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Reflective Essay on Nursing

A nurse is one of the most important experts in the field of healthcare. Nurses are no less notable than physicists whereas they look after the patient’s physical and psychological health applying complex methods of care. I have read a trimming and factual article of a famous German physicist, Mr. Mann, who wrote about the role of nursing in medicine. He pointed out at the fact that a nurse fulfills more duties. Their job is more difficult and demanding, inasmuch as they sacrifice their nerves and time to improve the recovery of every patient. Secondly, he emphasized that this occupation is underestimated, because people think that nurses do nothing at a hospital. Finally, he enumerated a few principles that influence the performance of nurses. I will share my impressions about the article below.

I quite agree with the author’s idea about the underestimation of nursing. To my mind, it is a result of the poor knowledge about the peculiarities of this profession. If we dwell on their duties, we will realize that this job is tremendously hard. A typical nurse should know about everything. Constitution of the human body, its indicators, diseases, etc. should always stay in her mind. A nurse is a physicist’s right hand. She knows about the peculiar diseases, methods of their treatment, the names of surgical instruments, equipment and appliances. Needless to say but there is hardly a physicist who is able to conduct an operation without the assistance of a nurse. Unluckily, nurses receive the lowest salary in the whole field of healthcare. They are treated like low-qualified employees whose duty is assistance. I think this attitude is unfair and offensive forasmuch they work more but receive less.

Nursing is one of the noblest professions whereas very often they need to risk they life to save many lives. When there is a military conflict, nurses appear in the most dangerous places trying to save wounded soldiers. There have been lots of cases when nurses stayed with their patients even though the hospital was surrounded by enemies. If we recall World War 1 and World War 2, we will say that millions of soldiers owe their life and health to nurses. They cured soldiers in spite of bombing and constant attacks of enemies. Without doubt, nursing is a difficult occupation whereas she should know how to react in the most stressful situation rapidly. When a soldier loses blood, she cannot waste time. She should know how to cover the wound and reduce pain of the victim. As you see, the author paid much attention to nursing during the wartime. I guess it is right, because people forget about millions of lives saved by the unknown nurses devoted to their vocation.

Mr. Mann mentioned about the psychological difficulty of nursing. A common person will not stand someone’s pain and suffering. When a patient has survived an operation, he requires care and support. The nurse should be amiable and kind to accelerate his recovery. When the case is difficult and the patient is going to pass away soon, she should stay positive and encourage him till the end. For sure, it is very hard to behave in this way wearing a positive mask on your face. The author said that a nurse shares her good mood with the patient. She shares a piece of her soul with him. Thus, nursing is a noble occupation that affects a nurse’s health too. When she shares her positive energy with every patient, she is exhausted. Sad to say but very few people appreciate this contribution. Most often, nurses stay unknown.

According to Mr. Mann, very few people can become good nurses. Foremost, they should be willing to serve others and bring good to the human society. This person should be positive and emit light to the people around. You will not calm down a patient if you look gloomy and frustrated.

A nurse is an actress. Sometimes, she has to pretend that everything is OK in order to encourage her patient who is in low spirits. Finally, she is a teacher and mother who cares about her patients and makes them take pills and mixtures on time despite their wish.

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