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The Library and its Uses Essay

The library is the institution which keeps a great number of the literature sources (books and periodicals) which can be freely used by everyone. The first libraries appeared thousands of years ago, but only the privileged men of the state could take advantage of the texts kept there. The libraries of the modern style appeared just after the invention of printing in the 15th century. Very soon the number of books increased and ordinary people received the right to read them. In fact, the library has also a narrower meaning, which differs from the general one a little bit. For example, the private library is the set of the sources which are at the disposal of not the whole society but of the single person who has spent money purchasing all the books and periodicals for the private collection.

The use of the libraries is enormous. To begin with, the condition of the libraries reveals the educational situation of the country and the intelligence of an average individual. If the government and private donators devote much money and efforts to the development and maintenance of the state’s libraries, it is a great plus, because that means that many people have the opportunity to take a book in their hands and read.

The library fulfills two major functions which can be imagined in the relation of reading: educative and entertaining. The educative use of library can not be overestimated, because knowledge is gained through books and books are held at the library. Students of all levels require books to improve their existing knowledge and learn new facts about everything. Even a top-certified professor can not be called a smart person if he stops reading, because the process of learning is continuous and does not have the end and perfection. The library is the place where the men of wisdom gather and receive knowledge about the spheres they are interested in.

The entertaining use of library is also connected with self-development, because reading is also the ‘useful rest’. Years ago when the TV and the Internet did not exist the only entertainment was a book. People continue going to the library and read interesting books about everything pleasing themselves with the literature of various genres.

Finally, the role of the library is to provide everyone with the opportunity of self-education and self-development. Naturally, many people can not afford buying all the books they want to read, so it is convenient and affordable to take advantage of the library and the options it offers.

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