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Tips: How to Write a Good Academic Report

Sometimes teachers ask students to prepare a report about a specific topic. When something of this kind happens, students are confused whereas they do not know the difference between a report and an essay. Below you will find simple writing guidelines that can improve your knowledge about academic report writing.

  • Step One: What is Academic Report? Academic report is a special assignment aimed at the sharp and precise analysis of the definite issue. Bear in mind that reports are commonly written about the matters related to business, economics, marketing and various technical subjects. You will hardly prepare a factual and concise analysis of a historical event or bookish character. In fact, language and literature course involves students into book report writing that is associated with the precise analysis of a chosen work of literature. A common academic report is aimed at the description of a peculiar situation, event or phenomenon. Students are expected to rely on the opinions of the credible authors who have researched the suggested subject too. Students have to evaluate the facts that touch upon the chosen situation and draw reasonable conclusions in the end.
  • Step Two: Prepare for Academic Report Writing. Bear in mind that you should meet the requirements of your teacher if you want to complete a successful and newsworthy report. What is more, you have to think about the audience who will read your paper. If you work on a business report, you will have to provide the readers with the reliable and genuine facts about the mentioned situation or event. Then, you should remember about such paramount elements as citation and literature review. You should supply the reader with the sources that have been utilized for your analysis. Finally, make sure you know about the structure of the academic report. This assignment includes an abstract, introduction, the main body and conclusion with recommendations. Every section has its specific norms of writing and composition.
  • Step Three: Write an Abstract. The executive summary of a report is a brief presentation of the content of your assignment. If you analyze a situation, you should write about the cause of your analysis, its subject and its importance for your discipline. In addition, you can insert the main idea of your academic report and the purpose of your entire research. Some abstracts contain the key words and the most important terms that occur in the main text. This section should be very brief and supply the audience with the overall description of your assignment.
  • Step Four: Complete the Best Introduction. This paragraph should touch upon the topic under analysis clarifying the purpose of your research. Is this topic relevant? Has anybody investigated it before? Why is this topic gripping and uncommon? What methods have been utilized for analysis? What do you want to achieve? Focus on these questions and construct your introduction wisely. Try to be precise and logical in the presentation of your ideas.
  • Stet Five: Design the Main Body. Divide your major topic into several subcategories in order to make your analysis logical and clear. Present the overall description of the problem and write about its cause and effect. If you write about a specific experiment, you will have to touch upon its every stage. Furthermore, you should write down the experimental results. When you analyze a broad topic, you can observe it from several sides. It is vital to observe every element of your topic to make a coherent and holistic report. When something stays unclarified, the quality of your assignment reduces.
  • Step Six: Conclude Your Academic Report. The conclusion of your report should be based on the experimental results. You should share your point of view about the situation, event or phenomenon taking into account the results of your profound analysis. Do the results meet your expectations? A conclusion can contain the additional subsection with recommendations. This subsection should inform the reader about the details that can be improved or altered. It is possible that you make slight mistakes or conduct the insufficient research. Therefore, say about the weak sides of your analysis in order to help other students and scholars research your topic better.

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