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Persuasive Essay on Public Transportation

Public transportation is one of the greatest inventions aimed at the improvement of the quality of life of an average citizen. Trains, buses, trams, trolleybuses and subway are supposed to be the most popular types of public transport. When one cannot afford a car but needs to get to any part of the city, he is able to use public transport for this purpose. There has been a stereotype that public transport is for the poor inasmuch as they do not have money to purchase their own automobiles. However, this stereotype is wrong whereas modern trains and buses are very convenient and fast. Sometimes, it is easier to get to the peculiar spot in the city by bus than by car. Thus, rich and famous people use public transport too.

Sad to say but in many countries public transport has not become enough popular yet. People continue treating it like second-rate service for the poor. I want to present my own arguments that will persuade people to change their private car for a bus.

The foremost advantage of public transportation is its speed. When you live in a big city, you are familiar with the traffic jams that make you frustrated and nervous. You are always late for a job because you cannot find a free road to get to your workplace. Public transportation is the best savior.

Every bus or trolleybus line has its own lane that is always free. Private automobiles and trucks cannot ride there. Consequently, you can go by subway or bus and you will be always on time. You will not need to pay attention to the troublesome roads and traffic jams.

Think about the long distances. You will not be able to ride dozens of hours in a row. You will require rest and a good car to cover several thousand miles. The most reasonable solution for the long distances is public transport. It is more convenient to travel by train whereas you can walk and stand during your journey. Plane is even better. You save many hours if you travel by plane within your country or abroad.

What is more, this means of public transport is supposed to be the safest one. If you compare the annual quantity of the car accidents and air crashes, you will be shocked. There are millions of car accidents and only several air crashes every year. Therefore, the majority of people die in their private cars than in public transport.

Another important argument is money. When you possess a car, you have to look after it. You should purchase petrol and repair your vehicle frequently. Without question, it costs money. It is far cheaper to buy a bus ticket and go wherever you want. You do not have to care about the condition of your bus or train. In the developed countries, public transport is magnificent. It is convenient, fresh and clean.

The quality of the transport depends on its popularity. When many people use public transport, they spend money on it investing into its improvement. No wonder, big cities of the developed countries possess brand new trains, buses, subway, etc. The local administration cares about its people promoting public transport. It makes it convenient, attractive and cheap for everyone. Bear in mind that automobiles lose their price rapidly. If you pay $70 000 for a new car, in five years its price will reduce to $10 000. In simple words, you waste much money that could have been spent on something more considerable and useful.

The most vital reason of the promotion of public transportation is its ecological safety. Imagine millions of cars riding in the streets of a big city. They produce harmful carbon dioxide emissions polluting the atmosphere. When the city is overloaded by cars, acid rains, greenhouse effect and smog occur there frequently. Moreover, people suffer from constant noise. The best way out is to improve the quality of the public transport in order to make people change their cars for trains and buses. Public transport consumes less energy and resources and reduces the level of air and noise pollution in the specific area. Such means of transport as trams, trolleybuses and subway use electricity for their work. Therefore, they do not pollute the environment.

The growing popularity of public transport is natural. People do not want to waste money on the expensive private transport preferring using convenient, safe, fast and clean trains, buses and subway to get to any point their need.

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