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The Importance of Human Rights Essay

How do you understand the meaning of human rights? Why are they important? We have got used to being able to communicate, behave and act in the way we want. We treat these opportunities as the basic ones.

We think that our rights are natural and they cannot be argued. It is hard to realize that several decades ago people did not have the freedom of speech and other privileges we possess nowadays. Many people say that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 is the most important achievement of the United Nations. Since that time, the human life has become the most important thing in the world.

According to this declaration, everyone has the right to speak, behave and act in the way he wants if it does not limit the freedoms and rights of other people. I would like to write about the importance of human rights and observe this issue in detail.

In my opinion, we are lucky to have so many rights, because we are able to build our life in the way we want. People are not limited with their financial background, ethnicity, religious views, color of skin, gender, etc. If you are smart and talented, you can become the richest person in the world. Our world is the world of opportunities. One hundred years ago, people could not dream about such opportunities and privileges. The human society was divided into several classes. Everyone knew his proper ‘place’ in the world. It was extremely hard to make a fortune coming from a poor family.

Furthermore, it was practically impossible to receive good education when your parents did not have money.

The basic human rights are based on the right for life, food and safety. When people suffer from hunger, it is violation of their basic rights. The human life is the most important thing, therefore, many countries banned capital punishment and do not apply violence towards common prisoners and prisoners of war. The right for life, freedom from slavery and torture are very important in this case.

Unfortunately, some developing countries still apply brutal behavior and attitude towards common people. Democratic laws and freedoms do not work there. I believe it is the question of time. Very soon, they defeat their unfair governments and make their authorities follow the Declaration of Human Rights.

I suppose, the right for education is extremely important, because knowledge is power. Knowledge helps people change the surrounding world for the better. It helps young people from poor families receive good education and improve their life. A smart person is able to finish the best university and develop her knowledge and professionalism intensively. It will help her build the career of her dream. I guess it is very important to provide talented and skillful people with such opportunities.

To my mind, the freedom of speech, thought and religious views is important for the development of a democratic society. Everyone should be able to speak everything he wants if does not offend other people. People must not be chased and punished if their opinion is different. It is important to express different points of view if you want to live in a democratic state. No wonder, the developed democratic countries have official and non-official types of mass media, which observe every problem from different sides. Finally, people deserve for fair trial and freedom of movement. Everyone has the right to choose the most convenient place for life.

In conclusion, the importance of human rights cannot be overestimated. People possess a great number of basic rights, which cannot be violated in the developed democratic states. People have the right for life, freedom of thought, speech and movement. They deserve the right for a fair trial and freedom from torture. Although the Declaration of Human Rights was signed by hundreds of states, there are countries, which do not follow its principles and break its basic rules and norms.

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