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Process Essay on How to Quit Smoking

Apparently, smoking is one of the most widespread negative habits. It not only causes harm to your health but also consumes much money and time. Every year millions of people die from the problems related to smoking. Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, problems with lungs and teeth are the most obvious effects of smoking. As might be expected, many people decide to quit smoking, as they want to save their health. Without doubt, it is extremely difficult to give up smoking, inasmuch as a smoker’s organism has got used to nicotine and other harmful components of a common cigarette. Nevertheless, there are many methods that can help you live without smoking. I have prepared a list of instructions that have helped many smokers quit this habit.

The primary step is associated with the understanding of the idea that you really want to quit smoking. Make a list of the things, which you like about smoking. For instance, say that it helps you calm down or focus on something. Then, write a list of the things that you do not like about smoking. You can mention dependence, money and negative impact on your health. Finally, it is smart to think about the reasons, which explain why it will be difficult to give up this habit.

Next, it is vital to choose the exact date of quitting smoking. When you have the definite date, your brain emphasizes the importance of this event. If you have got used to living according to a schedule, it will be easier for you to exclude cigarettes from your life.

Stop buying cigarettes when you decide to stop smoking. Many smokers cannot give up their harmful habit whereas they possess solid supplies of cigarettes at home. It is easy to decide to quit smoking but it is extremely hard to resist the temptation of smoking a cigarette when you possess it. Without question, very few people will refuse smoking ‘their last cigarette’. If you understand that your will is weak, you must not hold cartons of cigarettes at home. This decision is very useful, inasmuch as you will not be able to have a smoke when you want it. In simple words, you do not have a choice. No cigarettes – no smoking. In addition, it is smart to get rid of everything that reminds you about this negative habit. Throw away ashtrays, lighters, matches, etc.

Bear in mind that you ought to stop smoking when your mood is good. This psychological trick is beneficial whereas your brain ‘records’ that you feel good without cigarettes. In addition, it is practically impossible to quit when you are gloomy. Under these circumstances, your organism requires a cigarette to calm down and improve your mood.

It is reasonable to put the money that you could have spent on cigarettes into a glass jar. Money is the best motivation if you want to stop smoking. When you observe that the jar becomes full of money, you realize that you have wasted thousands of dollars on the destruction of your own health. One day, you will be able to spend this money on something useful, for instance, on the car of your dream.

The following essential step is related to food. Many people substitute smoking with having a snack. Sad to say but they gain extra weight rapidly. If you want to avoid this effect, you should consume something light, for example, nuts, gum, carrot or apple. Avoid eating chips or fried potatoes forasmuch they make your body accumulate fat. You can also drink a cup of green tea when you usually had a smoke. Some people drink much coffee to substitute nicotine with caffeine. This decision is unreasonable, because coffee affects your heart and blood pressure.

You should inform your family and coworkers about your idea of giving up smoking. They must not interrupt this process if they care about you. In addition, they should not offer a cigarette to you.

Hence you can relapse, remember that you are not perfect and omnipotent. When you have had a smoke after quitting, do not lose heart. You can always try again.

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