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Pros and Cons Essay Sample

What do you think about the Internet and its usefulness for the human society? Evidently, the Internet is one of the most useful inventions of the 20th century. People are able to exchange information, study, work, shop and entertain with its help. The Internet has caused the rapid development of computers, smartphones and other devices, which help people make their life easier and more varied. On the other hand, the Internet causes addiction and provides people with the great amount of the unnecessary and harmful information. I would like to analyze this problem deeper and write about pros and cons of the Internet.

In my opinion, the Internet is a very useful invention if you know how to use it properly. To begin with, the Internet helps people find access towards any kind of information they want. Years ago, one should have spent a few hours at a library searching for the articles, which can be found in a few seconds now. Doubtless, the Internet can provide you practically with any book and journal for free. You do not have to go to another city or country if you need the definite book. Moreover, there are many publications, which appear only in a digital variant. Secondly, students and scientists are able to improve the quality of their work and save much time. Consequently, people have more time for other important activities.

The Internet is the best means of communication. People are able to use the Internet and its advantages to call one another in any part of the world for free. You can use your web camera and a microphone in order to speak with your family in China or South Africa. You do not have to pay for the call and you are able to see your addressee on your screen. Then, you can chat and write instant messages to your friends and relatives on the spot. I suppose, the Internet is able to substitute telecommunication and postage correspondence. Due to the Internet, people can receive education and work staying at home. There are more and more universities, which provide students with distance learning. Finally, the Internet is a bottomless source of entertainment. You can play video games, watch movies and TV shows, listen to music, read books and learn about the latest news in the world.

On the other hand, the Internet has many negative sides. Firstly, it is addiction. The Internet opens so many opportunities that some people cannot survive without it. They spend their entire time in the Internet causing harm to their health (mostly eyes and back). Many people move so little that they begin to suffer from obesity.

Secondly, people waste their precious time on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) forgetting about their work and education. The Internet is very dangerous for children. They can play video games all the time losing their interest to school and friends. Moreover, the Internet is full of the restricted and harmful content. According to the latest surveys, more than 60% of information in the Internet is pornography. Naturally, children must not be able to see this content; therefore, wise parents do not let their children use the Internet until they are at least 14. Finally, modern people upload their personal information (including photos and videos) into various social networks. Obviously, everyone has access towards this information and can use it in the way he wants. The cases of identity theft have increased recently.

To sum it all up, the Internet is a very useful innovation, which cannot be overestimated. It provides people the widest opportunities of self-development. You can read books, study and work, watch your favorite movies, listen to music and purchase any goods and services with its help. On the other hand, you should be very careful in order to avoid addiction and harm to your physical and psychological health.

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