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Tips for Writing a Good Article Review

An article review is a type of an essay where students analyze a chosen article and share their opinion with their teacher about the relevance and informative value of its content. It is obvious that one will need to take many efforts to read an article and understand its message and its main idea. When there are questions and misunderstandings concerning the right approach towards article review writing, you are able to read our guidelines below and cope with this assignment well.

They are:

  1. Read an Article Carefully: The primary task of every student is to read an article, understand it and note the most important facts and points that have been discussed in its text. One should catch the structure of this article; analyze its sections separately in order to see whether the text is integral and logical. It is reasonable to pay attention to an introduction, the main body and conclusion to see whether the author has prepared these chapters well and whether he has managed to persuade reader’s in his point of view. You should be objective and demanding and criticize this article professionally and fairly. Avoid being biased and never criticize the author if you are not sure if he really deserves it.
  2. Define the Theme of an Article: When you read an article, you should understand what you are reading about and what main problems and themes the author has depicted in his academic text. You should analyze whether the author has managed to support his opinion with the reliable evidence and whether he is able to persuade anyone with the help of his article. In simple words, you should evaluate the author’s style and tone of writing and share your impressions with readers.
  3. Summarize an Article: It is reasonable to devote one paragraph to a summary of an article, where you present its main points and key questions. It is enough to enumerate all-important theses written by the author instead of writing odd and unnecessary details of this text.
  4. Evaluate an Article’s Usefulness: When you have prepared a brief summary, you should write about the importance of this article to students and other scholars who research the same problem. One will need to say if the author has generated any brand new and alternative ideas that contribute to his field of study. You ought to enumerate these original thoughts and solutions in the precise way to make them understandable to readers. Students are expected to evaluate the quality of an article, think about originality and value of its research and state whether this article can be useful and relevant to students who are involved into this field of study.

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