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Reflection Paper about Community Service

What do you think about the work performed for the benefit of public? Would you like to be a volunteer? Why are people involved into community service? Many people confuse community service with volunteering, because in both cases you do not get a reward for your labor. Of course, these types of work are different, because community service is not always voluntary. Most often, it is a kind of a punishment or requirement of educational and public institutions. I would like to analyze the problem of community service and its usefulness in detail.

Community service is characterized with the work for public institutions and for the human society in general. When you are involved into public work, you will not receive money for your efforts. You work for the good of your street, district, village or city. The participants are expected to collect litter, work at hospitals, orphanages and retirement homes, etc. There are several types of community service.

The first type is connected with punishment. When one has committed a crime, he can be punished with the definite number of hours of community service. Such criminals can fulfill this duty in the street and within the walls of their jail.

They have to collect litter, paint fences and benches, build public playgrounds for children or plant trees. Moreover, such people have to produce furniture for public institutions, toys for orphanages and other items. I suppose, it is right to punish criminals with community service, because they should repay their harmful deeds, which have broken the rules and norms of public life.

The second type is related with service-learning. Many schools do not provide their students with the diploma until they work the definite number of hours in their profession. For example, a future young doctor works at a hospital for free obtaining practical knowledge and experience. If he wants to graduate from his medical school, he should be involved into community service in the field of healthcare. Furthermore, many educational institutions ask their students to fulfil a range of public duties, for example, collecting litter, arranging their school building and playground, etc. Finally, young people have to plant trees and care about homeless animals in shelters.

The third type of community service is connected with the citizenship requirements. Many countries have different kinds of the obligatory community services. The most popular community service is military service. Young men have to spend a year or two in the armed forces training their physical and psychological health and gaining knowledge about weapon, the craft of war and self-defense. I suppose, the usefulness of this service is disputable, because many people do not see themselves in the army; therefore, they refuse to waste time there. The best army consists of the people who like this craft and who want to connect their life with war.

I can write about a very specific kind of community service related with the religious organizations. There are thousands of non-governmental religious organizations, which emphasize the importance of community service. Doubtless, nearly every Christian organization supports free labor for the good of public. The members of these organizations fulfil the same duties as criminals and students do. They help homeless people and animals, plant trees, collect litter and organize various meetings and fairs, which educate and entertain children and adults. In addition, they collect money for the people who are in need; organize meetings for alcoholics, drug addicts and other people who want to improve their life.

Community service is a kind of work performed for the good of the local people, street, small town or big city. Community service is important for self-development. One can train his professional skills working at a hospital, a small local store or a big company. On the other hand, community service differs from volunteering, because this work does not have a voluntary basis. Most often, it is based on obligation.