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Essay: Pros and Cons of Hypnosis Therapy

Hypnotherapy is one of the types of therapy that is characterized with the use of hypnosis for the treatment of numerous psychological disorders.

Hypnosis therapy is supposed to be out-of-date practice and its effectiveness is disputed nowadays. Very few people know about the mechanism of hypnotherapy. Some say that it is impossible to hypnotize a human being. They treat hypnotherapists as cheaters. In fact, the technology of hypnosis therapy is quite simple. When a professional hypnotherapist knows his job well, he is able to achieve the expected results. This expert makes his patient relax and leads him into a trance-like state. When a patient’s mind is in the subconscious condition, it is easier to control it. The importance of the subconscious sectors of human mind is quite solid inasmuch as the roots of the majority of the psychological problems hide there. When a patient is in his trance-like state, a hypnotherapist influences his mind and introduces various changes into his lifestyle and behavior. Thus, a patient is able to give up smoking for instance, whereas his new way of life does not treat smoking as a regular habit. Without question, modern physicists and psychologists treat hypnosis therapy with suspicion because they doubt its practical value and effectiveness.

Why do professional healthcare providers and physicists question the usefulness of hypnosis therapy? The answer is simple. It is impossible to explain why this mechanism works. Although there are thousands of successful hypnotherapy sessions, no one knows how hypnotherapists manage to influence human mind. As might be expected, people do not believe in the things they cannot understand. No wonder, hypnotherapy is treated like a pseudoscience and stands in the one row with homeopathy.

The biggest advantage of hypnotherapy is the ability of a hypnotherapist to help his patients without the use of medication and surgery. According to the official reports of patients, hypnosis therapy has helped them give up smoking, drug abuse and alcoholism. Then, many people have managed to control their weight beneficially. Some people defeated obesity and anorexia nervosa under the skillful influence or hypnotherapists when the common medication and practices turned out to be ineffective. This therapy is used to cure insomnia, general anxiety and stress. People are able to experience the state of serenity and tranquility at last. Moreover, hypnosis is useful for the defeat of depression and other similar psychological disorders. Many patients became able to speak in public and communicate with other people without fear. Hypnotherapy is very advantageous for curing various types of phobias. Hypnotherapists manage to ‘look’ into a patient’s mind and find the source of the phobia that has spoilt his life for years. Some people say that this therapy is useful for treatment allergies and various terminal diseases. Of course, this statement is very debatable and vague.

Hypnotherapy has several disadvantages related to its mysterious and unclear mechanism. Firstly, it is impossible to be cured during one session. You will have to visit your hypnotherapist at least ten times before you see the effect. Furthermore, this therapy is unreliable. Many patients waste money on it but do not see any actual results. Then, hypnotherapy is dangerous for the patients who suffer from epilepsy and other personality disorders. Therefore, you should visit a psychiatrist before taking advantage of hypnosis therapy. There is a risk of the further improvement of a patient’s psychological disorder if he suffers from personality disorders. In simple words, his personality is not coherent and it is dangerous to find the solution in his disintegrated mind. Finally, it is difficult to find a trustworthy hypnotherapist forasmuch they do not require any license and professional training. Thus, you will not recognize a genuine therapist. There are many cheaters who pretend to be professionals. They take money for their sessions but you will not detect the slightest effect of their work. Hereupon, you should with the reputable hypnotherapists who possess feedback and recommendations of your friends and relatives.

Hypnosis therapy is a controversial kind of therapy that is used for the treatment of different diseases and psychological disorders. Although many patients say that they have been cured under the effect of this therapy, professional physicists and psychiatrists do not accept hypnosis seriously. In fact, there are many pluses of hypnosis therapy whereas it can help one cope with stress, insomnia and bad habits. Nevertheless, it is hard to find a credible hypnotherapist who is able to fulfil his work professionally.

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