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The Choice of Professions in the Modern World Essay

Work in the characteristic feature, which differentiates a human being from an animal. People work in order to earn money and support their living and provide themselves and their families with enough food, clothes and basic needs and to get access to the things which develop the human mind and body. Of course, people do not work chaotically, but fulfill the definite duties which bring good for the human society and contribute into its development. People have been working since the dawn of the human civilization and during this time hundreds and thousands of narrow professions have originated from the broader ones.

Nowadays the choice of professions is so broad, that one even does not know about the existence of at least the half of them. Every broad sphere of human activity: industry, agriculture, trade, crime and law, healthcare, police and fire services, education, etc are supposed to be the broadest spheres and every sphere is divided into hundreds and thousands of the narrower occupations which create a big pyramid of professions.

The history of the choice of professions is very old but can be informally divided into three main stages: the leading role of agriculture, the era of industry and the current information age. Naturally, people started conquering the nature and learnt to use its goods wisely and the sphere of agriculture began. With the run of time people cultivated and selected thousands of plants which made the menu of an average person more diverse. In addition, numerous professions originated from agriculture: haymakers, farmers, croppers, etc. The industrial age made the choice of professions even wider, because every factory and plant has got thousands of new occupations. The information age is characterized with the active use of the computer technologies, safe production and innovations in every sphere. The wide choice of professions reflects the inexhaustible potential of a human being, who can fulfill all sort of work, from the manual work in the field or a mine to the complicated programming and biochemical research, work with the DNA and other fields which require the deepest knowledge and skills of all kinds.

In order to choose the right profession, one should think about his most favourite activities and inclinations as early as possible. If one starts to do the job he likes early, he will develop in it well and will surely become an expert or a master in it, as every profession is important and the talented people are highly praised everywhere.