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Tips: Writing a Book Review in APA Format

A book review is a challenge, because you have to read the entire book and analyze it in detail. Moreover, you ought to prepare your book review according to the required format. APA format is considered to be the most acceptable for students, who study humanities. When you do not know how to organize your book review in APA format, you can take advantage of these tips.

They are:

  • Step One: Get to Know about APA Format. If you plan to cope with your book review, you should get to know about the basic requirements of APA format. Before you begin writing, you should format your page according to the existing standards. To begin with, place 1-inch margins on all sides of the page. Choose Times New Roman font with the size equal to 12 points. This size is the most convenient for reading. When you organize your title page, you should know about its standards too. Write every word of the title in capital letters. Moreover, you should choose the briefest title that will occupy no more then 50 characters.
  • Step Two: Read the Book and Take Notes. It is impossible to complete a successful book review if you do not read the book attentively. You need to take notes while reading in order to write down every important episode and description, which can be valuable for the quality of your review. Pay special attention to the description of characters, items and nature. Do not omit dialogues and monologues of the main characters, because they have sense.
  • Step Three: Complete the Abstract and Introduction. An abstract is a very important part of a book review in APA format. You should write an abstract on the separate page. This section should consist of 200-250 words. You should summarize the book in brief and write a few words about its author and genre. Then, prepare a sound introduction. You should make the reader interested in your review.
  • Step Four: Organize the Main Body and Mind Your Style. When you write the main body of the book review, organize your text logically. Divide the main body into several paragraphs. Write about the author, the main idea of the book, its characters, motives, style, etc. You should write in active voice and keep the entire narration in the first person. APA format is based on precise and clear writing. You should omit odd and unnecessary words and descriptions. Therefore, think twice before you write something.
  • Step Five: Use in-Text Citations. When you use a phrase of the definite author, you should cite it according to the requirements of APA format. Write the author’s last name and the year of publication. Finally, you write the page number if you continue citing this author.

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