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Some Tips for Writing Essays in Exams

Nearly every serious exam has an essay assignment in its content. Students have several tasks that require attention, patience and creativity.

An essay is they most complicated part of an exam, because one needs to demonstrate his knowledge and writing skills to his examiners. Students are limited in time and they need to learn how to write an essay in exams rapidly.

Follow our tips to succeed in writing:

  1. Brainstorm a Few Ideas about Your Topic. When you receive your topic, you should read its title attentively and think about the problems and research questions that can be observed there. You should think rapidly in order to avoid wasting your time. Take a shirt of paper and write everything about your subject. You can write down random ideas that are connected with your topic and then think about their development. It is useful to understand what you need to research at once. If you think about the main point of writing later, you can confuse your ideas and jump from one subtopic to another one. As a result, the informative value of your essay will be very low. Therefore, you need to catch the main point and problem of your exam essay from the first minutes of writing.
  2. Prepare a Good Outline. Students are not generally asked to hand in their exam essays with an outline, but you can make a plan of this kind for your own advantage. You should develop your ideas that you have written earlier and think about the right order of their presentation on paper. Try to write from the less important points and issues and finish with the most important and interesting ones. You need to keep your reader interested in your essay, so you should follow this tip promptly. A good outline will help you organize the process of writing better and you will not lose any important thought if you keep to it accurately.
  3. Think about the Structure. Every essay for an exam should consist of three main sections: exposition, the body and denouement. Exposition contains your description of the topic and the main problem of your essay. You need to write why your topic is useful, relevant and important. The body is the heart of your essay, because it holds your personal thoughts, facts and arguments that support your point of view about the issue under analysis. You need to write accurately, clearly and precisely. A denouement is a final section of your essay that summarizes your ideas.
  4. Proofread Your Text. When you are through with your exam essay, reread it several times and correct all errors that could have occurred in the process of writing.

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