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Sample Analytical Essay on Advertising

Business cannot exist without advertising whereas customers should learn about your goods and services. If you do not inform them about your offer, you will sell nothing. What is advertising? Advertising is one of the most popular methods of non-personal marketing communication. There are many techniques of marketing that can help small firms and big international corporations sell their products effectively. The problem of advertising has always been relevant. Companies spend millions on advertising because their want to increase their profit.

If you think that advertising is a brand new phenomenon, you are wrong. In ancient Egypt, people made ads on papyrus more than 5000 years ago. In simple words, every entrepreneur who produces and sells something, should attract public attention to his goods and services. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine our world without advertising. Ads are everywhere. The Internet, television, radio and press advertise numerous products to us. If you visit any website, you will see banners devoted to the production of the particular company. Without doubt, the development of advertising will never finish. We will definitely live with this phenomenon forever. Why? Because business and marketing are interconnected subjects that cannot exist without each other. When there is an entrepreneur, there is a marketer who advertises his production.

Mass media is the most influential and useful method of advertising. I dare say that the origin of mass media is closely connected with the development of this phenomenon. Although mass media serves to provide people with news and urgent information, one its main roles is to promote goods and services. Furthermore, the majority of TV channels, newspapers and magazines exist due to advertising. Big companies pay money to inform the audience about their products on TV, the Internet, radio and press. This method is very effective because people watch hundreds of ads every day and they remember brands and specific goods. When they are at a store, they recall the image of the advertised item and they buy it.

Advertising applies numerous psychological techniques. If you see the same ad every day on TV, you believe that this product is useful and absolutely necessary. The majority of ads form positive opinion about the definite brand or product and this positive image remains in your head. If there is a choice between the unknown product and a well-known brand, you will purchase the latter even if it is twice more expensive. In fact, you will hardly notice any difference between these two products. Your brains were simply coded to appreciate a specific brand. This invisible influence on our subconscious is treated differently. Many experts say that intensive advertising is a positive thing for the fair development of business. Others claim that severe advertising is harmful whereas the majority of companies apply ‘dirty’ methods to sell their products. They say that modern people suffer from the excess of the unnecessary information related to marketing. People do not know the names of trees and insects but they know the name of every brand.

Many companies apply a very simple trick in their ads. They involve babies and small puppies and kittens into the promotion of their products. When people see these cute characters, they automatically treat the promoted product positively.

Then, it is difficult to say that advertising makes business fair. On the contrary, every ad praises the definite product and severely criticizes the similar ‘other’ or ‘common’ products of other firms. The majority of the arguments, facts and statistics are fake. Marketers imagine characteristics, numbers and opinions to persuade target consumers in the quality of the advertised goods. As you see, advertising is generally based on cheating. Companies glorify their own product and attack their rivals mercilessly. Thus, the entire competition is based on the success of the imagined story.

Everyone knows that knowledge is power; thereof, companies pay much money to advertise their goods and services among the widest audience. The main feature of advertising is its non-personal message. Marketers do not address the definite person. They address the definite social groups or the entire society. They strive to be universal to make more people follow their ads.

Nevertheless, advertising is necessary for the development of business. There are still many strictly informative ads that do not criticize opponents. Such companies focus on the strong sides of their products and leave their rivals alone. However, there is always a shade of competition in advertising because every entrepreneur wants to persuade his clients in the perfectness of his products.

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