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Short Essay on Political Instability

It is very difficult to find a country that does not have any political problems. Some countries have tense international relations. Other countries have serious domestic issues. A democratic society is characterized with the fair political system. Most often, the parliament consists of two leading political parties that compete with each other for dozens of years. Sometimes, this rivalry is so complicated that the entire political situation becomes unstable. Citizens begin striking and protesting against the current power. The most reasonable decision for the leading force is to resign. When the force refuses to give up, the threat of crisis, revolution or any other political instability occurs. What are the main reasons of political instability? How is it possible to solve this problem peacefully?

Why does political instability occur? It is possible to enumerate many factors that cause political instability. To begin with, it is poor quality of life and poor life satisfaction. When the quality of life is low, people are dissatisfied with their government. They begin protesting against their politicians. Most often, the government is responsible for the poor economy of the state. Unskillful and corrupted politicians are not interested in the economic growth of their country. They steal money from the budget for their private needs. Undoubtedly, common people cannot tolerate this policy; therefore, they demand radical decisions and solutions. As might be expected, a corrupted government will never resign itself. Such unfair presidents and ministers retire under the pressure of the street. When people strike, the government does not have another way out but just to resign. Of course, there have been many cases of crushed rebellions with hundreds of innocent victims. If the government wants to stay in power, it can utilize the worst methods. Many strikes are crushed by the police and thousands of protesters are imprisoned. Many protesters can be killed or injured. The price of democracy is high.

Many politicians resign during revolutions. When people are completely dissatisfied with their government, they can overthrow the regime with the help of brutal force. Nearly every country has a few episodes of the radical and bloody overthrow of their monarchs, presidents or governments. Sometimes, the only way out is to use the ‘language’ of physical force, whereas corrupted politicians do not understand another language. Unfortunately, revolutions devastate and ruin countries. Revolution is the destruction of the old rules and laws. In fact, it is difficult to generate the laws that will be better than the previous ones. As a result, revolutionists ruin a country but fail building something new there. Thus, revolution can only worsen the current political, social and economic condition of a country. In addition, revolution is a chaotic and uncontrolled phenomenon. You cannot predict its consequences. If you recall the revolution in Russia in 1917, you will say that this event is very debatable. After the collapse of the Russian Empire, the worst enemy of democracy – the USSR was born. Thereof, political instability can create totalitarian states. For instance, Adolf Hitler came to power during the period of the political instability in Germany.

We can observe the issue on political instability in the context of the global international relations. Military conflicts and wars are the results of the political instability of the definite country. This crisis attracts other countries that are interested in making the ‘unstable’ country their ally. No wonder, internal political instability turns into the domestic and international military conflict. There is always a group of countries that supports the current government of the state. Another group of countries supports the opposition or rebels who struggle against the mentioned government. The entire country turns into a battlefield. Its economy is ruined. Millions of people escape from the country to survive.

Why is political instability dangerous? When a country cannot maintain its domestic political stability, it can cause harm to every field of its life. The biggest problem is economy. Economy is ruined by instability. Business and money in particular does not like unstable environment. A smart investor will never build a company in the country that suffers from the domestic war. What is more, constant internal conflicts exhaust the country and its people. Their level of life declines and it causes further problems. When economy is ruined, people are unemployed, poor and ill. Thus, the only way out is to stabilize the internal policy in order to give a good start to business and new politicians who will try to improve the existing situation for the better.