by modern, imperialist, industrial society.

The Civil War was the greatest crisis in the life of the nation, a radical turning point in its history, which has dramatically changed and redirected the development of American literature. Military experience required incarnation. But to describe this tough, bloody, and dirty war, to describe following total confusion of the Reconstruction in a romantic way was possible only in lyric poetry, with its high degree of abstraction, but not in prose. Continue reading

Essay on Electrical Safety

Passing through the human body, electric current greater than the value of 0.015 A, destroys it, and evaluation of electric shock is reduced to the determination of voltage of the current going through the human body. Low voltage currents can do no harm, while high can lead to death.

When people do not follow the rules of electrical safety, they undergo a great risk to get into accidents.

Injuries caused by electrocution as well as fires in electrical systems occur primarily due to ignorance of basic rules of electrical safety and only then – due to non-compliance with these rules.

Electrical safety in terms of country living differs from electrical safety in urban environments. Statistics show that the highest number of injuries in the summer months, when most of the day, adults, and children spend outdoors. Approximately 90% of injured are men and boys, 10% are women and girls. Continue reading

Essay on Hamlet’s Tragic Flaw

What is Hamlet’s tragic flaw?
It has long been observed that almost all the Shakespeare’s characters are more inclined to meditation than to action. To the greatest extent it relates to Hamlet, whose inner world is steadily crumbling under the double onslaught: the painful emotional distress caused by external circumstances (a horrible death of his father, his uncle’s meanness, treachery of his mother and friends), compounded by destructive thoughts that lead him to reassess all that had value and meaning before. Honor, love, loyalty – these ideals are ruthlessly trampled by rough reality.

Hamlet understands that he must fight the evil that he is required to act, but his will is paralyzed, because he is seized by the most terrible human question: “To be or not to be.” In his denial of reality Hamlet goes so far that he is ready to see nothing but evil in the world. But if the world is so terrible, it is not worth living. One only thing stops Hamlet, whose faith in the Creator and divine justice is shaken: whether there is continuation of this being after the grave, or it is oblivion that expects us? Hamlet’s figure, whose youth was held not in idle amusements and rough play, and in the walls of Wittenberg University, symbolizes the new consciousness, a new attitude, for whom “There is no time connection.” Continue reading

Persuasive Essay on Autism

Autism is the disorder which occurs because of the impropriate development of the human brain. The disorder is characterized with the deficit of the social relations and communication and with the constantly repeated actions. All the symptoms can be identified before the age of three. All the symptoms which have the similarities with autism are associated with the complex disorders of autistic spectrum. The roots of autism can be observed with the human genes, but experts still do not understand the entire cause of autism – the interrelation of numerous genes or mutations. There is also a hypothesis which is connected with the cause of autism after the child vaccination. According to the official statistics every 88th child in the world suffers from autism and the frequency of the disorder is four times more likely among boys than girls. Autism is associated with the changes in the human brain but no one knows about the origin of these alterations. In spite of the existence of numerous techniques and rich methodology which helps children suffering from autism find their place in the society and life quite a regular life, there is no remedy for autism which would completely cure the disorder yet. Continue reading

Persuasive Essay on Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is the complex of the sources of energy which can substitute the existing exhausting and harmful sources of energy and prevent the possible energy crisis. The problem of alternative energy is probably the most troublesome and thought-provoking one, because people all over the world understand that the current supplies of mineral resources and sources of energy (oil, gas, coal) will be exhausted in no more than fifty years and the humanity will remain without energy and it will be treated like the collapse of the human civilization. The current situation of the development of the alternative sources of energy is connected not only with the prevention of the energy crisis, but with the unfavourable ecologic condition of the natural environment. The modern sources of energy (oil, gas and coal) are not only very expensive bur also harmful for the natural environment, because they pollute water, air and soil and cause harm to the human health and life. The wastes and pollutants released during the processing of oil and coal are extremely contaminative and the humanity should think about the alternative energy which would be safe, cheap and inexhaustible. Continue reading