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Response Essay Sample

After my graduation I look forward to find an internship in one of the main fashion apparel companies, with aim of learning everything from the start as an employee. My aim of join fashion apparel is to learn how to manage company from experience, and how to solve problems when they arise at workplace. At the same time I want to learn from store manager, as well as other employees on how they operate their duties, in order to know how I can manage my company. My strength includes; fundamental of marketing and business I learnt during my course, principles of business I learnt in the class, and application of what I have learn in my business as well as work. Other strengths include fashion merchandising knowledge I acquired during my study in United States. I also have international view, trends, and innovative techniques that I acquired during schooling time.

However, after reading the article called “The brand called you” I discovered my weaknesses that includes; lack of influencing power, little work experience, and have not involved myself in a freelance project to get in touch with novel group of individuals. Due these weaknesses I fell that it will be hard for me to manage accompany in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, employees may not wish to obey my directions, or lack of experience in other issues. I perceive myself as person who is able to promote my personal brand. I always consider what I say and how well I say it as a matter of substance. My communication demonstrates the command of what I know. My colleagues view me as person who can make different in whatever I purpose to do. Majority of my colleagues says that I have characteristics, and qualities that make me distinctive from them.

Instead of becoming slave to concept of the career ladder, my objective is to reinvent myself on the semi regular basis. The first step will be to write my mission statement, which will guide me as a Chief Executive Officer of my company. There are four things that I will need to take in to consideration. They includes; being a supportive colleague and a great teammate. Being exceptionally expert in thing that has genuine value and being a visionary leader. Finally, I have to be business minded person and get obsessed with practical outcome. My goal is to be loyal because loyalty is the thing that matter most currently. That is to show loyalty to my colleagues, team members, my project, and to customers.

My branding niche for the Ashine’s visual merchandising will use white and black mirrors that give sense of modernity. The interior store will also use white and black mirrors to exhibit its merchandises that are not outdated. Cabinets in the store will be designed with lightings so as to give the cabinet a sense of richer. Promotion idea for the Ashine will include ten percent discount to be offered to customers. The discount is aimed at attracting more customers, and encouraging them to make repeated purchases. The set condition for this discount is that the customer will have to send the word “discount” to the company phone system to qualify for this discount. This is convenient because there is no lowest purchase for discount. The discount condition is that customer must subscribe the company news for a period of a least one month. In addition, the promotion targeted market will be the group of customers fascinated by phone, and are easily enticed through receiving information concerning the product on offer through the mobile phone.

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