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Social Psychology Essay on Aggression

Aggression is one of the numerous natural instincts of human being. When one is attacked or feels frustrated, he becomes aggressive reacting to the irritant. On the one hand, aggression is a positive instinct that helps us survive. On the other hand, this instinct is negative whereas many crimes are committed in the heat of passion or because of hate or aggression. Numerous conflicts, injures and human deaths could be prevented if people were less aggressive. It is vital to learn about the cause and effect of the aggressive behavior in order to find the best solution to this problem. If you learn to control your negative emotions, you will have less enemies. You will not cause harm to any innocent people.

Aggression is a natural reaction of a human being to the negative irritant. If we speak about animals, there can be several types of irritants. Animals express aggression when they fight for food, territory and dominance in their group. People are aggressive because of many other reasons.

Aggression is caused by hunger, pain, interference into one’s private life, poor luck, etc. Thus, you can behave aggressively when you need food, money and respect. Many people are aggressive because they do not receive promotion at work. Others are angry just because they have not managed to catch their bus on time. As you see, aggression can be caused practically by everything. Its source depends on the human personality and numerous private factors and preferences.

Why is aggression supposed to be harmful for our society? The explanation is very simple. An aggressive person behaves in the rude way in order to cause harm to another person. This harm can be both physical and psychological. If you are angry with someone, you want to cause harm to this person. Her pain will fill you with satisfaction. Therefore, aggression is supposed to be a destructive instinct that mostly ruins instead of building. No wonder, aggression is considered to be the most antisocial behavior.

Aggression is often confused with violence. Although there are many similarities between these two concepts but they are still different. Violence occurs because of aggression. In fact, aggression is not always a violent action. Violent crimes are murder, rape, robbery and assault. Other crimes are supposed to be non-violent. When one kills another person intentionally, he is an aggressive murderer. In addition, when one causes extreme harm to another person stabbing or hitting her, he is an aggressive criminal. However, if he kills someone by mistake or unexpectedly, he is not aggressive. When one wants to cause psychological harm, he can apply different methods to reach this goal. The foremost way is to insult one verbally. Rude and vulgar words can easily abuse your target. Another way is malicious rumor. In this case, it is hard to find the primary source of the insulting information. Then, some people destroy or damage property of another person in order to cause her financial harm.

Many experts say that aggressive behavior or men and women is different. Men are considered to be more aggressive than women. They express aggressive behavior more frequently and its level is higher. No wonder, the majority of serious and aggressive crimes are committed by men. When you pay attention to the behavior of children at school, you will see that the majority of boys behave rudely. They express their physical force and compete for dominance in their class. Girls are noticed to participate in fewer cases of public aggressive behavior. They try to be discreet and calm in comparison with their male mates. Moreover, men and women use different methods to insult their opponents. Men prefer ‘open’ tactics. For instance, physical and verbal abuse. Women are known to spread rumors and numerous psychological methods of aggressive behavior.

Is it possible to reduce the amount of human aggression? Without question, we can control our feelings though it is difficult to restrain our instant negative emotions. For example, if someone has made you angry about a certain action, you react to the irritant at once. You use verbal insult or physical force as a response. If you are a passionate and explosive person, you should think twice before doing or saying something. Try to think about something positive in order to reduce stress and decline the level of aggression. If you manage to control your aggressive behavior, you will be able to avoid numerous conflicts and unexpected situations that can have a negative ending.

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