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Physician Assisted Suicide Essay Sample

Have you ever thought about the reason of assisted suicide? Why do people decide to hasten their death?

Physician-assisted suicide is committed with the assistance of a physicist who knows how to hasten one’s death effectively. This issue is very controversial and there are different opinions about it. Some people support the concept of assisted suicide. Other people protest against this action severely. I will try to analyze this problem in detail in order to find the right answer.

Physician-assisted suicide has become a common practice in many countries. Doubtless, patients decide to commit a suicide, because they know that they cannot be cured. Moreover, they suffer from terrible pain. Therefore, pain is the major reason for this decision. It does not worth mentioning that people cannot tolerate physical pain. In addition, one cannot live under the constant effect of painkillers, because it influences one’s mind negatively. One can say that such people do not live, but they just exist. They cannot spend their time in the way they want. They are not able to work, entertain and spend time with their friends and relatives. Such patients have to spend their life at the hospital.

Physician-assisted suicide is often confused with euthanasia. Of course, there is a slight difference between these terms. A physicist offers to end one’s life, because the patient’s condition is too serious. The patient is unconscious and his life is supported artificially. In this case, the family of this patient can ask a physicist to hasten his death.

Assisted suicide is a different thing. A patient decides to die in spite of the fact that he can live longer. The reason of this choice is unbearable pain.

Obviously, assisted suicide is a controversial issue. It is possible to analyze this problem from different angles. To begin with, one can observe assisted suicide in the context of religion. All influential religions prohibit all forms of suicide, because they propagate the importance of life. No wonder, religious organizations protest against this practice and ask the government to ban it. When we analyze this problem in the context of medical ethics, we should say that it breaks the norms of the Hippocratic Oath. The main duty of a physicist is to save life and maintain one’s health. When a physicist helps his patient hasten his death, he breaks the Oath. Many countries have already adopted new versions of the Hippocratic Oath, which meets the requirements of the current society.

Finally, we can speak about the legality of physician-assisted suicide. Very few countries have legalized this form of suicide. In the majority of countries, this procedure is prohibited.

In my opinion, assisted suicide is the right of everyone. We must not impose our will on others. If one wants to hasten his death, it is his own choice. It is difficult to judge about such issues when you are healthy. But when one suffers from unbearable pain all the time, he has the right to commit a suicide. On the other hand, we should do our best to help others cope with their problems effectively. Of course, death is not a way out and we should ask this patient to struggle with his disease. Unfortunately, some people do not have enough courage to resist the pain. They decide to die and we must not judge their choice.

Physician-assisted suicide is a delicate and relevant problem nowadays. Many organizations struggle for the legalization of assisted suicide, because many patients cannot bear their severe pain decide to hasten their death because of the objective reasons.

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