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Persuasive Essay on Police Brutality

Police brutality is the use of physical force by a police officer during law enforcement activities.

Every day we hear about the cases of police brutality in different parts of the world. In some countries, police brutality is a norm. In other places such cases are scandalous. Have you ever thought about the cause of this problem? Is the primary duty of the police to protect or to abuse the population? This issue is particular and controversial. In my opinion, the police should protect the community from the negative impact of criminals and their actions. I will observe this problem in detail.

Police Brutality EssayPolice brutality is characterized by excessive physical and psychological force. Very often police officers use physical force to calm down or stop a criminal. Moreover, they use verbal attacks and psychological pressure to break the spirit of a criminal. It does not worth mentioning that a crime should be treated brutally. Unfortunately, the police use the same methods against the innocent people. When ordinary people decide to make a demonstration or a meeting, which is not accepted by the authorities, the police use force to disperse it.

Police brutality is different in various parts of the world. We can differentiate the cops and its role in totalitarian and democratic countries. Doubtless, every totalitarian state uses the police to support the power of the leader or the leading political party. The police become a tool against any political opponents. In such states, police officers are extremely violent, because they can do all they want.

They are not afraid of the consequences of their actions. Very often, they are permitted to shoot into the crowd of people and use various inhumane methods of influence. Murder and torture in prisons are common things in such countries. When there is an “illegal” rally, the police cope with this problem violently. You can turn on the TV and look at the methods of law enforcement in China or some countries of the former USSR. An average meeting is finished with at least several victims who died because of the violent actions of the police.

The situation is different in democratic countries. The problem of police brutality is not urgent because in general police officers try to behave properly. The cases of cruelty are relatively rare.

When there is a case of this kind, the entire country knows about it. It is a shock for the whole society. People do not believe that a police officer could murder an innocent person during law enforcement activities. When such things happen, people make meetings and protest against police brutality and demand the fairest punishment for these officers.

There are many types of police brutality. The most common ones are a false arrest, racial profiling, and police corruption.

Sometimes, a police officer wants to make money using the advantages of his occupation. He can stop a typical person and look for the offense, which does not exist. The victim is afraid of the problems with the law, and she decides to bribe this police officer, though she has not committed a crime. Racial profiling is a serious issue in the USA. There are many cases characterized by the illegal arrest of African Americans who were considered to be criminals just because of the color of their skin. There were cases of a violent attitude of the police towards African American criminals which ended with their death. There are also cases of sexual abuse. Police officers use their privileges to have sexual contacts with the women who want to avoid false accusations and problems with the law.

Police brutality is a shameful and relevant problem because the primary duty of the police is to protect the population. When a police officer uses excessive force towards people, he should be punished like a criminal.