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Writing Abstract for Extended Essay

An extended essay is a very notable component of your education. You are expected to demonstrate your knowledge about the chosen problem related to your major subjects. If you have written the entire essay, you will be asked to complete an abstract, which will summarize your extended essay essentially. This job is rather demanding so you can learn how to prepare this section correctly relying on these basic writing tips:

  • Step One: Mind the Number of Words. An abstract does not play the role of an introductory part of your essay. It is close to the summary of your text. For that reason this section should be written last when you are through with the research and writing. One of the basic requirements of abstract writing is its proper length. You must not write a long summary of the content of your essay since it exhausts the reader. One should think about the main points observed in the essay and insert them into his abstract. The most common length of an abstract is 300 words. You are able to divide it into several paragraphs referring to the determined parts of your essay.
  • Step Two: Investigate the Research Question. A well-structured abstract should contain brief investigation of the research question. Bear in mind that every essay and research paper has its definite research question. You build the investigation and analysis around this question. In simple words, it is a core of your paper. Thus, you must state that the research question of your essay has been analyzed well. It will help the commission understand whether your paper has its logical ending. Most often, students start their abstract with this research question in order to illustrate the main idea of their essay and the entire scope of research.
  • Step Three: Define the Scope of Investigation. The second considerable part of an abstract is the description of the scope of investigation. When you research a problem, you try to observe it from all angles. It is impossible to analyze a topic if you do not touch upon its paramount sides. You ought to define the main problem and the idea of your extended essay. The reader should understand what you are writing about. Moreover, he should know what you want to achieve. Thereupon it is smart to clarify your primary expectations and intentions at the very beginning. Then, you need to write about the main problems observed in your essay. You do not need to describe every point and subcategory in detail. It is enough to mention them. The total description of the existing details can be found in the main body of your extended essay.
  • Step Four: Write about the Methods. An extended essay is your preparation to the research of a solid topic on your undergraduate level. Clearly, a solid thesis paper requires the most appropriate methods of research. You can practice these skills with the help of extended essay writing. A good abstract should contain the enumeration of your methods and their usefulness. You can write a short sentence explaining the choice of these methods. Thereof, the reader will be able to evaluate the usefulness of your essay before reading. Experienced scholars can read an abstract and look at the methodology of its author understanding whether the essay is worth reading.
  • Step Five: Conclude Your Extended Essay. The last part of an abstract should contain the conclusions and achievements of your analysis. Write a short paragraph about your observations and results of your research. Apparently, you learn something new about the problem and it is reasonable to point at this new knowledge and experience. You are expected to enumerate your achievements and inform the reader about the difficulties, which affect the analysis of this topic. Say about the unanalyzed elements of your extended essay. This information will help other scholars investigate your topic deeper.

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