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In Your Opinion what Factors Contribute to a Good Movie?

Cinematography is one of the most popular arts nowadays. Every day people watch movies for entertainment, education and pleasure. Cinematography has become the most profitable business. A successful movie can bring millions of dollars to its creators. Obviously, producers invite famous celebrities and designers in order to make a good picture. The majority of people decide to watch a movie, because they like the definite celebrity who is starring there. Consequently, celebrities advertise a movie and attract audience and money. On the other hand, there are cases when a movie is a complete failure though many well-known stars perform there. So, what is a good movie? What factors influence the quality of a movie? I will try to answer these questions below.

When one imagines a good movie, he will mention a good cast, interesting plot, perfect costumes, decorations and performance. He will say that a good movie should possess interesting idea and touch upon relevant issues. I believe that the quality of a movie does not depend on its genre. When a movie is good, it does not matter whether it is a comedy, thriller or detective. When a movie is good, the audience will enjoy its plot, play and effects. It does not worth mentioning that it is very important to prepare the right script if you want to shoot a successful movie. The viewer should be impressed with events, plot development, idea and motives of a movie. When a movie does not have sense, no one will decide to watch it again.

It is of vital importance to invite good actors to the project. It is easy to notice that an inexperienced actor plays badly and spoils the whole impression. His play reduces the quality of a film and does not let the audience understand the slightest details of the plot. On the contrary, an experienced actor is able to improve every scene of a movie. When there are bad costumes and decorations, you will not notice these details, because this actor plays perfectly well and attracts your attention.

It is impossible to speak about a good movie without good costumes, decorations and special effects. Undoubtedly, costumes and decorations are the most expensive elements of a movie, especially if you shoot a solid historic or fantasy film. For example, epic battle scenes always remain in the memory of viewers. Many movies attract the audience with the help of their high-quality special effects and action. It is always pleasant to watch at a good picture. When a cameraman is able to catch the right move, emotion or gesture in the right time, you will not be able to break away from the screen.

Finally, I should say that a good movie has its own features and character. When you watch it, you are filled with the specific emotions and impressions. You want to watch this film again and again in order to plunge into its original atmosphere.