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Short Argumentative Essay on Deforestation

Deforestation is a formal term that means removal of vast territories of forests from our planet’s surface. Deforestation is one of the most urgent problems of our time. Alongside with pollution and extinction of biological species, deforestation occupies the leading position in the list of the most dangerous environmental issues. Everybody knows that trees are vital to us.

Deforestation EssayDue to the process of photosynthesis trees produce oxygen that maintains life on Earth. In fact, a forest is the primary source of wood used in different fields of human life. Thus, wood helps people make money on logging. Unluckily, people cannot set their priorities reasonably. When there is a choice between healthy environment and money, they choose money. Therefore, people destroy forests to gain profit. I am going to observe the disadvantages of deforestation and focus on the harmful effect of this process.

Deforestation causes the extinction of biological species. As might be expected a forest is a home for thousands of species of animals, birds, and insects. They live on, in and under the trees or in the bushes. Moreover, different types of forests are the homes for the particular species of animals.

Thick forests preserve ecosystems from extinction. Numerous living organisms live in security unless a human being comes and destroys the forest. Rainforest is the place that contains about 70% of all species of animals. No wonder, rainforests are enormously precious for us. The general public protest against cutting down such forests in South America and Africa. Rainforests are so thick that scientists manage to detect new and new unknown species of reptiles, birds, and insects every year. To my mind, we should protect these ecosystems from devastation.

Deforestation reduces the amount of oxygen in the air. Try to breathe in the air in a big city and the forest. You will feel the difference. Forests make the air cleaner. If you live in a big city, you will suffer from the problem of air pollution. This issue is relevant and dangerous whereas citizens often have troubles with their respiratory system. Asthma is one of the most widespread diseases in urban areas. If you improve the city with green areas, you will improve the quality of the air.

Very few people understand that forests prevent such natural disasters as landslides, avalanches, and floods. Forests can accumulate much water. Even if the peculiar territory suffers from the other dozens of precipitation, plants can collect this water. When people cut down forests, such areas become vulnerable to flooding. What is more, the problem of flood appears in the areas that have never suffered from this disaster. The main reason is deforestation. Then, it is dangerous to cut down forests in the mountainous regions. If you destroy forests on the slopes of the hills, the entire settlements are under the threat of destruction. The roots of trees make the soil and rocks more stable. They play the role of the natural concrete that holds everything together.

Thus, the houses and the whole settlements located on the hills can be ruined by the unstable masses of rock or earth that slide down from the mountains. Another similar problem is an avalanche. When there are no trees on the slopes of the mountains, avalanches become very dangerous since trees do not hold these masses of sliding snow.

Deforestation causes a greenhouse effect. Many people are surprised, but these two problems are interconnected. Trees produce oxygen and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. The latter is the leading cause of greenhouse effect. Thereof, we ought to stop cutting down forests if we want to normalize the climate on our planet.

Another negative impact of deforestation is the reduction of the quality of the soil. When forests removed, vast territories are converted into ranches or farms. Domestic animals trample the earth and consume the smallest plants that grow there. Consequently, the ground becomes too dry and infertile. In this case, we can see the problem of deserting.

The last negative impact is the reduction of the supplies of wood. If trees decline, the amount of wood reduces as well. As a result, this resource becomes more and more expensive.

Deforestation is an urgent environmental issue. This problem is global and touches upon every country in the world. The free removal of forests causes numerous problems like the greenhouse effect, landslides, deserting, extinction of biological species, etc.