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Tips on Writing a Descriptive Essay

There are many types of essays which can cause problems to students, and a descriptive essay is one of the most complicated ones, because the student is expected to demonstrate the object, character or event from all sides which is extremely difficult. Moreover, the description should be true-to-life and enough objective to be treated in the regular way. Below there are useful descriptive essay writing tips which can assist every student who has troubles with writing:

  1. First of all one should choose the most interesting object, personality, book or movie character, event or phenomenon for the research. It is obvious that the choice should be quite reasonable and narrow; otherwise one will fail the assignment being unable to describe an abstract phenomenon or a complex group of people or complex of events in the right way. There should be a balance in the choice of the problem for the description which can be observed in the appropriate way.
  2. When the student is asked to describe something, he is expected to turn on all his senses, because a description is the observation and evaluation of the object’s qualities, appearance, inner and outer qualities, etc. For example, if one wants to describe a simple object of the surrounding space, he should dwell on shape, colour, texture, smell, sound, taste, etc. All these qualities can seldom coexist in the description of the single problem, but at least four of them one can easily choose for his own object.
  3. The introductory part of the essay, which is called exposition, should contain the information about the further description. The information can be presented in the form of the thesis statement which introduces the topic to the reader making him acquainted with the problem or the object under description. Sometimes, students make mistakes writing contrast essays comparing a few objects and their qualities with one another. Of course, it is not right and one should focus directly on the qualities of the single selected phenomenon.
  4. The main body of the essay is supposed to analyze the object in detail in the logical and convenient way. The student is supposed to devote a single paragraph to every new idea or new quality (for example, smell, shape, etc) in order to make the text convenient and understandable for the reader. The logic of writing and the variety of the description is always praised by the teacher.
  5. The final concluding part (denouement) is supposed to summarize the description on the right way or to lead the reader to his own conclusion. The student is able to leave the open end of the essay or to end it in his own way stating how the object’s qualities affect its nature and its value for the humanity, history, environment, etc.

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