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Sample Reaction Paper about Global Warming

Global warming is considered to be the most important and relevant problem nowadays.

When you turn on your TV, you will surely come across the recent news about climate change. Global warming is associated with the increase of the average temperature around the globe. These changes influence the wildlife, weather and our everyday life. Obviously, there are many factors, which cause this problem and I will try to observe a few of them in detail.

Global warming is a controversial issue, because many scientists argue about the cause of this problem.

Some experts say that global warming is a natural process. There have always been periods of the gradual reduction and increase of the average temperatures on the planet. Other experts claim that global warming is mostly caused by the anthropogenic activity. This thought has sense, because people have changed their planet into a big factory or plant. Nearly every city and small town has its industrious district. These areas contain factories and plants, which pollute the natural environment and release harmful substances and gases, which heat the atmosphere. We can name carbon dioxide and methane among these gases. When one speaks about global warming, he thinks about the greenhouse effect.

Carbon dioxide and water vapor are the main greenhouses gases. They accumulate in the atmosphere and heat it. As a result, the temperature increases under the influence of these gases. Of course, carbon dioxide and methane are not the products of industrious activity. Our automobiles and buses also release these harmful gases. No wonder, many organizations struggle for the development of ecologically safe means of transport, which will not produce greenhouse gases.

Alongside with industry and automobiles, there are other factors, which cause global warming. One can mention soot and aerosols. Everybody knows that aerosols ruin the ozone layer of our planet. This layer protects us form the harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation. When the ozone layer is thin, there is a risk of cancer and other diseases on this territory. Furthermore, it does not protect the area from the intensive solar activity.

Global warming is a very dangerous problem, because it affects people, animals and plants. When the average temperature increases, it will cause many controversial processes. To begin with, it will cause the extinction of biological species. All species of animals, fish and plants have got used to the definite temperature and climatic pattern. When an animal loses its habitual rhythm of life, it will die. For example, if insects die on the definite territory because of heat, the birds will not have anything to eat and die too. Consequently, the extinction of a single species can cause the extinction of the entire ecosystem. Therefore, global warming can kill the life on Earth.

Next, global warming can cause extreme weather all over the world. The average number of cataclysms has increased during the recent years. Many countries suffer from tornados, cyclones, heat waves and cold waves. These cataclysms affect human life and economy of every country. Radical changes of weather can destroy crops and cause hunger.

Finally, global warming causes sea level rise. The sea level rises because of the rapid melting of ice caps and glaciers. Obviously, the melting of ice releases enormous quantities of water, which floods coastal areas and all territories lying below the sea level.

In my opinion, global warming is the most important problem nowadays. This issue is very unpredictable, because it can destroy our civilization. Its effect on our life, health and economy cannot be overestimated; therefore, we should do our best to stop the rates of climate change.

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