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Sample Essay about Instagram

Nowadays, nearly everyone has heard about Instagram. Moreover, millions of people are active users of this service and its popularity is growing rapidly. But what is Instagram? In simple words, it is a service that exists in the Internet and helps users exchange their photos and videos in the most intensive and transparent way. One can take a photo, process it with the help of filters and post it for general access. In addition, it is possible to tag photos in order to provide other users with the additional information about the chosen picture. Users can leave their comments and share their point of view about the selected photo or video.

As you see, Instagram is a very simple service. Probably, it is the major reason of its success and popularity. It is interesting that Instagram is a brand new service that originated in 2010. During a short period of time Instagram has attracted more than 300 million of active users. This service is free but its owners make much money, because Instagram is an excellent place for advertising and promotion of goods and services.

There are many stereotypes about Instagram. Everyone can name many advantages and disadvantages of Instagram and its services. Obviously, the most common stereotype about Instagram is senseless photos. Many people do not have rich imagination and they try to attract attention to their personality with the help of simple photos. Everyone knows about dubious photos of food, clothes and pets. Many people decide to share a photo of their breakfast with others. There are cases when people take dozens of photos of their lunch and post them in Instagram. Other users take dozens of photos of their pets or new shoes and boast with them in the Internet.

Evidently, Instagram is not just a tool for amateurs who do not know how to spend their free time. This service is an excellent tool for professional photographers and other talented people. The simplicity of Instagram enables a famous designer or photographer take a photo on his phone, process it and save it in the Internet. When one experiences a very important event in his life, he is able to record it and place it in Instagram. As a result, an important photo exists in the Internet and one does not have to think about free space on his cell phone. He is able to get access to his photos from any place in the world from any device. This option was revolutionary years ago and it has not lost its relevance today.

Finally, it is possible to speak about cultural and educational value of Instagram. It does not worth mentioning that Instagram is an international service. People from all over the world are able to share their photos with others. You are able to take a photo of a famous place in your area and post it in Instagram. Other users will see it and they will be interested in visiting of your place. Consequently, Instagram is a good tool for promotion of travelling and cultural exchange. It is possible to look through photos of a French user and get to know about marvellous and picturesque views of France. In other words, you are able to travel into any country sitting on your sofa.

In conclusion, everyone has a different opinion about Instagram, but it is impossible to close eyes on its unbreakable and solid advantages.

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