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Short Essay on Nelson Mandela

Everybody has heard about Nelson Mandela but very few people know about his activity and influence on the human rights movements. Why has Nelson Mandela become famous? What did he do for his country? Why is this personality so controversial and scandalous? I will prepare a brief essay about the life and activity of Nelson Mandela. I am going to analyze this personality from different sides.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born in SAR when the country was a British colony. At that time, SAR lived under the rules of apartheid. African American population could not live with white population and it caused a great number of problems. Naturally, there were many attempts of destroying apartheid but they failed. At that time, every child had to possess an English name. Rolihlahla Mandela got his English name Nelson. Nelson Mandela came from a noble family and he did not like the situation in his country. He wanted to get rid of the direct influence of the British Empire and dreamt about the independence of SAR.

The first protest of Mandela against the government occurred in 1943. He protested against the increase of prices on public transport. His political activity began in 1948. Nelson Mandela became a member of Non-Alignment Movement and African National Congress. The first organization was supported by the USSR and the majority of its members were communists. African National Congress fought for national idea of African people. Consequently, Mandela supported liberal and radical African ideas. He was one of the leading nationalists in SAR. This organization used force in the struggle against colonialism. No wonder, Nelson Mandela was considered to be a terrorist and one the severest enemies of NATO and other organizations, which opposed communism. I should say that Nelson Mandela was permitted to visit the USA only in 2008. Although Mandela was a member of ANC, he said that violence was the final tool of struggle. He still supported peaceful solutions of any problem. It is possible to say that Mandela was strongly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi. Mandela was a good lawyer and he offered free juridical assistance to Africans.

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison, because of his radical political activity. Fortunately, this person was not broken and he continued his activity even in prison. He was released in 1990. Three years later, he was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize and became a president of SAR in 1994. People respect Nelson Mandela for his noble actions. Mandela provided children and pregnant women with free medical service. Then, he provided over 3 million of people with houses, telecommunication and water supply. He devoted much money on education and provided schoolchildren with free meals. Finally, he decided to provide the poor with monthly financial aid.

In my opinion, Nelson Mandela is a controversial personality. On the one hand, he struggled for freedom and independence of his country. On the other hand, many innocent people died because of the military activity of ANC. I guess, Mandela is a very strong and influential leader, because he managed to win the war against the most powerful politicians in the world. His firm character and sober mind helped him win freedom for his people. It is impossible to criticize Nelson Mandela for his violent actions, because he protected his country and people from colonialists. Doubtless, sometimes it is impossible to win without violence and brutal force. Mandela was also a good president. He managed to improve the condition of his country and increased the wellbeing on an average citizen.

To my mind, it is possible to compare Nelson Mandela with such outstanding personalities as Mahatma Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln. Their political activity helped millions of people gain independence, freedom and liberty. No wonder, such names as Nelson Mandela will stay in our memory forever.

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