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Shakespeare Essay on Love

William Shakespeare is known to be the greatest playwright and poet in Great Britain. Moreover, he belongs to the most outstanding authors in the world. Everyone has heard the name of William Shakespeare.

This name is familiar even to the poorly educated people. Even if you have never read anything by Shakespeare, you know about Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and other prominent and famous characters created by this author. Why is Shakespeare so famous and influential? I dare say that he is a universal poet and playwright. His simple but sophisticated tragedies and sonnets are understandable everywhere.

Englishmen, Germans, Russians, Chinese, etc. understand and like Shakespeare and his works. This author touched upon many problems, but his favorite subject was love. You will find the topic of love in plays, tragedies, comedies, sonnets – everywhere. Shakespeare describes love in different contexts and provides the reader with the comprehensive and multidimensional image of this feeling.

It is smart to focus on the problem of love in Shakespeare’s poetry. If you pay attention to his sonnets, you will understand that many texts are devoted to love. What is more, the author described love in different ways and from different angles. His most famous sonnets – 116, 130 and 147 – present love as the highest feeling that triumphs over everything in the world. Love defeats Time, mind and physical world. Love is more vital than anything. Shakespeare writes about the physical beauty of his beloved person. Then, he dwells on the emotions that arise when the musical hero misses his partner.

Doubtless, the author wrote about love as the highest feeling that is stronger than time and death. Real love cannot be destroyed by time. If you love someone and this feeling is real, you will love this person forever. It does not matter whether you spend much time with her or not or whether you see her every day or once a year. Love is the best remedy for social pressures and grief. People find rest in this high feeling. Some experts compare Shakespeare with Francesco Petrarch, whose sonnets are considered to be the masterpieces of this genre. However, these authors are different and possess original style and subjects.

William Shakespeare is also known to be the best English playwright. Doubtless, he touches upon the problem of love in his plays and tragedies. The most famous tragedy of Shakespeare is Romeo and Juliet. This literary work describes love between two young people who belong to the different families. In my opinion, the author described the eternal power of love that does not have any borders and barriers. Even the representatives of the competing families can fall in love with one another.

Moreover, the playwright focused on the uniting power of love whereas the death of Romeo and Juliet united their families and resolved the current conflict. This sacrifice made the members of both families rethink their quarrels. Without question, Romeo and Juliet were inspired by the ancient literary work called Tristan and Isolde. Shakespeare used this old motive as the brightest example of the concept of the true love. He borrowed this motive and presented in his original way. The image of love in Romeo and Juliet is tragic since Juliet commits suicide when she discovers the death of Romeo. She does not want to live without him. In simple words, love (favorite person) is the meaning of life.

Another bright example of love in the works of Shakespeare is found in his play As You Like It. One can find several types of love there. Firstly, it is romantic love. Then, it is sexual love. Thirdly, parental and brotherly love. Romantic love is noticed between such characters as Rosalind and Orlando.

They carved their names on trees and read poetry. This kind of love is idealistic and unrealistic. The simple physical desire characterizes sexual love. Touchstone and Audrey can be compared with Rosalind and Orlando. They mock at the latter and criticize romantic love and high feelings. Although sexual love is primitive, it is more honest. To my mind, this play makes the reader think about the best and the most honest kind of love. Romantic love is ‘pure’ but dishonest forasmuch people idealize their partners. Sexual love is less ‘colorful’ but realistic because both partners do not idealize each other and possess sober opinion about each other.

William Shakespeare wrote many sonnets, plays, and tragedies about love and it is impossible to analyze this concept on the example of several works. However, one can find something new about this high feeling reading every text of Shakespeare attentively.