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Water Pollution Essay Sample

Essay on water pollution will tell you why this topic is so important and therefore can be used as a topic for your essay.

First thing you should know about water pollution is that this type of the pollution implies impurities and substances that do not naturally belong in the water but come there because of human activity.

Contaminated water impairs the ability of people, organisms and ecosystems to satisfy their water needs. An emission of pollutants affects everything from humans to organisms and ecosystems.

The deposition of nitrogen oxides and ammonia leads to acidification and eutrophication of soil and water. Ammonia is transported only in short distances while nitrogen oxides can travel hundreds of miles.

Major producers of pollution comes from cars, trucks, machines, production of electricity and heat for homes, facilities, and industries.
Metals and organic contaminants come from many activities in the community. A lot of pollutants entering the water through the municipal sewerage. Today’s treatment plants have efficient purification of eutrophic substances in wastewater, but they are not built to take care of the whole amount of pollutants from today’s society.

A harmful effect on lakes, soils, and forests is made through the supply of acid substances. The cause of water pollution is primarily emissions of sulfur and hydrogen compounds from industrial processes and vehicular traffic.

The burning of fossil fuels releases sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides out. Some of these are converted in the atmosphere into acids, which are dissolved in cloud water droplets and follow the rainfall into soil and water. This precipitation is then sour, but may initially bicarbonate in the lake neutralize acidity and maintain normal pH which is around 7. However, with the increasingly consumed supply of bicarbonate, the lake’s ability to neutralize acid supplement decreases. When the lake supply of hydrogen carbonate ions are stabilized final pH at around 4.5.

The first sign of the water pollution is fish dying simultaneously in quantities. In Europe, it is the first reason for fish dying today.

Plants need many different kinds of nutrients to live and grow, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. These two function as fertilizers. Fertilizers and manure, which are spread on fields to plants and crops to grow better, contain nitrogen and phosphorus. When a river runs through farmland, it can leach nutrients from the fields to the water, which becomes contaminated.

When you talk about eutrophication, it means that more nitrogen and phosphorus enters a watercourse than what is “natural”. Eutrophication means that water pollution is growing faster and can lead to mass development of toxic phytoplankton.

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